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  • Full Frame
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    French, Dutch, English - Hearing Impaired
    Ally McBeal - Season 2: Part 1
    20th Century Fox/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment . R4 . COLOR . 336 mins . M15+ . PAL


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    Sub-zero Ally
    Ally McBeal's sophomore season tones down the fantasy sequences and adds new characters to the unbalanced group of lawyers at Cage & Fish. Nelle Porter (Portia De Rossi), nicknamed sub-zero for her icy demeanour, joins the firm and brings along one of her loyal clients, Ling Woo (Lucy Liu). Both woman stir up major problems, particularly with the women of the firm. Despite the slight upheaval, everything else is pretty much the same in McBeal world. Ally is still skinny and in search of her Mr Right, Billy and Georgia are still married and Elaine continues to meddle in the affairs of everyone in the office. John Cage’s eccentric antics are in overdrive, but there is the chance of romance with Nelle. John's money loving law partner Richard also has romantic prospects with the brash Ling. While Ally’s roommate Renee (Lisa Nicole Carson) manages to steal some screen time away from the Cage & Fish gang with the appearance of her “Billy.” The interoffice high-jinx at the Boston law firm continues to offer original office banter and entertaining stories.

    Enjoy the escapades of the lawyers of Cage & Fish with the first twelve episodes of the second season.

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    Bobblehead Ally

    Disc One

    • The Real World
      Cage & Fish hire a new attorney, sub-zero Nelle Porter, who immediately ruffles the feathers of the women. The firm defends a 37 year old woman who fell in love with a 16 year old, whom Ally develops a crush on.
    • They Eat Horses, Don’t They?
      Nelle’s loyal client Ling Woo sues radio shock jock Harold Wick for creating a hostile working environment at one of her factories and Cage must defend a restaurateur who is being sued for serving horse.
    • Fools Night Out
      Ling once again brings another lawsuit to Cage & Fish. This time she wants to sue a nurse from the office where her sister got breast implants. Ally discovers the real reason Billy left her.
    • It’s My Party
      Elaine’s new boyfriend George Madison (John Ritter) hires the firm after being fired from his editing job for being Baptist. Ally develops a significant crush on George and she also manages to be put in jail for wearing her miniskirt in court.
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    He's Baaaaack
    Disc Two
    • Story Of Love
      Ally’s continued affection for George creates problems and she once again goes up against child-prodigy attorney Oren Koolie in court. John Cage’s beloved frog Stefan, meets a horrific fate in the unisex.
      Fantasy highlight: Ally’s extended tongue licking coffee off George’s face.
    • World’s Without Love
      Cage and Ally defend a nun who was dismissed from the church because she slept with a priest. Ling and Whipper have a close encounter as they fight for Richard's affections.
      Fantasy highlight: Ally’s face turning white.
    • Happy Trails
      Ally is plagued by her date from hell Fitzy (Rob Schneider), and the firm defends the civil rights for people of colour, orange coloured people.
      Fantasy highlight: Tiny Ally on Fitzy’s shoe.
    • Just Looking
      Ling’s mud wrestling club is targeted by MOPE (Mothers Opposed to Pornographic Entertainment) for bringing filth into the community and Elaine’s new toilet seat invention manages to trap Ally.
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    I've fallen and I can't get up
    Disc Three
    • You Never Can Tell
      Ling sues an employee and Ally must represent her, but the bowling ball stuck on Ally's fingers makes the case problematic. Cage becomes distraught over Nelle’s advances towards him.
      Fantasy highlight: Ally McBeal as the road runner.
    • Making Spirits Bright
      The firm defends a man who was fired because he believes in unicorns and appropriately Ally also has visions of unicorns.
      Fantasy highlight:The Unicorn
    • In Dreams
      Ally is called to the bedside of her favourite teacher Bria, who confesses that she wants to be put to sleep, so she can permanently dream.

    • Love Unlimited
      Ling files another bizarre lawsuit and Ally and Billy try to stop a husband from annulling his marriage.
      Fantasy highlight: Ally walking on air.


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    The ultimate My Little Pony
    The second season of Ally McBeal, just like the first season, is presented in its original 1.33:1 Fullscreen aspect ratio. Because of the consistently high production values of the show, there is very little wrong with the visuals. Occasionally there is an overall softness to images, but it's very minimal. There are a few instances of both edge enhancement and film artefacts, but these imperfections never create significant issues. Colours continue to be wonderful on this show, with amazing richness and depth. The few very insignificant imperfections visible on this transfer are not problematic enough to tarnish the high standard of visuals that this show displays.

    The Dolby Digital Stereo mix is problem free and serves all aspects of the show admirably. Dialogue is always easily understood and is directed through the front and centre channels without any issues. Rear channels occasionally come to life for specific effects involved with fantasy sequences.

    This first half of the second season contains no extras.

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    Ally McBeal, the incredible shrinking woman

    This first half of this second season of Ally McBeal offers some interesting episodes. The focus is firmly on establishing the new characters, particularly the very unappealing Ling. But thankfully as the season progresses, the central characters of the show are shown the most attention. In a similar vein to the first season, the strongest episodes are contained in the second half of the season, so continue on the the review of Ally McBeal Season Two Part Two.

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    "The slapstick fantasies, courtroom drama and endless singing continue. But extras are still not included."
    - Rebecca Taylor
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