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The Simpsons - Gone Wild

20th Century Fox/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment . R4 . COLOR . 87 mins . PG . PAL


Woohoo! Go wild! Well, do so if you – like the majority of the population it inexplicably seems – count Homer as your favouritest Simpson, for he figures heavily (heehee) in all the episodes that have been plopped upon this latest dartboard compilation of episodes…

Homer’s Night Out (season 1):
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Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo doo doo doo...
Bart finally takes delivery of his mail order spy camera, which he takes everywhere, even when the family - sans Homer, who’s at a buck’s party - goes out to the Rusty Barnacle for dinner. It just so happens the party is at the same establishment, Bart snaps Homer getting down with exotic dancer Princess Kashmir and the photo makes it’s way through Springfield faster than you can say “purplemonkeydishwasher”…

"How does he do it, Smithers?"
"He’s a love machine, sir."
– Monty Burns and Waylon Smithers

Sunday Cruddy Sunday (season 10):
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Kick off!
A crappy school excursion to the post office allows Bart to get a birthday present for Homer, a coupon book. Hungry for bargains, he’s led to a tyre store where he meets one Wally Kogen, who’s organising a trip to Superbowl. Much of the blokey population of Springfield heads for the game, but the male bonding session goes awry when they discover that the tickets are fakes…

"Alright, alright - you guys have had way too much booze... last call!" – Clancy Wiggum

The Mansion Family (season 11):
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Now THIS is livin'!
Monty Burns discovers he’s Springfield’s oldest citizen, so he decides he should get a medical check-up. Feeling it’s time Homer didn’t screw something up, he enlists the Simpson family as house sitters. Soon adjusting to the billionaire lifestyle, Homer sets in motion plans to hold a partay, flaunting liquor laws by taking Burnsy’s yacht out for a spin to international waters – and pirates…

"Smithers, this monkey’s going to need most of your skin." – Monty Burns

Homer the Moe (season 13):
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Love you mate! No, I love YOU mate!
Moe’s lost his passion for bar-keeping, so takes a trip to his old alma mater Swigmore University, leaving the winner of a tinkling contest, Homer, in charge of the tavern. He returns with renewed vigour, remodelling Moe’s into a trendy nightspot that alienates his regulars. Homer takes things into his own hands – and garage – opening his own bar and conning R.E.M. into appearing along the way…

"MMMmmm… Curds!" – Michael Stipe


If you ever needed an example of how much The Simpsons has developed visually over the years then just compare Homer’s Night Out with Homer the Moe – the differences are, not surprisingly, startling. The former is quite crudely rendered and many of the character models aren’t quite what we’re used to after all this time, whilst the latter is pretty much as spiffy as TV animation that’s still made traditionally gets. Naturally it’s all presented in a 4:3 ratio, and if you hadn’t read between the lines quality varies markedly between episodes.


Dolby Digital stereo. Woo! There’s no 5.1 remixing here, even though one of the episodes featured is available with one, and really there’s nothing else of note to impart. Sound comes clearly out of the left and right speakers in a fashion which enters the ears and is processed by that smooshy old brain thing with a minimum of difficulty.


A feeble attempt at offering extra value comes in the shape of a featurette entitled Krusty the Clown: King of Comedy, which runs for a paltry 2:19, so it hardly offers a decent summation of the only bearable clown in the world’s stellar career. There’s also an ad for DVD releases (1:17) which takes a kind of ‘Visit Springfield!’ spin. Oh, if you’re pernickety you may count the ludicrous surfeit of copyright warnings all over the place - on inserting the disc, before watching episodes and after watching them - as extras, however we just count them as even more reason to wait for the full season box set releases. And wait... And wait... And wait...


We’ve proffered the theory before, so may as well revisit it; if you’re a Comic Store Guy-like mega-fan of The Simpsons then you’ll want this, as the likelihood of us ever seeing every series of the show on DVD (officially, at least) is looking more and more unlikely all the time – unless Fox seriously get the lead out.

MMMmmm… lead!

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      And I quote...
    "Fox get the dartboard out again to compile another haphazard four-episode release of Simpsons episodes… "
    - Amy Flower
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