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Paul Dossett
  1. Describe your age.

  2. Where were you five years ago?
    God, that's depressing. Unemployed and suffering from manic depression, as I recall.

  3. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
    Living in disgraceful suburbia with two dogs and about 12 PCs.

  4. What's a good night's entertainment for you and your friends?
    Nice night at the pub or gathered on the couch with good music and copious wine.

  5. What got you into DVD and how long ago?
    I came to DVD from laserdisc, so I've been in the snob-video game for a while now, probably since about 1995.

  6. What do you love about DVD?
    I love the picture quality, the extras and the convenience. Most of all I love the price.

  7. Given the advances in DVD over the past few years, does the format still surprise you and why?
    I can't say I've been surprised by DVD of late. Bits is bits, as they say.

  8. What title in your collection do you use to introduce friends and family to DVD and why?
    Actually, I don't use demo discs. If somebody wants to watch a film, I'm happy to put it on for them, but I'm not a DVD evangelist and usually don't even mention my home theatre.

  9. Outside of DVD, what keeps you entertained?
    I am a geek. I dig nerd tools.

  10. Have you ever met someone famous before and/or wish to meet someone famous?
    Never met anybody famous, no interest whatsoever.

  11. What is your current method of transport and what would you like to upgrade to?

  12. What is your favorite recipe/meal/take-away?

  13. What is the only joke you seem to remember when people around you are telling jokes?

  14. Can you juggle? Can you juggle knives? Can you still juggle?

  15. What are the most memorable nicknames you've had in your lifetime?

  16. What was the first video game you fell in love with, on what machine? What is your favourite now?

  17. What are your favourites? (Music, movies, books, anything!)

  18. What DON'T you like about DVD?

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