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Nick Watts
  1. Describe your age.
    Old enough to know what i'm talking about. Or am I? (shifty eyes ensue.)

  2. Where were you five years ago?
    Practicing riding a two-wheeler with no training wheels!

  3. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
    Writing it up with the likes of Charlie Kaufman and the Coen Brothers.

  4. What's a good night's entertainment for you and your friends?
    Quiet night in with the Home Theatre cranked.

  5. What got you into DVD and how long ago?
    Hard to say. I've always been a huge film fan, and owned a small number of titles in VHS format before DVD came about.

  6. What do you love about DVD?
    If I loved DVDs i'd then have to marry them. So in that case, I'd have to they I think they're really, really great.

  7. Given the advances in DVD over the past few years, does the format still surprise you and why?
    The only thing that ever surprises me is the fantastic restoration job seen on a number of very old films. Apart from that, I like to think I know what I expect from a DVD.

  8. What title in your collection do you use to introduce friends and family to DVD and why?
    The Lion King is the ultimate DVD demo disc. Fun for all ages, awesome dts-surround sound and detailed, crisp video.

  9. Outside of DVD, what keeps you entertained?
    My digital camera. Great group of friends. This humble PC of mine...

  10. Have you ever met someone famous before and/or wish to meet someone famous?
    I like to consider myself famous...

  11. What is your current method of transport and what would you like to upgrade to?
    '91 Suburu Liberty. Not sure about an upgrade, something in the Batmobile line would suit.

  12. What is your favorite recipe/meal/take-away?
    Subway - Eat Fresh!

  13. What is the only joke you seem to remember when people around you are telling jokes?
    Not really a joke; but a friend of mine once used "got ya nose!" as a pick up line on an amazingly attractive member of the opposite sex. I can't let him forget it! (So I tell everyone).

  14. Can you juggle? Can you juggle knives? Can you still juggle?
    I tried juggling dinner plates once...

  15. What are the most memorable nicknames you've had in your lifetime?
    I've only really had one nickname, and only in a very small circle. "Cranky" Nick was the result of two broken windows and a smashed CD-player. I'm really not a fan of rap music.

  16. What was the first video game you fell in love with, on what machine? What is your favourite now?
    Duke Nukem 3D. Virutally relieving yourself has never been better.

  17. What are your favourites? (Music, movies, books, anything!)
    I have a slight obsession with Sofia Coppola's 'Lost in Translation' at the moment, which probably stands as my favourite everything!

  18. What DON'T you like about DVD?
    Layer-changes! Damn, they make me angry.

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