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Martin Friedel
  1. Describe your age.
    Not young, yet not wrinkly, rather ripe at the moment...

    Um in other words, 20

  2. Where were you five years ago?
    At school, battling the three R's. Um, about year...um, it depends what you consider the year to start at!

  3. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
    I really don't care as long as I am away from educational institutions... evil things.

  4. What's a good night's entertainment for you and your friends?
    Anything involving a bottle of wine, a movie, food, some more wine and some good friends. Easily pleased.

  5. What got you into DVD and how long ago?
    The horrible quality of Columbia Tristar VHS tapes, which would have been February 2000.

  6. What do you love about DVD?
    ooooh... shiny...

  7. Given the advances in DVD over the past few years, does the format still surprise you and why?
    Of course it does, with the implementation of interesting and innovative new features, as well as multiple shiny discs in one package... oooooh

  8. What title in your collection do you use to introduce friends and family to DVD and why?
    Something with a stunning picture, intensefully powerful audio and something truly amazing. Um, I don't think it's been released yet. So while we wait, something like Scream 3, Jurassic Park, Speed SE or Murder By Numbers.

  9. Outside of DVD, what keeps you entertained?
    A nice bottle of wine. A nice group of friends. And sadly one University in an odd sort of way.

  10. Have you ever met someone famous before and/or wish to meet someone famous?
    I met Alex Lloyd at a Private gig at Adelaide's Big Star Records, as a winner from a Channel V competition. The funny thing is that I don't actually have foxtel... :) oh well

    Scott Hicks at the Premiere to 'Hearts In Atlantis' in January 2002 because it was at the cinema where I work, and he was nice enough to autograph some stuff too.

    I got to have a chat with the John Edwards, the producer of The Secret Life Of Us, in late 2002 for an interview for DVDnet.

    Does walking into Georgina Thomas (Channel 9 News Adelaide) at the Burnside Village count? But meeting someone...I guess someone like Dean Semler, Philip Noyce or Baz Lurhmann because they have all done great things, and are all Australian filmmakers.

    Lillian Boutte with the Pembroke Big Band - she is so cool, and has an awesome voice. But she is also so sincere and kind and honest. Really nice. :) For all you Adelaidians who are into Jazz would have seen her and me in the band on Saturday 27th of October at the Glenelg Jazz Festival. Exciting stuff! No, really it was.

  11. What is your current method of transport and what would you like to upgrade to?
    Feet are quite handy for walking, and they take up quite a bit of the "method", especially between the lecture theatres and the car.

  12. What is your favorite recipe/meal/take-away?
    Favourite recipe: Oh that's right, gay guys are mean't to be able to cook... hmm ooh stir fries are easy, tasty and cheap!

    Meal: Anything tasty and yummy... chicken is tasty

    Take-away: Don't tempt me...

  13. What is the only joke you seem to remember when people around you are telling jokes?
    What's the difference between a shopping trolley and a blonde? A shopping trolley has a mind of its own.

    OK, OK I know it's lame, and no offence to all the blondes out there. They are simple one liners like this: Why are blonde jokes so short? So men can remember them.

  14. Can you juggle? Can you juggle knives? Can you still juggle?
    I can't juggle. I can't juggle knives. I could never juggle. Although my ex-cousin-in-law is a busker who can juggle knives, and can still juggle - does that count?

  15. What are the most memorable nicknames you've had in your lifetime?
    Marty. Wow, exciting.

  16. What was the first video game you fell in love with, on what machine? What is your favourite now?
    I fell in love with Super Mario Bros on the Super Nintendo that a friend of mine had. I was able to relive it on the plane flight to Europe with the personal entertainment screens. But now, I love RollerCoaster Tycoon and The Sims on the PC. I don't really know why, but I just love it. Ooh, and Spider Solitare is a favourite when downloading. :)

  17. What are your favourites? (Music, movies, books, anything!)
    Favourite music: Absolutely anything and everything. You name it and I'll probably say I love it! I like classical film scores, especially Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, Australian music such as Danielle Spencer or Alex Lloyd, alternative stuff and specifically trance, house and electric music such as BT, but no one in Australia seems to know who he is. Delerium rock (so to speak), and of course, it goes without saying Radiohead do too.

    Favourite movies: Moulin Rouge, Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton rocks!), Go, The Scream Trilogy, good quality horror (does this even exist anymore?), The Blair Witch Project, and good dirty comedy, Looking For Alibrandi, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Monsters, Inc., Hearts In Atlantis, Edward Scissorhands, The Monkey's Mask, The Bourne Identity, Series 7, About A Boy, Signs, Finding Nemo, Girl Interrupted

    Favourite DVDs: The Scream Trilogy, Final Destination, Go, Romeo + Juliet SE, The Blair Witch Project, Miss Congeniality, Bring It On, American Beauty, Looking For Alibrandi, Series 7, Monsters, Inc., Hearts In Atlantis, Absolutely Fabulous, The Monkey's Mask, Edward Scissorhands and anything else Tim Burton for that matter.

    Favourite Books: Twelfth Night (Shakespeare), The Beach (Alex Garland), The Monkey's Mask (Dorothy Porter), About A Boy (Nick Hornby), Rain (Kirsty Gunn)

  18. What DON'T you like about DVD?
    The fact that they aren't cheaper. Period.

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