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Gavin Turner
  1. Describe your age.
    old, going on older.

  2. Where were you five years ago?
    Lecturing in Computer Science at Victoria University (Wellington NZ). Thankfully, I've ditched the sandals for white-collar hell.

  3. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
    I'd like to say dead, but i'm no where near cool enough. I would be happy to have made that Tropfest film I've been dreaming about for the last few years.

  4. What's a good night's entertainment for you and your friends?
    A spicy asian meal, a few hours of mahjong and a cheesy cult film or two.

  5. What got you into DVD and how long ago?
    I got into DVD 2 years ago after having my waters shaken by my brothers new subwoofer.

  6. What do you love about DVD?
    The biggest thing is Digital Sound - pure and simple. That feeling you get when you crank up to reference level and are enveloped in a perfectly constructed sound-stage. Add to this the ability to collect hitherto unavailable titles of some really great movies! My Kurasawa and Beat Takeshi collections are coming along very nicely indeed.

    With a DVD being almost the cost of two movie tickets, and the sound in your living room being better than in the cinema (lets face it with the size of multiplex theatres these days your living room is almost as big), its great to be able to own a copy of a movie for the price of seeing it.

  7. Given the advances in DVD over the past few years, does the format still surprise you and why?
    Every time another of your favourite movies gets released and you pop it in, you still can't believe your eyes or ears; especially if you've worn out your old VHS copy. DTS sound transfers are still in the minority, but they are a rare treat when available.

  8. What title in your collection do you use to introduce friends and family to DVD and why?
    Currently, it's still the matrix - that foyer scene really kicks arse. It's difficult to find a single scene that displays both great sound and visuals, but that scene delivers. If guests are patient enough for a whole movie, then Das Boot is a great sound experience.

  9. Outside of DVD, what keeps you entertained?
    Music is still a big pasion of mine, and I still cantr go past the old favourites The Ramones, The Smiths, The Pixies and Radiohead are also on high rotation. I also enjoy going to the movies (although it's never as good as home :) and the odd pub gig.

  10. Have you ever met someone famous before and/or wish to meet someone famous?
    I've never had a desire to meet the people I idolise, lest they turn out to be complete wankers. I have the feeling that this would be the case for most of them. There certainly are a few famous people that I don't idolise and would like to meet - in most cases to give them a good hard slap.

  11. What is your current method of transport and what would you like to upgrade to?

  12. What is your favorite recipe/meal/take-away?
    I'm quite partial to yum-cha (dim sum), but anything spicy is great. Good mexican is great if you can get it. If I have time to cook at home, I enjoy using my wok and making sushi.

  13. What is the only joke you seem to remember when people around you are telling jokes?
    I am one of those sad bastards who reems off endless quotes from the last zany movie that caught their attention and have been watching endlessly for the last 4 weeks.

  14. Can you juggle? Can you juggle knives? Can you still juggle?
    I love Amy's note about deadlines. Wish I'd thought of that.

  15. What are the most memorable nicknames you've had in your lifetime?

  16. What was the first video game you fell in love with, on what machine? What is your favourite now?
    Well, before video there was the old Kiss Pinball Machine, but that was junked when Space Invaders hit the milkbars. At present I'm building my own MAME video arcade cabinet (see http://www.ultramame.com) so when that little bugger is finished.....

  17. What are your favourites? (Music, movies, books, anything!)
    Music: The Pixies, The Ramones, The Go-betweens, The Church, Radiohead, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo & the Bunnymen, et. al. My favourite album of all time, if I had to pick one, is 'Starfish' by The Church.

    Movies: O' Brother, High Fidelity, 13the Warrior, Magnolia, The Killer, Hana-bi, Yojimbo. I always rememmber 'Some Kind of Wonderful' as my favourite movie (sad I know) but I haven't seen it in a long, long time - so i could hate it now :)

    Directors: Beat Takeshi, Kurasawa, John Woo, Tarantino, Cohen Brothers

  18. What DON'T you like about DVD?
    First and foremost, I'd have to say Julia Robert's teeth.

    Secondly, ruining your brand new disc by not seating it in the tray properly - scratching it from rim to centre.

    Lastly, the most dissapointing thing is expectation and unfulfilled potential. Finally seeing one of your favourite movies released only to find that the transfer isn't great or not one little extra has been included.

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