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All 37 reviews from Robert Mack
  • Ali G Indahouse
    "Definitely worth a look for fans, but people who like a bit of thinking to do when they watch their films may be disappointed."
  • Ali G, Innit.
    "Fans of Ali will dig dis and soak it up, but dis release also makes fa a wicked introduction to 'is antics."
  • Aliens: SE
    "The sequel to one of the scariest movies of all time, Aliens delivers more suspense and action on a grand scale."
  • Andromeda 1.9
    "A good video transfer, a not so good audio transfer and a TV series that is somewhere in the middle."
  • Batman and Mr Freeze: Sub Zero
    "Batman takes on Mr. Freeze... and thank God, Arnie is nowhere to be seen!"
  • Blood on the Sun
    "Aside from the obvious racist theme running throughout, this film is actually a somewhat skilfully crafted thriller…"
  • Bodyline - It's Just Not Cricket!
    "A complete documentary on the Bodyline series in Australia 1932-33. Any fan of cricket should grab this ASAP."
  • The Bounty
    "A thorough retelling of the famous tale of the mutiny on The Bounty, this is possibly the best version ever told through film..."
  • Curtis Mayfield - Live at Ronnie Scott's
    "Some very skilful music on a not so hot DVD."
  • Dark Angel - Season 1 - Volume 1
    "One of the more innovative and big budget TV shows to come along in some time, this series provides a great deal of entertainment and should appeal to quite a broad range of audience."
  • Deep Purple - Perihelion
    "They may be getting on in years, but the Deep Purple crew can still put on one mean show."
  • The Deer Hunter
    "A brilliant film depicting both the physical and mental impact of the Vietnam War. Pity about the audio transfer though."
  • Dressed to Kill
    "A thriller that lets the sex and gore fly like it’s going out of fashion..."
  • Gosford Park
    "A good transfer for an outstanding film, Gosford Park may not be a movie for the masses, but it is without doubt one of the finest films of the last few years..."
  • Hart's War
    "More of a dialogue driven drama than a war film, Hart’s War is good, but just seems to be lacking that certain ‘something’."
  • How the West Was Won
    "With one of the best casts ever assembled in Hollywood, How The West Was Won was one of the largest experiments in moviemaking history."
  • Iris
    "A portrait of the life of English novelist Iris Murdoch, Iris contains some of the best performances of the last year."
  • Los Super Seven - No Borders/Canto
    "A collection of fantastic Latino beats, this is not to be missed if you are the least bit interested in South and Central American music."
  • M
    "The single most disturbing film of its era... genuinely haunting."
  • The Man With Two Brains
    "One of Steve Martin’s earliest film roles, The Man With Two Brains has one of the most ridiculous, yet funniest plots of any movie ever created..."
  • McCabe & Mrs Miller
    "One of Robert Altman’s most brilliant films, it’s a Western but not a Western, a love story but not a love story - it is genre deconstruction at its very best."
  • The Mouse That Roared
    "A film with Peter Sellers occupying the three lead roles… how can you go wrong with this one?"
  • The Mr Bean 10th Anniversary Collection
    "This is the definitive Mr. Bean release. If you enjoy the series, then this set comes highly recommended."
  • The Mummy (1932)
    "One of Boris Karloff’s finest performances, the 1932 version of The Mummy is certainly one of the better classic monster films."
  • My Fellow Americans
    "Grumpy old Presidents acting like grumpy old men being grumpy. Grumpy."
  • One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: SE
  • Pavarotti - The Event
    "The greatest living tenor puts on a gala concert in honour of the 1990 Italian soccer team. It is a very, very fine performance."
  • The Rock: SE
    "A stunning transfer of one of the best action films of recent times, this package doesn’t disappoint."
  • Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures - Series 1 and 2 - The Full Coight
    "Russell Coight is funny as he is hilarious, and his All Aussie Adventures programme is as brilliant a DVD release as it is fantastic."
  • Shallow Hal: SE
    "Shallow Hal is definitely not your usual Farrelly brothers film; there's very little in the way of crude and shock humour, which is really what they do best."
  • Shrek: SE
    "If you don’t own the original version of Shrek yet (why not??), then this is a must buy..."
  • Spies Like Us
    "One of the best comedies of the ‘80s, this one throws so many gags at you some are sure to hit..."
  • The Three Stooges - Volume 4
    "12 episodes and over three hours chock full of gratuitous violence, physical and mental abuse and property destruction. Does it get any better?"
  • Tigerland
    "A gem in the rough that went unnoticed by the vast majority. Grab this and watch it ASAP."
  • Two Mules For Sister Sara
    "Take this disc, add water and sugar, and you will have a nice refreshing drink, ‘cause this is one hell of a lemon..."
  • We Were Soldiers
    "In the Ia Drang Valley on November 14th 1965, the first major ground engagement between the US and the North Vietnamese Army took place. We Were Soldiers attempts to show what happened during that battle, and at the same time show the hell their families went through at home. It succeeds in this task brilliantly."
  • The Wolf Man (1931)
    "The best and most memorable werewolf film ever made, this was one of the highlights of the Hollywood monster era."
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