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All 193 reviews from Gavin Turner
  • The 13th Warrior
    "...immensely enjoyable, even after the 13th, or indeed the 30th, viewing..."
  • Ace Lightning - Episodes 1-7
    "Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for… oh no, my mistake..."
  • Airheads
    "Those familiar with the subculture will find a laugh or two. Others may not be so lucky..."
  • Ali Baba
    "It's certainly not Disney, but look on the bright side - it's not Disney!!"
  • Ali Baba and the Pirates
    "It's not Disney, but unfortunately, it's not entertaining either."
  • Ali G Indahouse (Rental)
    "Despite a flaccid ending, Ali G's big screen debut is filled with enough sexual innuendo, bad-boy posturing, drug-references, misogynistic back-fires and gross-out knob gags to more than satisfy any fans out there..."
  • American Pie 1 & 2: The Ultimate Collector’s Pack
    "The perfect opportunity to enjoy what is unquestionably the best of all recent teen-film franchises as a riotous double feature..."
  • American Pie 2: CE
    "A cookie-cutter sequel that actually seems fresh? Boy does Hollywood need an enema... "
  • Amores Perros
    "Both moving and shocking, the strong of stomach will be rewarded with an exciting and powerful cinematic experience."
  • Animal Factory
    "...a beautifully acted, slow-burn character piece that presents a refreshing new take on the prison genre..."
  • Animal House
    "..Animal House isn’t high art, it isn’t even intelligent, but there's no denying it's still wickedly amusing."
  • The Animatrix
    "Groundbreaking in every sense of the word. The Animatrix may finally see anime embraced by the Western mainstream. Compulsory viewing."
  • Arjuna 1 - Rebirth
    "Yet more anime for the string-bag set…"
  • Armitage Dual Matrix
    "You've got to ask yourself, 'Am I looking for layers of subtext, a philosophical message, or a scantily-clad, well-endowed gal beating the living piss out of everyone?'."
  • Bat Thumb
    "Another two thumbs up…"
  • Batman
    "This is Jack Nicholson at his best, out-shone only by Burton's amazing production design."
  • Batman and Robin
    "...by far the most vapid and least satisfying member of the Batman cinema franchise."
  • Batman Forever
    "Batman goes pulp... and gets a whole lot more entertaining."
  • The Batman Legacy
    "Eight hours of action for all you bat-fans out there, but disappointingly little else."
  • Batman Returns
    "Brilliant performances and Burton's superb visuals all wrapped up in a reasonable transfer. But is it better than the original?"
  • Behind Enemy Lines (Rental)
    "It might look good, and it might sound amazing, but Owen Wilson does action hero? I don't think so... "
  • Berserk 1 - War Cry
    "Whilst Berserk was greeted with enthusiasm by many anime fans, this first volume is directionless and a little slow to get going - even despite the high body count."
  • Berserk 2 - Immortal Soldier
    "We're a third of the series in, but with too much plot obfuscation and too little character development, I just can't get into Berserk…"
  • Berserk 3 - White Hawk
    "Now this is more like it! Berserk is finally becoming worthy of all the noise..."
  • Best in Show
    "...eclipses Guest’s previous efforts to deliver the funniest film of 2001. "
  • Big Fat Liar (Rental)
    "A feature length Malcolm in the Middle it ain’t, but it's a reasonably enjoyable family film nonetheless..."
  • Bird Suite
    "Bird Suite presents a spectacular video portrait of the diverse scenery and the inhabitant bird life of our region… "
  • Blade II
    "One of the best action film's of 2002, Roadshow's two disc release will go above and beyond your wildest expectations..."
  • Blast from the Past
    "A sharply written, feel-good romp sporting a great transfer from Village."
  • Blood Work
    "Even half dead from a heart transplant, Clint is so the man..."
  • Blood: The Last Vampire
    "...a visual masterpiece that represents the current state-of-the-art in Japanese animation. "
  • Blue Murder
    "...it’s funny, it’s violent, it’s disturbing, and quite simply, it’s superb."
  • Bob the Builder - Pilchard Steals the Show
    "More great DIY guides for pre-schoolers and the mere-males out there."
  • Bob the Builder - Skateboard Spud
    "Can we review it? Yes we can!"
  • Boogiepop Phantom Evolution 1
    "...although I can't guarantee it will give you goosebumps, the creepy plot, gothic visuals, and unnerving audio all add up to one unique anime experience."
  • Boogiepop Phantom Evolution 2
    "Volume two of this utterly creepy series provides another double helping of animated gothic weirdness..."
  • Bronco Billy
    "...takes a couple of romantic comedy genre staples and adds a large dollop of that intangible Eastwood magic."
  • Bruce Lee - A Warrior's Journey
    "Almost lost to the ages, we're finally able to enjoy the original 30 minute finale to Lee's unfinished masterwork 'The Game of Death'."
  • Brum - Airport and Other Stories
    "The adventures of this pint-sized jalopy provide more protracted chases, dangerous rescues and nefarious shenanigans than your little tiddlers could ever wish for..."
  • Busy Buses - The Series
    "...Thomas the Tank Engine and his hook-nosed friend have a lot to answer for."
  • The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
    "This first ever horror film holds a unique place in the history of film.."
  • Carry on Constable
    "Certainly not the Carry On that Evil Knievel and I remember…"
  • Castle of Cagliostro
    "One of the most popular anime titles of all time, Cagliostro transcends its genre to become a wonderful movie experience for the whole family. Forget Disney, and experience Miyazaki!"
  • The Caveman's Valentine
    "Both Jackson and Roadshow give it their best, but the results are ultimately disappointing..."
  • Charlotte Gray
    "...deftly balances gnawing tension, romance and tragedy to create a simple yet thoroughly spellbinding drama. Cate Blanchett has never looked more heavenly."
  • Cinema Paradiso
    "At times genuinely moving, at others hilariously funny, Cinema Paradiso is one movie that all cinema lovers should see at least once."
  • City Slickers
    "Deftly combining screwball antics with male thirty-something angst, City Slickers sees the return of Billy Crystal to his wise-cracking best."
  • Clint Eastwood Collection
    "...almost the definitive collection of Eastwood Westerns, but a must have for fans nonetheless..."
  • Coogan's Bluff
    "Despite a rather poor disc from Universal, seeing the Pale Rider wade through a sea of writhing flower-children at the psychedelic ‘Pigeon-Toed Orange Peel Club’ is worth the cost of rental alone."
  • Cowboy Bebop - The Movie
    "...one of 2003’s must-have anime titles..."
  • Cowboy Bebop One
    "Don’t be put off by the title. With its deft mix of humour and action, plus just a dash of school-boy titillation, Cowboy Bebop is one of the most entertaining anime series' ever produced."
  • The Crew
    "Great idea, poor realisation, as Hollywood (again) churns out little more than a by-the-numbers tele-movie."
  • The Cult - Music Without Fear
    "Come worship at the altar of the sonic temple..."
  • The Cure - Trilogy
    "A truly unique live experience..."
  • Cyrano De Bergerac
    "...widely considered the definitive version of this well known romantic tragedy, witness one of Depardieu's most celebrated performances."
  • Daddy Day Care
    "Steadfastly walking the firm, middle ground of ‘family-values’ entertainment, it’s a light, sometimes funny and often enjoyable film full of cute kids and obvious gags. "
  • The Damned - Final Damnation
    "Whilst the audio and video is relatively poor, this is a great gig from a band who helped to shape British pop."
  • Dead Poet's Society: SE
    "All these years on, Dead Poet's is still a wonderfully emotive movie experience..."
  • The Dinner Game - Le Diner De Cons
    "You must see this classic French farce before it is completely ruined by Hollywood "
  • Doc Hollywood
    "...a highly enjoyable (if predictable) romantic comedy, utterly spoilt by a disappointing transfer. Caveat Emptor..."
  • Don't Bother to Knock
    "Monroe's sinister performance single-handedly carves out a creepy, satisfying thriller from decidedly melodramatic beginnings..."
  • Dragon Ball Z: The Saiyan Conflict 1.1-1.8
    "A review? Ok, just let me power up. Nuuuuuuuuuur, graaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAH…"
  • EDtv: SE
    "Another classic comedy from Ron Howard, Universal’s re-release of EDtv, complete with DTS audio, is well worth your attention... "
  • Enter the Dragon
    "The work of a master, and considered by many to be the zenith of its genre."
  • Fierce Creatures
    "..don't expect 'A Fish Called Wanda', and you just might love it.."
  • The Fighting Sullivans
    "...one of my father’s fondest childhood movie memories."
  • Fimbles - Fimbly Bimbly/...Finding is Fun
    "Unlike those monstrosities the Teletubbies, Fimbles is a delightful series that looks absolutely stunning on our shiny format..."
  • The Firm
    "The Firm has some good moments, but they just don't add up to a great movie…"
  • Frankenthumb
    "Sharp writing and well-timed comedic performances give life to Mary Shelly's most famous erm thumbs..."
  • French Kiss
    "One of my personal favourites gets disappointing treatment for its long awaited local release. "
  • Friends are Forever - Tales of the Little Princess
    "A simple cliché-ridden plot and simple animation style still add up to a reasonably engaging distraction for the tiddlers.."
  • From Dusk Till Dawn: SE
    "In the words of one Seth Gecko – ‘Now that’s what I call a f*ckin show!’"
  • From Here to Eternity
    "Columbia's local release certainly does justice to this piece of cinema history..."
  • The Fugitive: SE
    "Beautifully constructed, The Fugitive is one of the best examples of an action suspense-thriller that you will ever see..."
  • Galgameth
    "Think a little Camelot meets a lot of Godzilla."
  • Gasaraki 1 - The Summoning
    "With high production values and an original spin on a tried and trusted formula, Gasaraki is one series you mecha-fans won't want to miss..."
  • Gasaraki 2 - The Circle Opens
    "Volume two of this riveting series leaves the more esoteric aspects of the plot behind, and concentrates squarely on battling mechas..."
  • The Godthumb
    "Sits in stark contrast to its Thumbation stablemates, in so much as it's complete crap..."
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
    "Remember Sunday nights and The Wonderful World of Disney? ... No I thought not."
  • Golgo 13 - The Professional
    "...an engaging, action-packed thriller for those who like their anime violent and chock-full of animated sex scenes..."
  • Great Commanders 1
    "Definitely of interest to you armchair generals, military history buffs, or anyone currently undertaking plans for world domination..."
  • Great Commanders 2
    "A much more enthralling group of episodes in this second volume of The Great Commanders, despite suffering an equally appalling transfer..."
  • GTO 1 - Great Teacher Onizuka
    "Beginning slowly with immature schoolboy fantasy, panty-shots and lecherous ravings, GTO Volume 1 goes on to establish an engaging and highly entertaining series..."
  • GTO 3 - Outcasts
    "While more pedestrian than the first volume, this continuation of Eikichi Onizuka's exploits in educational dysfunction are well worth checking out..."
  • Hana-Bi
    "A film of distinct contrasts, Hana-Bi is Takeshi Kitano’s masterpiece. A deft mix of shocks, laughs and tears that will hold you spellbound..."
  • Hi-5 - Star Dreaming
    "...a very well produced disc that young fans (sic) of Hi-5 should really enjoy."
  • High Fidelity
    "One of a rare breed - a beautifully constructed romantic-comedy for the pop culture generation."
  • Himalaya
    "Visually stunning, Himalaya is a touching and at times suspense-filled drama set in one of the most magnificent regions on Earth..."
  • How to Marry a Millionaire
    "...probably the first film to be short-changed by new production technologies, sadly Bacall, Grable and Marilyn are really just going through the motions. "
  • Hulk
    "Combining camp Summer-blockbuster with compelling, human drama, Ang Lee's Hulk is essential viewing."
  • Hulk: CE
    "Collector's or Special Edition? That is the question..."
  • Ice Age
    "A refreshing entrant in a burgeoning genre, Ice Age's Looney Tunes style makes it one of the funniest computer animated feature films to date. And with its stunning digital transfer, this is one title you won't want to miss..."
  • In Too Deep
    "...a bit of violence, street-vernacular and hip-hop cannot redeem a lacklustre and derivative plot."
  • Jamon Jamon
    "...one of the weirdest, sexiest films I have seen in quite some time."
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Rental)
    "If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith’s long-running New Jersey franchise, then Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a film for you – literally."
  • Kagemusha
    "A great samurai period drama, but those expecting a Kurosawa action-epic will be disappointed..."
  • Kelly's Heroes
    "Thankfully, Kelly's Heroes isn't Saving Private Ryan, it's a highly entertaining, boys-own adventure that even your wife will enjoy!"
  • Kill Me Later
    "With great performances from its two leads, Kill Me Later's twist on the normal romantic comedy formula ultimately overcomes some lack-lustre direction... "
  • Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) (Rental)
    "Despite great leads and a reasonable premise, Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) is let down by poor writing, a woeful supporting cast, and the dreaded pan-and-scan..."
  • Kiss of the Dragon: SE
    "Impressive kung-fu, a raft of French cops getting beaten senseless and a scantily-clad Bridget Fonda. How many guilty pleasures can you fit into one film?"
  • Le Tour De France - 2003 The Highlights
    "Despite less than impressive video quality, SBS’ release delivers all the excitement of the most closely fought Tour in recent history."
  • The Life of Birds
    "...continues the high standard for which Sir David Attenborough and the BBC Natural History Unit have become renowned."
  • Love Hina 1 - Moving In
    "This deft mix of teenage angst, comic book violence and a beautiful MPEG transfer is highly recommend for anime fans of all ages..."
  • Magnolia
    "Magnolia is an exhilarating movie experience. Just see it."
  • Maisy Farm
    "Universal have done a great job with their first Maisy release."
  • Marilyn Monroe - The Diamond Collection Volume 1
    "Both a must have for fans, and a great introduction to Marilyn for first timers, it’s just the thing for a rainy weekend in. "
  • The Matrix Revisited
    "...the ultimate companion disc to The Matrix that no fan of this fantastic film should be without."
  • Memento
    "The epitome of immersive cinema, Memento is the most innovative and entertaining thriller I’ve seen in a very long time..."
  • Metropolis (2001)
    "...arguably one of the most beautiful animated films ever created."
  • The Mexican
    "This action/adventure come quirky, romantic-comedy, is fast becoming one of my favourites..."
  • Ministry - SphincTour
    "A great introduction to Ministry's particular brand of aggressive, guitar fuelled anarchy."
  • The Misfits
    "Of interest only to completists, sadly this last film from both Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable borders on the nauseating..."
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Operation One
    "You younger anime fans may well get a kick out of Gundam Wing, but the whole thing bored me feckless."
  • The Mummy Returns (Superbit)
    "There are 'Superbit' releases that are must-haves for my collection, but with a kick-arse 'Collector's Edition' available, sadly this ain't one of 'em."
  • Mystery, Alaska
    "David E. Kelley, Russell Crowe and ice hockey. Who could ask for more?"
  • Ninja Scroll
    "...a true classic of the genre that should be a part of any anime fans collection."
  • Noir 1 - Shades of Darkness
    "A stylish and intriguing series that’s giving the old chicks-with-guns genre a new lease on life…"
  • Nothing in Common
    "Despite strong showings from Hanks and Gleason, this rollercoaster of frivolous highs and gut-wrenching lows fails to satisfy..."
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    "An intelligent script, great performances and superb cinematography make this an instant classic. "
  • Oasis - There And Then
    "Awright region 4, are yez mad forrrr eet??"
  • On the Nose (Rental)
    "Far too light on gags and meandering towards a predictable climax, On the Nose lacks the magic that has made other Irish comedies such as The Snapper so special."
  • On the Waterfront
    "Brando's most celebrated performance, ... everyone with even the slightest interest in cinema should see On the Waterfront at least once in their lives."
  • Orphen 1: Spell of the Dragon
    "Orphen is a fun fantasy adventure brimming with dragons, magic, dwarfs and erm, virgins..."
  • Ozzy Osbourne - Live at Budokan
    "Ozzy and the band put in 110% for the appreciative, if very well behaved, Tokyo crowd..."
  • Pale Rider
    "The definitive genre film, Pale Rider makes for classic gun-toting, tough-talking, tobacco-chewing, spur-clinking fun."
  • Patlabor 1 & 2
    "Fans of Mamoru Oshii and his masterwork Ghost in the Shell will find much here to like…"
  • Peaceful Rest
    "This may be your only chance to see Tasmania’s beautiful Tarkine wilderness in its pristine state…"
  • Pinocchio (2002)
    "Thank's Miramax, this little puppet is dead on the table..."
  • Platoon: Special Edition
    "Arguably one of the best war movies ever made, this Special Edition represents an essential purchase for fans of the genre."
  • Play Misty For Me
    "...more extras than you can poke a kitchen knife at."
  • Play School - Nursery Rhymes
    "Ask any tot - Play School rocks!"
  • Please Teacher! Volume 1 - Hot For Teacher
    "It’s one of the quintessential schoolboy fantasies…"
  • Pokemon 3
    "Plucky youngsters continue to battle their squeak-toys in this fantastic looking and fantastic sounding continuation of the Nintendo franchise."
  • Predator: Special Edition
    "...a Special Edition release that finally does justice to this jewel in big Arnie's career..."
  • The Princess Bride
    "To not love this swashbuckling comic adventure is absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inconceivable!!"
  • Rage Against The Machine - The Battle of Mexico City
    "...I was completely blown away by this gig. A definite must-have for fans."
  • RahXephon 1 - Threshold
    "Take Evangelion, mix in a little Matrix, and voila! A new anime series is born."
  • Red Dwarf - Series 1
    "A collector's edition that, whilst suffering a substandard video presentation, is a mandatory replacement for those aging VHS tapes.."
  • Red Dwarf - Series 2
    "Amongst the best of Red Dwarf’s eight incarnations, depite continuing video transfer problems, you’d have to be a total smeg-head to pass this series 2 Collector’s Edition by… "
  • Remember the Titans
    "A feel-good, family film that everyone will enjoy – even if mum is only sticking around to look at Denzel. "
  • Replicant
    "..fans of the B-action smash'em up should be well satisfied with the latest Van Damme/Ringo Lam collaboration..."
  • Returner
    "What's in a title? Returner may well be a self-fulfilling prophecy… "
  • Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead
    "Fabulous cinema ... the adventures of these footnotes to dramatic history contains more to digest than a single viewing can provide."
  • The Royal Tenenbaums
    "Heartwarming and funny, Tenenbaums represents yet more brilliance from a director of unique vision and with a rare talent for comedic storytelling."
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys
    "This mix of colour, music and jolly big red guys distributing presents will provide your tiddlers with a little Christmas magic these holidays. "
  • Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories
    "Even after a century, Kipling’s Just So Stories remain a children’s classic, and despite a poor transfer, this disc is a great way for your kids to get to know and love them."
  • Rurouni Kenshin Wandering Samurai 1: The Legendary Swordsman
    "...with a little something for everyone, this cross between Ninja Scroll and Ranma ½, deftly combines action set-pieces with slap-stick comedy... definitely a series to look out for!"
  • Sailor Moon Collection 1
    "Despite being only DiC’s English dub that was broadcast by the ABC, Sailor Moon remains devilishly addictive for young and old alike..."
  • The Saint
    "A couple of real groaner moments, but a great, ...er... Bond film nonetheless."
  • Samurai X - The Motion Picture
    "An engrossing and tragic drama that will especially appeal to fans of Rurouni Kenshin and anyone else looking for a little depth to their anime..."
  • The Seven Year Itch
    "While Wilder shamelessly takes advantage of Ms Monroes’s sex-goddess image, Marilyn rises above the self-parody to provide a performance that is more Marilyn than Marilyn."
  • Shadow Skill - The Movie
    "A good deal of meaningless ultra-violence, but ultimately one for anime fans only."
  • Shaft (1971)
    "Who’s the private dick that's a sexmachine for all the chicks? Shaft! … Damn right. "
  • Shaft in Africa
    "A cheesy, b-grade romp overflowing with sex and violence and all wrapped in a beautiful transfer..."
  • Shaft's Big Score!
    "A thoroughly entertaining, action-packed sequel, despite falling short of the ground-breaking original. "
  • Showtime
    "If you're a fan of the buddy-cop genre, then you'll certainly enjoy this teaming of De Niro and Murphy. However, Showtime is not the scathing satire it pretends to be..."
  • Sin - The Movie
    "Sadly, Sin - The Movie isn't the hard-boiled anime thriller that ADV wishes it was. "
  • Snow Dogs
    "Show me the mushing!"
  • Some Like It Hot - Special Edition
    "The definitive version of one of cinema’s most classic comedies, presented with a great transfer and a comprehensive set of extras."
  • Spirited Away: LE
    "...another triumph for Miyazaki, Spirited Away is one of the must-have titles for 2003."
  • Spriggan
    "With some of the best action animation you'll ever see, this mindless, violent, and totally kick-arse, big-dumb-action-film of an anime is not to be missed."
  • Spy Kids
    "Rodriguez ... has created one of the most exciting and entertaining family films ever."
  • Stargate SG-1 Volume 3
    "A much improved transfer from MGM for this continuation of series two..."
  • Steel Angel Kurumi 2 - The Trouble With Angels
    "These steel angels are soft and squidgy..."
  • Swimfan
    "Despite strong direction and reasonable performances, there's the distinct smell of piss in Polson’s pool..."
  • The Sword in the Stone (Remastered)
    "Free of the moralistic baggage that the Disney moniker seems to imply, The Sword in the Stone is a classic animated feature for the whole family."
  • Teletubbies - Animals Big and Small
    "These little gay commies are an acquired taste for both child and parent alike..."
  • Teletubbies - Here Come the Teletubbies/Dance With the Teletubbies
    "With this second DVD release from Britain's trippy alien tots, your two-year-old won’t be learning anything of value, but he or she won’t be gnawing on the furniture, moving the eggs from the fridge to your sock drawer or painting the dog either..."
  • Thank God He Met Lizzie
    "Francis O’Connor steals the show in this thought-provoking yet typically-Australian romantic comedy..."
  • Thomas & Friends - Thomas & the Jet Engine
    "Weren’t these characters first coined by a reverend? Bitter, whining, judgemental - yep, it all fits."
  • Thumb Wars I - The Phantom Cuticle
    "Whilst a bloody good cack at the holy trilogy’s expense, at only 29 minutes Thumb Wars doesn’t quite warrant a DVD release in its own right."
  • Thunderbird 6
    "…the Thunderbirds just don’t get any better than this."
  • Thunderbirds are Go
    "Yet another classic Thunderbirds adventure. Great viewing for the whole family."
  • Tomcats
    "A great transfer, but only a paper thin plot lies beneath the few gross-out laughs."
  • Town & Country
    "Warren Beatty’s newest stinker is to be avoided at all costs..."
  • Trigun 1 - The $60,000,000,000 Man
    "...recommended viewing for you anime lovers out there."
  • Tweenies - Song Time is Fab-a-Rooney/Song Time 2
    "…guaranteed to overdose your 2½ to 5 year olds on noise, colour and movement better than a draught of extra-strength red cordial."
  • Twister: SE
    "Big sound, big effects, and now a DTS 'Collectors Edition'. But sadly, Twister still blows…"
  • Uncle Buck
    "... is there anything funnier than little kids swearing, clowns getting pulverized, and snooty primary school principals getting a taste of their own medicine?"
  • Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust
    "Visually stunning, this slick re-interpretation of the slayer myth does everything right. A must-see for fans, it might just win over a few anime converts... "
  • Various - Family Values Fall Tour '98
    "When Rammstein's Till pulls out his rubber phallus, Korn and the other 'hard-core' acts are reduced to choir boys..."
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
    "Despite some cheesy special effects and an incredulous plot, this classic of the genre remains as entertaining as ever."
  • Wallace & Gromit - 3 Cracking Adventures
    "Superb. Cracking good fun for all ages."
  • When Harry Met Sally - Special Edition
    "A classic romantic comedy, as fresh and poignant today as when it was first released."
  • The Who - Live At Royal Albert Hall
    "...an essential purchase for The Who loyalists and music fans alike."
  • The Wiggles - Hoop-Dee-Doo It's a Wiggly Party
    "Eye wateringly bright, your youngest DVD aficionados will be more than satisfied. A great disc for any preschooler."
  • The Wiggles - Space Dancing
    "Yet more evidence that kiddie rockers The Wiggles have gone interstellar... "
  • The Wiggles - Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins!
    "The plot is half-arsed, but fans of the wiggly television series Lights! Camera! Action! Wiggles!, should love Wiggly Gremlins. But surely a release of the series itself is not far away…"
  • The Wiggles - Wiggly Safari
    "...your little ones will love this combination of songs, dances, animals, and various mispronunciations of ‘Australia’."
  • X
    "Lush visuals, and a crashing soundtrack, but the lack of character development renders X ultimately disappointing."
  • xXx (Superbit)
    "Gavin’s just raced out to get a tattoo and a nipple ring..."
  • The Yards
    "Wonderfully restrained and emotionally powerful performances from Wahlberg and co. elevate The Yards above your typical American crime drama."
  • Yes Minister - Series 1
    "... wry and intelligent humour that is as pertinent today as when it was first conceived."
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