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All 68 reviews from Chris Hore
  • Alien vs. Predator
    "Itís a movie featuring Aliens and Predators, what could possibly go wrong?"
  • Anacondas - The Hunt For The Blood Orchid
    "The original movie couldnít have possibly been as bad as this."
  • Babylon 5 - Season 4
    "Rich with action and intriguing storylines ... a must-have for any Babylon 5 fan."
  • Bad Girls
    "Despite the multiple gunfights, beatings, murders and implied rape, Bad Girls is light and fluffy."
  • Beyond Borders
    "Colour me surprised."
  • Blake's 7 - Series 2
    "If you crave for some nostalgic sci-fi with an impressive set of extras then this is the box set for you. "
  • Blankman
    "once a B movie addict, always a B movie addict"
  • Blind Date
    "Itís a romantic comedy with some good character acting, a paper thin plot and a happy ending, enough said?"
  • Boa vs Python
    "Using my implants ... we can track the boa"
  • Breakdown
    "A very watchable movie gets an above average DVD treatment."
  • Bridget Jones 2 - The Edge Of Reason
    "I enjoyed Bridget Jones 2 - The Edge of Reason and itís nothing to do with a fetish for large underwear, I swear!"
  • The Brittas Empire - Series 1
    "Fans of Fawlty Towers or Red Dwarf will most likely enjoy having a laugh at Gordon Brittas' expense"
  • Catwoman
    "The purrrrfect example of what the DVD format is capable of giving us."
  • Club Dread - Uncut
    "If you hated Club Dread on first viewing, it's time to give it a second chance with this DVD release. "
  • Coronado
    "Coronado isnít a movie that will find itís way into many DVD collections."
  • Creature Comforts - Episodes 1 - 6
    "Fans of the original Creature Comforts or Wallace and Grommit will surely get a kick out of this DVD."
  • The Day After Tomorrow: Special Edition
    "This Special Edition is an excellent example of what the DVD format is all about. "
  • Deathlands
    "Not bad for a direct to TV sci-fi. I've seen worse, much worse."
  • Den of Lions
    "The Den of Lions DVD will make a nice shiny coaster."
  • Doing Hard Time
    "Somewhere in this movie there is a message or moral: it could be "don't rent me"."
  • Envy
    "It doesn't tax the acting abilities of any of the main players but fans of Stiller, Black or Walken should check this out."
  • Eurotrip - Uncut
    "A perfect popcorn and friends movie with an excellent DVD presentation."
  • Farscape - Season 4
    "Life is full of regrets and after seeing Season 4 of this show, missing the Farscape phenomena is one of mine. Time to catch up."
  • Fat Pizza - Uncensored
    "as much a documentary on Australian culture as it is a comedy show,"
  • The Final Cut
    "Itís one of those movies that Ďjust isí despite some unexpected twists and turns."
  • The Fog
    "This DVD presentation of this classic John Carpenter horror has done great justice to the original vision of the director."
  • Garfield - The Movie
    "Garfield: The Movie succeeds as a kids movies as well as it would have if aimed at an older audience."
  • The Girl Next Door - Uncut Version
    "Right up there with American Pie in the "Teen Sex Romp" genre."
  • Gravion - Volume 1
    "Gravion has all the elements of great Anime, gigantic robots, space battles, voluptuous scantly clad women."
  • Happy Tree Friends - Volume 1 - First Blood
    "They're cute, they're cuddly, they're violently mutilated beyond recognition."
  • Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
    "If you liked American Pie, Dude, Whereís My Car and Road Trip then this movie is for you."
  • The Hitcher
    "The Hitcher is a violent and at times gripping thriller."
  • I'll Be There
    "Iím glad I eventually ran out of other movies to review and had to put Iíll Be There into the DVD player."
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