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  • Full Frame
  • English: Dolby Digital Mono
  • French: Dolby Digital Mono
    Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish
  • Production notes - Production Notes - Production Notes - Rod Serling Biography, Season By Season, History Of The Twilight Zone, Reviews
  • Digitally remastered
The Twilight Zone - Volume 9
Warner Vision/Warner Vision . R4 . COLOR . 100 mins . G . PAL


Nick of Time (Ep 43)
William Shatner and his new wife stop in a small town after car problems. Waiting in a diner, they start feeding money into a fortune telling machine which answers their questions with vague but seemingly accurate “That might be so” and “Without a doubt” type of answers. After getting a few answers which turn out to be right, they become hooked on the machine, to the point of being afraid for their lives. Shatner, in full “This. Is insane. It knows. Everything…about us. How can. This. Be so?” mode, is a treat to watch, and the episode winds up with a great little Twilight Zone ending.

The Prime Mover (Ep 57)
Usually, when someone has a special ability in the Twilight Zone, they take full advantage of it in all the wrong ways. This time, the quiet guy with the special ability to move things with his mind has kept it a secret, but when his friend discovers his hidden talent he forces him into a plan to clean up big time in Vegas. Things go well for a short time and they make a whole lot of money, but as you expected, the greedy one just doesn’t know when to stop.

It’s a Good Life (Ep 73)
Sure, it’s a good life if you’re 6 year old Anthony. For everyone else it’s a life of forced pleasant thoughts, sheer terror for their lives and the dread faced in letting their real thoughts slip. You see, Anthony has the ability to read minds and manipulate the world around him to make it the way he wants. Upset him and he’ll wish you away to the middle of a cornfield where you’ll never be seen again, or turn you into a human jack-in-the-box. Be nice to him, and he’ll let you watch television once a week. This one plays out like every childs dream revenge on the adults who seemed to make their life misery growing up. Bill Mumy, (Will from the Lost in Space series) is perfect in the role of the feared child, convincing me he could go 10 rounds with todays moppet child actors and beat them all to a bloody pulp.

The Mind and the Matter (Ep 63)
What to do when you hate the world around you? To be more precise, what do you do if it’s just the people you can’t stand? Crowded trains, crappy job, clumsy co-workers, all conspire to make each and every day an insufferable living hell. Well, you take the advice of a book and you get rid of all the people with a little mind over matter concentration and make things exactly how you want them. But, as Archibald learns, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, and it’s better to suffer the fools gladly than wish them into oblivion.


A good quality audio and video transfer across all four episodes. Blacks and whites good, with just the final show showing some low shadow detail, but detail levels quite good. All episode on this dvd have been shot on film. Other than some usual nicks and scratches on the film, the picture is typically good for the show. The series standard DD1.0 mono audio relays good clear dialogue throughout, and the score and effects generally sounding fine and free from distortion and hiss.

The extra features on the dvd consist of a selection of text based screens for your reading pleasure. They contain a Rod Serling Biography, Season By Season Commentary, History Of The Twilight Zone and Reviews of the individual episodes on the disc. It’s not a particularly extensive package, but there’s some good (if a tad brief) info, with the reviews being quite interesting and a must read from disc to disc for some background on each episode contained on the dvd.

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  •   And I quote...
    "Watch this dvd and unleash the power of your mind the Twilight Zone way, not the crappy Anthony Robins way."
    - Vince Carrozza
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