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  • English: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
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  • Short film - Original Fat Pizza
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Fat Pizza - Uncensored

Roadshow Entertainment/Roadshow Entertainment . R4 . COLOR . 119 mins . E . PAL


As part of the review of Fat Pizza Ė Uncensored DVD.net was lucky enough to score an interview with Pauly and Habib, stars of Fat Pizza:

DVD.net: Welcome to the offices of DVD.net, youíre here to promote Fat Pizza Ė Uncensored, tell our readers a little about it.
Pauly: Itís all the stuff that the hokey censors wouldnít let us add to the movie or show on T.V. Burnouts at Summernats, chicks taking their tops off aní that, strippers, chicks, schoolies week, chicks, and the original Fat Pizza short film which I made when I was just like a young stooge.
Habib: Strippers! Oh my gawd, Iím getting excited just thinking about it, ohmygawd ohmygawd!
Pauly: (laughs) yeah, itís sick mate.
DVD.net: Fully.

DVD.net: So you went to Summernats in Canberra and filmed some burnouts?
Pauly: They were sick mate, but we mostly went for the chicks. There were these two cowgirl chicks with tongue rings, Iím not sure what theyíre for but those chicks seemed to know how to use them.
Habib: Ohmygawd ohmygawd, those chicks were hawt!

DVD.net: And thereís a whole section of the DVD on strippers?
Pauly: Itís important that the young stooges know the rules of strippers aní that, the most important rule is ďDonít TouchĒ, Rocky learned that the hard way.
Habib: (laughs) ohmygawd

DVD.net: So the DVD covers those rules, what else?
Pauly: Strippers, of course you stooge. Thereís twelve whole segments on strippers aní that, girl on girl, north pole, south pole, all that stripper stuff aní that, we even put a commenatary thing on there to fill the stooges with the knowledge of the strippers aní that.

DVD.net: Thereís also a whole section on Schoolies week on the gold coast, tell us about that.
Pauly: We went to schoolies with a camera and searched around for the craziest stuff. Itís sick mate, yous will love it. Choccos like us donít get any action at Schoolies for some reason.

DVD.net: What sort of crazy stuff?
Habib: Naked chicks mate! I got a voucher for a free job, but thatís only good if youíre unemployed, Iíll have to keep it for later.
DVD.net: Sick.
Pauly: Fully, mate.

DVD.net: Finally, the Mini Pizza section has your original short films that started the whole Fat Pizza phenomenon, how do you feel about it all now?
Pauly: I donít know about any phenomemenomonen but that film is funny as, itís a classic mate. Donít forget the history of pizza stuff in there too, you need to see that so you know the knowledge which will fill you with the education about pizza.
Habib: Thereís lots of extra extras ya know. Like when we went to the shooting range that that Jackie Chan guy gave me a faulty gun that didnít shoot straight.
Pauly: And the security camera film of Sleek and that chick that got him fired from Fat Pizza.
Habib: ohmygawd, I havenít seen that!
Pauly: Itís magic, he makes his Lebanese sausage disappear like David Cockerfield (laughs)

DVD.net: So what would you guys have to say about the fact that Fat Pizza Ė Uncensored should have been released with the movie, as an extras disc?
Habib: Hey, didnít we already say that this disc is the stuff that was banned from the series and movie, thatís why, shaddup you idiot!
Pauly: Yeah what Habib said you stooge, donít you listen? Besides, the stuff on this DVD should be rated R or XXX, itís too hot to handle, the censor stooges probably didnít even watch it, buncha hokey old skippies.

DVD.net: But the Uncensored DVD has the same rating as the movie (MA15+) so thereís no reason for it to be released separately except as a cynical money grabbing exercise, donít you think?

NOTE: At this point the interview was ended abruptly as Rocky entered the room and threw a chair at the interviewer and Habib got on his phone to call up his mates. The interviewer was last seen running for his life being pursued by a mob of angry armed Lebanese men.


Production values in each segment vary greatly. While the whole disc is presented in the original full frame 1.78 aspect ratio and is 16:9 enhanced, a lot of the source material is poor and the transfer suffers for it.

Video flaws are mostly evident in the introduction segments with Pauly and Bo Bo, these look they have been shot through an old dirty t-shirt. These introduction segments exhibit just about every video fault that has been given a name.

The quality of the Summernats burnout sections are surprisingly clear and clean, as are the Strippers, given that the lighting was generally very low for these segments grain is low and shadow details are good (some of the other details are pretty sick too, bro).

If the video quality is rated in relation to the subject matter then it would rate as Ďgood enoughí, given that the disc is a collection of individual segments and not a continuous feature, youíre not really going to be using footage of a group of drunken teenagers as reference material anyway, are you?


The package for Fat Pizza Ė Uncensored claims to offer a choice between a 2.0 stereo track and Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks. However after several minutes trying I could not find a way to switch to Dolby Digital 5.1 on any of the segments. There is no menu option to alternate the sound format so I can only assume that the packaging is wrong or one of many segments on the disc is in 5.1 where none of the others are.

The 2.0 channel soundtrack is fine though, dialog is clear enough and while the music would have sounded better in a 5.1 mix, sounds good enough in 2.0.

Subtitles are available in English only and need to be turned on via the setup menu option.


The whole DVD is an extras disc. There is no Ďfeatureí as such and the disc is divided into 4 main areas:

Summernats (25 minutes, 10 segments)
Begins with an introduction which includes interviews with various attendees at Summernats discussing such philosophical subjects as the chick pulling power of a street machine, topless women and revheads, everything you would expect from Summernats. Also included are 9 of the best burnouts from Summernats as rated by Pauly and Bo Bo.

Schoolies (20 minutes, 3 segment)
Take a film crew to schoolies on the Gold Coast, find an apartment full of drunken teenagers and tell them theyíll be on T.V. and you get this, every time.

Strippers (20 minutes, 13 segment)
A very educational segment on the various styles of stripping and strip club etiquette complete with audio commentary.

Mini Pizzas (34 minutes, 5 segments)
Featuring the original short films that inspiried Fat Pizza and a 4 part ďHistory of PizzaĒ featurette.


Being a fan of the series and subsequent movie, I was a little disapointed to learn that Fat Pizza - Uncensored is not the uncensored version of the Fat Pizza Movie. In actual fact it is just a collection of additional featurettes and clips, most have nothing to do with Fat Pizza at all, apart from the appearance of the regular cast.

This DVD should really have been a supplement to the movie, especially since the rating is exactly the same (MA15+). There is no structure here, it really is just 2 hours of special features.

Fat Pizza Ė Uncensored is as much a documentary on Australian culture as it is a comedy show, although Iím quite sure that was not the original intention.

Fans of the series may get a kick out of seeing the characters in situations other than delivering pizza but watching this DVD and hoping for any sort of structure or plot or even comedy will leave you disappointed. Given the content, the Fat Pizza boys know their target audience, if youíre it, you should buy this disc or your collection wonít be complete without it.

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      And I quote...
    "as much a documentary on Australian culture as it is a comedy show,"
    - Chris Hore
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