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    English, French, German, Dutch, English - Hearing Impaired

    The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

    Buena Vista/Buena Vista . R4 . COLOR . 87 mins . G . PAL


    public class computerWoreTennisShoes {
       public static void main (String [] args){
          boolean liked = true;
          int filmScore = 8;
          String opinion = this.getOpinion();

    "A computer?!? That is just a luxury we cannot afford."

          String synopsis = this.getSynopsis();

       } // method main

       public string getOpinion(){
          String o1 = "This reviewer is currently studying a
                       degree in information technology (could
                       you guess?) and took this disc as a bit
                       of comic relief. And this guy wasn’t
                       disappointed. The Computer Wore Tennis
    has nothing to do with tennis,
                       shoes or Java (thank God), however is some
                       good-hearted Disney fun that just passes
                       87 minutes with a truly original story.
                       Well, original for 1969 at least.";

          String o2 = "This is just harmless cinema, and a
                       great family film full of friendship and
                       fun. Sure, this is no blockbuster or
                       award winner, but rather perfect for
                       family entertainment, something that
                       everyone can enjoy. There’s action,
                       there’s comedy and there’s a scrap of
                       paper-thin romance, but you get the
                       idea. It’s a game of good vs. evil
                       and quite corny given today’s
                       technology and, more amusingly, the
                       size of today’s technology.";

          return o1.append("" + o2);
       } // method getOpinion()

       public string getSynopsis(){
          String s1 = "A computer inside someone’s head? Well
                       I never. Dexter Riley, played by a very,
                       very young Kurt Russell is part of a group
                       of drop kicks at Medfield College and,
                       with the help of his mates, organises
                       for a computer to be donated to the
                       college. This computer isn’t your
                       usual notebook or desktop. It fits in
                       a room quite snugly. Yeah, that old.
                       Anyway, while trying to repair the
                       system during a freak storm, Dexter
                       receives a shock, his brain transformed
                       into a computer. But the donors of the
                       computer find out about Dexter’s new
                       super-ability and want him dead. But
                       this is where true friendship is shown.
                       What do you expect, it’s Disney after all.";

          String s2 = "Ah, this really is typical Disney fun, but
                       good fun at least. It’s original,
                       Well paced and great for the family.
                       What makes it more interesting is the
                       time warp back to 1969 to see how far
                       technology has come over the past 35

          return s1.append("" + s2);
       } // method getSynopsis()


       public DVDAsset getVideoInfo(){
          int videoScore = 7;
          VideoData vd = new VideoData(this);



          String c = "For a film produced in 1969, things look
                      marvellous. Colours are rich and full in
                      their Technicolor goodness showing solid
                      deep tones and clean bright shades.
                      Blacks do appear a little blue, yet this
                      is not too distracting as these times are
                      few and far between. Film artefacts are the
                      largest issue, with these still being
                      incredibly minor for such an old film, with
                      a consistent spatter of white and black
                      specks flashing onto the screen throughout
                      the film. This is how an older film such as
                      this should be presented – Walt Disney
                      would be proud.";


       } // method getVideoInfo


       public DVDAsset getAudioInfo(){
          int audioScore = 3;
          AudioData ad = new AudioData(this);
          ad.setEncodingFormat("Dolby Digital");

          String c = "The three Dolby Digital tracks seem to
                      be rather wasted on this transfer with
                      action coming from the centre channel
                      alone, providing a very monaural effect.
                      Three mono, or even mixed stereo, tracks
                      would have been sufficient. Dialogue is
                      clear throughout, with great dynamics
                      and a funky score to drive the film
                      along. Bass levels of the score are well
                      suited without being too heavy,
                      providing a solid base for the film.
                      While there is nothing really wrong
                      with the quality of the audio, the
                      5.1 format is just totally ignored
                      resulting in a flat sound even
                      though the little light tells me 'Digital'";


       } // method getAudioInfo


       public DVDAsset getExtrasInfo(){
          int extrasScore = 0;
          ExtrasData ed = new ExtrasData(this);
       } // method getExtrasInfo


       public Video getOverallInfo(){
          System.out.println("Was the film liked?=" + liked);
          for (int i = 0; i<reviewComponents.length(); i++){
             Object area = reviewComponents.get(i);
          System.out.println("For good family times, we all know
                              that we can count on Disney, even
                              if it is formulaic, sweetened and
                              simple. It’s also a heck of a lot
                              of fun! This 1969 film looks pretty
                              darn good on DVD, but the sound
                              is wasted with an empty 5.1 sound-
                              stage. Next time the latest block-
                              buster is sold out at the video
                              store, keep this in mind. It may be
                              old, but its still got some charm.");       System.exit(0);
       } // method getOverallInfo
    } // class computerWoreTennisShoes

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