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Premier League - Great Goals Plus The Year In Review 2002/2003
Visual Entertainment Group/Visual Entertainment Group . R4 . COLOR . 105 mins . E . PAL


SBS Television has a show on every Monday night during the English Premier League season that provides highlights from the games played in the previous week. For fans of this league it is a wonderful programme that contains highlights from games as recent as the day before. It is well produced and superbly edited to give fans a weekly dose that keeps them both informed and entertained.

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Champions of the previous season - Arsenal.

This two disc release is basically the end of season summary episodes from the 2002/2003 season, each with a running time of over 52 minutes. Disc One contains the goals of the season broken up into monthly categories, and some special goals they are. Disc two contains a wrap up of the season. Unfortunately, this is more broken up into teams and portions of the season rather than a monthly basis. This would have been so much better to show each month and how teams are progressing as the season unfolds, rather than focusing on particular teams and showing how they went, however you do still get a good feel of how teams covered are climbing or descending the ladder.

One other minor issue with this release is that it is dated, even though it is only one year old. Had this been released at the end of the season it focuses on rather than the end of the following season recently completed, sales would likely have been much higher. This is not a major issue as many fans will enjoy reliving this enjoyable season, however there are occasional comments about players and managers that are laughable now that we know what happened to them.

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Player of the year - Thierry Henry.

Highlights are in abundance on this two disc set though, including the league debut of Wayne Rooney for Everton, the goal scoring prowess of Ruud Van Nistelrooy in his Golden Boot winning season, the tension of relegation battles and most importantly – goals and more goals.

All in all it is a well produced summary of the season in question and an enjoyable release for fans of the Premier League. It makes a nice companion to the recently released Ten Seasons – A Decade of Great Matches and hopefully this trend will see a yearly trend of Premier League highlights releases, with any luck immediately after the completion of each season. Taking into account the one or two personal gripes with this release, it is still great, unless of course you're a fan of a club that got relegated that year and you couldn’t possibly relive that. The other major plus is that the collection of highlights for the season just completed is already set for release in July.


Being a made for television programme, this full frame presentation is of the highest quality. Picture is always sharp and colours are very impressive. It doesn’t pack the punch of a Hollywood blockbuster by any means, however for this type of feature it is of a terrific standard. Basically, if you have watched the television broadcast episodes throughout any recent season, expect equal quality, that is unless you struggle to get good reception on SBS, in which case you should expect a vast improvement.

Audio is supplied in Dolby Digital stereo and is of equal quality to the video transfer. The main focus of sound is the commentary and this is always clear. Crowd noise and the occasional supporting music come through loud and clear and without any problems of note.

There are no extras with this release.

All in all this is a great addition to any collection for football supporters. The goals come thick and fast and being the best league in the world, the quality of those goals is of the highest order. The video and audio transfers are of a high standard also and although there are no extras, there really isn’t a lot they could have added.

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  •   And I quote...
    "It seems a long time since this season finished, so reliving it now is like watching it for the first time – almost!"
    - Adrian Turvey
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