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  • 3 Theatrical trailer - 28 Days, Mr Deeds, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Another You

Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Home Entertainment . R4 . COLOR . 91 mins . M15+ . PAL


In this first film of Richard Pryorís after serious illness, we can see the frailty evident in this amazingly funny man. However, he doesnít let that deter him from being just as ornery and vulgar as he has ever been. This amazing man has won major awards for his comedy, has been nominated for an Oscar, has had third degree burns to 50 percent of his body, suffered two heart attacks, has had quadruple bypass surgery, been married five times and has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. A lesser man may well have given up after all that, but Pryor, it seems, takes a lickiní and keeps on tickiní and you gotta admire that.

Whilst not the strongest film in the three of this box set, it is however a pretty funny movie in its own right Ė it just isnít as good as the two other classics included. Some of the last frames of the film, though, are very touching regarding the Wilder/Pryor double act and seem to have been slipped in more for themselves than the for the filmís sake. However, this is very sweet and a great moment and does sorta fit with the film, but I suspect it was more an opportune moment to capture the shot.

That being said, the film is about Eddie Dash (Richard Pryor), a conman who must serve 100 hours community service. His task is to escort a recently released compulsive liar to various pursuits around town. However, they are soon caught up in a web of lies and mistaken identity plus a major inheritance scam that swiftly escalates way over their heads. But the old adage sticks true in Ďdonít play a player, donít kid a kidderí and soon the new friends are working a double play or two of their own to stay in the game.

"Hey man, youíre at the Pearly Gates! Donít choose Hell!"

Wilder is awesome, flipping wildly from persona to persona whilst Pryor, still hanging in there, is left to watch for a lot of the time. However, Pryorís lines keep him well ensconced in the story as his expletives make damn sure we canít miss him. Itís a fun film, if a little disjointed, with a mildly confusing ending that sneaks up on us before we are suddenly in the thick of it.


The boffins at the Sony DVD Center continue to amaze as this 12 year-old film gets a very clean transfer. The opening titles are interesting though; the Tristar Pegasus logo is littered with filthy artefacts (and Pryorís filthy language!) before we enter into the deliciously clean picture in the film. Weird.

Anyway, colours are all bright and alive with barely an artefact to be seen. Transferred at 1.85:1 with 16:9 enhancement, flesh tones are even and blacks are true. Shadow detail is clear, although Gene Wilderís mullet is the worst haircut Iíve ever seen (and I shaved my head once). Otherwise, this film looks like it came straight from the studio to you in a glass case.


The first sounds of the film are Richard Pryorís vulgarities and they donít let up throughout the film. All of the swears are excellently delivered (I learned a couple of new ones) as are the usual amounts of regular dialogue.

The musical content of the film is quite nice. The score by Charles Gross fits the wild mood swings of the plot well, leaping haphazardly from jazzy to comedic to tense as required. Sound effects are also good, but for one series of sounds that qualify in all three of those categories just listed... Itís yodelling. And badly dubbed too. This has obviously been recorded elsewhere by different techies and imported over the action to give the idea that Wilder and Mercedes Ruehl are yodelling to each other. Unfortunately, the yodellers used donít sound anything like the actors in question and it just looks too fake. By the end of the sequence I could only see them miming and not actually performing anymore. Thankfully it doesnít last too long, but itís still long enough.


Just three extras with some odd choices, however they could be construed as film-related if pressed hard enough. Theyíre all trailers, but for very different films.

The first is the Sandra Bullock film 28 Days in which Ms Bullock finally proved she can act. This is at 1.78:1 without enhancement. Mr Deeds is next in 1.85:1 with 16:9 anamorphic enhancement and finally, a trailer for a film you will already have in the box set with See No Evil, Hear No Evil. Why they do that is beyond me, but at least it isnít just empty disc youíre paying for. Itís no better than the same trailer in that discís extras section either.


One of the best double acts of all time work great together in this outing, but there does seem to be a subtle feeling of desperation in the air. While not their best work, this is still entertaining if a little addled. In any three disc set thereís usually a charity brother and in this set, this is the one. Not a bad piece, but just a little short of the usual high standard of Wilder/Pryor comedies.

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      And I quote...
    "Not the best film from the Wilder/Pryor union, but still a relatively worthy addition to the box set."
    - Jules Faber
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