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Father Ted - Series Two Part Two

Warner Vision/Warner Vision . R4 . COLOR . 119 mins . PG . PAL


The second half of Series Two is a continuation of the first and comprises five episodes. Series Two might have been better served had the two halves been released as a double- disc set, thereby increasing value for money. The episodes feature the return of several characters, including Father Dick Burne and Father Noel Furlong.

There is nothing to distinguish the second half of the series from the first that is reviewed here. The situations are as far out, the gags just as funny, and the situations are just as unlikely and implausible. Does this matter? Of course not. Settle back for the second half and enjoy the ride.

Episode Guide.

The Plague: Bishop Brennan pays the island a visit when it is reported that Father Jack has been sleepwalking nude. Dougal has a new pet rabbit, Sampras, which has more than a few friends. Things go awry when it is learned that Bishop Brennan has a rabbit phobia after a mishap with some rabbits in a New York lift.

Rock A Hula Ted: Father Ted is asked to judge this year’s “Lovely Girls Competition”, and what self-respecting priest could say no? Especially when he gets to accompany the winner to dinner - winner pays! Back at the parochial home, Dougal is paid a visit by feminist rocker Niamh Connolly who is keen to make it her home, so Dougal gives it to her. Ted, however, has a plan to get the house back

Cigarettes and Alcohol and Roller Blading: The ever-scheming Father Dick Burne of Rugged Island tells Ted that his parochial house has given up the fags, the booze and skateboarding for Lent. He goads Ted into getting his house to do the same. Withdrawal symptoms set in even before the phone is back in the cradle. To ensure they make it, the sadistic Sister Assumptia pays a visit, and no one is spared.

New Jack City: When Father Jack displays symptoms of “hairy hands”, he is shipped off St Clabbert's Old Priests' Home, much to the delight of Ted and Dougal. This delight is short-lived when Jack’s replacement turns out to be a nasty, jungle music-loving nutcase. Ted and Dougal hatch a plan to break into the Priests' Home and get Jack back.

Flight Into Terror: The boys have been to see the holy shrine at the Kilnettle Golf Course and are returning home. Ted’s fear of flying gets pushed aside after Father Fintan Fay goes mad in the cockpit and jettisons the reserve fuel. With just two parachutes, Ted decides the best way to decide who should get one is to conduct an essay writing competition.


What goes for the first DVD in this series goes for the second. The image is again full frame, and there is nothing essentially wrong with it apart from some regular, but minor, aliasing and shimmer.

The image is no more or less sharp and there is still some occasional but slight grain. Colours are mostly solid and natural, shadow detail is acceptable and black levels are fair.

The layer change is again placed mid-show and is a very clunky affair. A shame really.


At the risk of repeating myself, this second half of the series is just the same as the first. Volume and clarity are good and there are no synchronisation issues. Very little apart from the laugh track displays much in the way of separation. There are no dropouts, and no background hiss or other noises to be heard.


As mentioned in the review for the first half of this series, there as an accompanying audio commentary for each episode on this DVD also, again from co-writer Graham Linehan, this time accompanied by Ardal O'Hanlon (Father Dougal). Finding it harder to come up with new and interesting things to say, the pace does slacken a tad, but is still worth a listen for some further laughs. Much of the same ground is covered, but with one of the main cast thrown in does save its hide greatly.


Those who purchase the first half of Series Two on DVD will no doubt want to grab this is well. The episodes do not rely on each other and can be watched in order, but there are enough laughs guaranteed in every episode to own each. If you are on a budget, then perhaps the first half might win your dollars purely for having the Christmas special on it, thereby giving you a further 55 minutes of Father Ted.

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