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The Magic of the FA Cup
ABC/Roadshow Entertainment . R4 . COLOR . 254 mins . E . PAL


Ahhh, the magic of the game of football. How people can complain about a game they feel doesn't have enough goals in it and those same people can laud the skill a player can have to control a ball with their feet and make it do some amazing things, whether it be passing to a team mate or scoring a goal around a five-man wall.

Now to make it even more entertaining, why not have a competition where four divisions of about 20 teams play against each other in an elimination tournament to find the best team in England? This is the fairytale that is the F.A. Cup and this DVD takes a collection of the best games, the best players and the greatest goals scored in the competition since its inception.

Watching this two disc DVD set I was reminded of some of the greatest games I've seen since I took hold of watching the Premier League in 1990 and also had the opportunity to watch some of the classic games that others had talked about that occured before this time. The skill levels have improved immensely with the influx of European players of late, the goals are just as incredible and the team outfits have gone from skin tight school boy outfits to designer sportswear.

This collection, as with the other two FA Cup DVDs released at the same time, are broken into three sections over two DVDs.

    DISC 1 (Dual layered)
  • Classic Memories - A collection of some of the greatest games in F.A. Cup history with quite a few of them being the high scoring type and showpieces of courage from a struggling second division team taking on the giants of the game and winning.
  • The Legends - A collection of the greats to ever play the game from the '60s era of George Best through the '80s with the likes of Kenny Dalgleish and Osvaldo Ardilles, through to the present day magicians in Gianfranco Zola and Denis Bergkamp.

    DISC 2
  • The Greatest Goals - In the past four decades there have been some cracker goals that have defined the FA Cup. It seems players step up for this occasion and make the most of their opportunity to really perform in front of a world audience. Here is but a selection of some of the classiest individual efforts recorded for your viewing pleasure.


When dealing with a DVD put together from stock footage that ranges in age from the early '60s to present day widescreen digital broadcasting, it's hard to critique what we've become used to in DVD circles. On the basis of plugging this disc in and pressing play, your TV will showcase to you the game of soccer from the F.A. Cup as you have come to know it from the late night broadcasts on SBS. The video quality varies here, but is always top notch for the source material that is used. If you fault this then you're probably the same person who critiques the quality of their VHS collection.

Audio wise, with commentary from Paul Dempsey, we are treated to what one would normally expect from such a documentary with a more than adequate stereo mix. Extras wise there's not much to be seen here as the two disc set is feature rich enough, although the menu structure could be better with some screens just showcasing a bunch of numbers as their meaning scrolls through at stage right, meaning you have to wait a while before you find that goal you're looking for to show the neighbour who, just like you, can't get enough of the round ball game.

This is a great collection for any fan of the F.A. Cup and its history. For more specific versions, check out the Liverpool and Manchester United flavoured two disc sets.

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  •   And I quote...
    "a great collection for any fan of the FA Cup and its history."
    - Steve Koukoulas
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