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  Directed by
  • Widescreen 2.35:1
  • 16:9 Enhanced
  • Dual Layer (RSDL )
  • English: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • Russian: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
  • Portuguese: Dolby Digital Surround
    English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, English - Hearing Impaired, Icelandic, Croatian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Slovenian, Estonian
  • 8 Deleted scenes - with introductions by Director Andy Tennant
  • Audio commentary - with Director Andy Tennant
  • Music video
  • Alternate ending - with introduction by Director Andy Tennant

Sweet Home Alabama

Buena Vista/Buena Vista . R4 . COLOR . 104 mins . PG . PAL


Frahm director Andy Tennant cohmes a romantic comede’ with a bit of kook, hick an’ snob in it, not to mention Reese Witherspoon, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Lucas and Candice Bergen. As a piece of cot-ton wool, this film rahcks, but sadle’ it tries to be ah bit denser than ah small ball of fluuff.

At tahmes this film tries ta be too deep and meanin’ful for its own good, but just lacks that D&M tone. A perfect example is in the finale where during the editen’ process, the creativ’ team decided to use some slow motion, but c’mon we’ve said it before, but if you wan’ slow motion, plan ahead an’ speed up the film speed during filmen’ to ensure a fluid slow reduhction in speed when the film is played back at 25 frames per second. But no, they had to do a slow down during post produc’ion an’ it just looks tacke’. So that’s the produc’ion bitch over... but just one more theng – stop usen’ Nokia ringtones in moov-es.

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Are y'all sure this is right?

The performances are reasonable, but nothen’ fantastic or award winnin’. While based on a reasonable premise, Cox’s screenplay just doesn’t give the cast an awful laht to do. Predictabilite’ plays a big part, an’ when looken’ frahm a distance, this film is realle’ more a collection of subplots that tie togethe’ through vague threads rather than maken’ a defined point. But for entertainment purposes, this film is reasonable, although much better has been seen. For a slumbe’ parte’, the gurls will love this one, an’ it provides them with a reasonable role model in Witherspoon, an’ enough eye candy to please all sorts.

"Are you shitten' me?"
"I never fully understood that expression, but no, I am not ‘shitting’ you."

Ms Melan-e Carmarkel (oh for those who can’t speak “Alabama” yet, that’s Melanie Carmichael, ahnd by the end ohf this review, ya will, trust meh) has juhst been praposed to by a youn’ gentlemaan, the sahn ohf the New York Mayor, ahnd she has accepted, but first there are some slaght streengs to tah up first back in her ‘ome town, includen’ an old flame, sahm changen’ friends ahnd ohf course some famile’ issues - naht to mentchen a rather larrge case ohf mistayken identite’. A colourful arrae’ of characters are met, includen’ her Mamma and Dadde of course, naht to mention Baaabe’ Raye ahnd an ol’ flame. So the larfs are ease’ and simpl’ but this Cinderehlla story juhst lacks the spark that makes this genre of film great.


The video is presented ‘n a gorgeous 2.35:1 asperct, Swee’ ‘ome Alabama’s original theatricaal aspect, ahnd is anamorphicalle’ enhanced.

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It smells lahk the deep South iearn here...

Things are lovele’ ahnd clean ‘n the South, with film arteyfacts naht bein’ an issue at awll. Even the peske’ mosquitoes got the wits, after given’ everehwon else the shits, to disappear, leaven’ a pristen’ print. Film grain is a slaaht issue ‘n waan or two odd scenes, but for the remainder ohf the film isn’t a problem at awll... but then again it may juhst be a swarm ohf mosquitoes buzzen’ around ‘n the background... hmm that’s a toughe’. The clarite’ ohf the image is superb, with some scenes sufferen’ a slaahtle’ soft touch. This gives the image a vereh soft look, at wann stage reminden’ this reviewer ohf those dreaded three letters, V-H-S. Now is the time to go runnen’ for the hills. Howeve’ this soft look gives a vereh haomee’ ahnd warm touch to the traansfer.

Colours are bright ahnd peache’, given’ off healthile’ realistic skin tones, ahnd vivid surrounden’s. Each ahnd ev’re’ colour is mastered vibrantle’, providen’ a simple’ joyous ahnd dazzlen’ visual treat to watch. Blacks are solid ahnd bold, providen’ a concrete backen’ for the traansfer, ahnd provides adequate shadow detail. At times the clarite’ ohf these shadows gives a fairle’ murke’ feel, but still provide enough definition to make the traansfer watchable.

Aliasen’ effects are kept to an absolute minimum, with a fantasticalle’ smooth image. Compression-related artefacts are naht an issue at awll, with posterisation effects naht visible at awll.


A swarm ohf Dolbe’ Digital soundtracks ‘ave been thrown ‘n, includen’ three 5.1 language options, a surround-encoded option as well as a commentare’. The English 5.1 track is obviousle’ the best option to listen to, but if you’re after a whizban’ ohf 5.1 goodness then grab another disc.

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Well, looky what w'ave 'ere.

This audio traansfer asks waan realle’ bi’ question – are m’ surrounds worken’? At waan stage, this reviewer actualle’ put the movie on hold ahnd tested out the speakers to make sure that thee’ were actualle’ worken’. Laahkwise, the woofer (ahnd no, naht Reese thank ya vereh much) barele’ raises its head, onle’ occasionalle’ chimen’ ‘n such as the thunder at the beginnen’ ahnd the end. Dialogue is reasonable’ clear, with a variete’ ohf colourful ahnd hicke’ accents cropping urp awll over the show, but nothen’ terrible’ thick or obtrusive.

George Fenton’s score ain’t anythen’ stunnen’, but does ‘ave a warm ahnd recursive theme which is suitable for the tone ahnd stor-e’ ohf the film, ahnd admittedle’ is waan ohf the better themes out there ohf recent days. It floats graciousle’ over the action, ahnd poignant enough to evoke at least some slaaht emotion.


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Suave yet country bumpkin at the same time. How clever.
Swee’ ‘ome Alabama’s 16:9 enhanced menus are simple ahnd plain, but offer effective ahnd simple navigation, mahybe an addition for some ohf the... uh, slaahtle’ disadvahntaged people down South, ahnd no, naht juhst DVDnet reviewers ‘n Adelaide. A slaaht montage is played ‘n the menu ahnd offers a slaaht vague interest ‘n the otherwise lacklustre menus.

Urp first is Andy Tennant’s trivial feature-length audio commentare’ which offers some interesten’ information from a guy who realle’ loves his film, ahnd the sound ohf his own voice too. But the odd silen’ spaht crawps urp ahnd breaks urp the continuite’ ohf the stream ohf details comen’ out at ya, regarden’ evereh aspect ohf the film. Before the commentare’, we are given a 0:25 introduction bahh Tennant.

Eight deleted scenes ‘ave been placed on this disc, each with an introduction from Andy Tennant. The removal ohf these scenes brings with it the removal ohf a character, Erin, played bahh Katharine Towne (Evolution, Go! ahnd What Lies Beneath). The eight scenes are generalle’ brief, adden’ juhst over ten minutes extra to the film, but Tennant provides us with some good reasons. Followen’ the scene names are two numbers ‘n the brackets, the first is the length ohf the introduction, ahnd the second the length ohf the scene. So we ‘ave Erin Spills Coffee (0:31, 0:15), Melanie Talks to Erin (0:40, 1:18), Press Hounds Melanie ahnd Erin (0:35, 0:41), Pan Reads Melanie Her Reviews (0:52, 1:15), Andrew Calls Melanie/Erin Flirts (0:32, 1:54), Stella's Roadhowss (1:13, 2:36), Phone Call Montage (1:26, 1:57) ahnd Kate Meets Erin (0:58, 1:01).

The original enden’ for Swee’ ‘ome Alabama has been chucked on too, ohfferen’ an insight into the original intentions, with an introduction as well as an outro bahh Tennant. This scene totalle’ changes the tone ohf the finale from somethen’ ferrne’ to somethen’ a little sick, but still holds a nicer edit ohf the beach scene. The original enden’ runs for 2:24, with a 0:21 introduction ahnd a 0:53 outro.

Finalle’, a music video for Mine All Mine bahh SHeDAISY has been thrown on ahnd runs for 3:41. But where is Jewel’s rendition ohf Swee’ ‘ome Alabama?


Well ahh say howdy ho, ahh think youn’ Reese has gawn down South to Alabama but her Swee’ ‘ome didn’t qwaht live urp ta the qualite’ ohf good ol’ Forrest Gump. Y’know “life is laahk a box-a charclates, ya neve’ know whaat ya gonna get”, ahnd this Swee’ ‘ome doesn’t qwaht hit the mark, burt she sure geets maghte’ close - jahst like a box-a charclates too - a bit patche' and too much packagen'. The lovele’ video transfer is qwaht bewteyful ahnd the audio gives ya sound systehm a gentl’ workowt. The extraas are welcom’ but naht thaht greyt. Y’know it’s worth a hir’ at least, ahnd good for a girls’ naaht en. M’ apalagies alsa for the really poor Alabama accent but boy aafter watchen’ this film a few times it realle’ grows on ya.

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      And I quote...
    "Well ahh say howdy ho, ahh think youn' Reese has gawn down South to Alabama but her Swee' 'ome didn’t qwaht live up ta the qualite' ohf good ol' Forrest Gump."
    - Martin Friedel
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