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Shonky Golf With Mick Molloy

Madman Entertainment/AV Channel . R4 . COLOR . 45 mins . M15+ . PAL


I placed this shiny disc into the DVD player with big smiles, high expectations and a desire for some old-school sketch-comedy... unfortunately I was left wanting for more. As a fan of The Late Show, the Martin-Molloy radio program and the short-lived Mick Molloy Show, I was hoping for some more real funny, high quality Australian humour. What I did get however was a very short 45 minute stint of some pretty ordinary jokes and wisecracks. The humour is not terribly impressive nor original, and will only really impress the most hardcore of old time Mick Molloy fans.

The premise of the disc itself is very simple. Produced in 1999, this short feature presents to us the sort of sketch comedy that’s been lacking on Australian television for several years now. However, unlike the clever groundings of previous classics like The Late Show, Shonky Golf lacks any real wit or hilarity. Fans of Mick Molloy’s previous works will be familiar with the style of humour used throughout this feature, which never really varies from the normal array of dick and fart jokes. It is just unfortunate that the very short cameo by Tony Martin is not enough to ground Mick’s normally dumb and loud humour with any real class or sophistication.

What we get instead is 45 minutes of Mick Molloy making a real goose out of himself on the golf course. The storyline runs with Mick Molloy being our guide as a send up of those many ‘how to play golf’ type instructional videos. All the techniques for a good golf game are discussed, analysed, and made a mockery of. A reasonably funny concept that lacks just a little in presentation.

"There's more to playing shonky golf than merely cheating on your scorecard"

Overall the feature is mildly entertaining and only a touch annoying in places. I do hate to bag out this disc seeing as I’m somewhat of a Mick Molloy fan myself, but there are very few positive remarks I can make about Shonky Golf. If you’re a hardcore fan of The Late Show, or Martin – Molloy then you’ll probably get a few good chuckles out of it, otherwise you will probably be a little disappointed.


Video quality… oh where do I begin? Filmed on what would appear to be a hand-held video camera this 1999 feature lacks any real clarity or definition. Generally, when under good lighting, the video detail is quite reasonable and the grain acceptable. However when light drops the grain goes rampant and it all looks no better than an amateur’s home video. The colours are on the most part well rendered, and artefacts are at a surprisingly low level. Shadow detail causes some minor grief, but at least the detail never gets high enough to cause any aliasing affects. Overall the source material is not very impressive, but the transfer itself looks good.


The sound is also nothing terribly impressive. Presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo, the solo audio track is clear at all times and the dialogue easy to understand. There isn’t much else to be said about this audio track. The film is almost entirely dialogue, with only the smallest use of music between skits.


We have scene selections, and a small photo gallery titled The Signature Collection which contains a selection of fictional shonky sport productions.


Shonky Golf is aptly named, as it is both shonky in content and in production. Mick Molloy and old The Late Show fanatics will enjoy the premise of this disc, and may even get a few good laughs out of it. However most others will probably be quite confused as to why the grubby looking Mick Molloy, who always appears to be in the need of a good shave, is hosting such a shonky tutorial on golfing techniques.

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      And I quote...
    "...not terribly impressive nor original, but the more hardcore of the old time Mick Molloy fans should enjoy it."
    - Nathan Clark
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