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The Mask

Roadshow Entertainment/Roadshow Entertainment . R4 . COLOR . 101 mins . PG . PAL


Jim Carrey plays lonely banker Stanley Ipkis who's life is about to change when he discovers the wonderful powers of an ancient mask that instantly transforms him into the outrageous super-hero, The Mask. Cameron Diaz in her first screen role, stars as Tina, the delicious babe that has come into Stanleys life and is about to turn it upside-down and inside-out. But alas, Tina has some criminal friends that will get in the way of what Stanley is ultimately after, being a somebody without the mask.

It seems like a parody of the Jekyl and Hyde movies and Jim Carrey was the perfect choice for the role. Just add green make-up to his face and let him loose.


Well, from past experience with Roadshow titles I was a bit skeptical as to what to expect. Various stores around Melbourne had been showcasing the Mask on their screens with varying degrees of clarity, brightness, color and interference but I just had to check it myself.

What can I say, I was impressed. Die Hard just turned me off region 4, Jerry Maguire brought me back and now The Mask gives me renewed confidence in Village Roadshow. The colors are nicely saturated, the blacks are even throughout and the picture is pretty sharp. There were occasional white specs scattered throughout the movie so I am not sure if this was due to the print/transfer process containing imperfections or a problem in the encoding. Either way it is a damn good transfer.

The ONLY problem is that the disc is PAN&SCAN. Why oh why, when you give us a good trasnfer, do you take away the correct transfer? Beats me.


Now the audio was a let down. I would have excpected a more dynamic soundtrack but it just sounded deflated. This disc was encoded back in the days of MPEG audio, which wasn't that long ago, so it can be excused for not being up to the standards of some of the great Dolby Digital tracks, but even the 2 channel dolby digital track that is included is pretty much the same.

The disc is really crying out for a 5.1 surround mix because the 2.0 simulated pro-logic doesn't do it justice. Sure there are some interesting effects now and then but it just lacks. Oh well, I'll have to get my hands on the region 1 disk for a direct comparison.


Ok, now roadshow do tend to make a valiant effort to put some extras on the disc that are not the 'standard' fare we would find.

Contained on this disc are interviews with the Cast and Crew (including Milo the dog) about their respective roles in the movie, something interesting but nothing that brings you back a second time.

There is also a making of special that when played runs like a quickly edited commercial and only lasts for under 4 minutes. I expected some 30 minute effort and was disappointed.

The standard trailer is included and your default scene selections. Trying to navigate through the menus has always been a problem with VR and this disc is no exception. I hope they improve as more titles are released.

One thing I did notice was a little dvd promo at the start of the disc like a little music video that showcased all of VR's titles and one that stood out that was not released is "Pulp Fiction". Does this mean anything??? :)


The mask is a good movie, for a cominc come live action flick, but on its own it just needed a bit more plot rather than emphasis on Jim Carreys antics. I enjoyed it but it won't be a repeated viewing disc.

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