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INTERVIEWS: American Pie - The Wedding

Hey, itís the third film in what has become the trilogy of American Pie flicks, so when the chance came up for interviews after the reception FINALLY wound up, we thought it appropriate that we bring you, our faithful DVDnet readers, a matching trilogy of exclusive interviews. Read on to hear from Seann William Scott (the inimitable Stifler), Thomas Ian Nicholas (Kevin Myers) + Nikki Ziering (Officer Krystal) and finally the director, Jesse DylanÖ

Seann William Scott (Stifler)

How much of Stifler is you? How much of a bad guy are you?
I am not like the asshole part of Stifler, but the goofy side maybe.... When I hang out with Eddie or January, because she is a lot more like Stifler. (laughs) We all goof around and play around with physical comedy and stuff. But I think there were things that I took from my friends and stuff like that...

What is it like eating shit?
What I did eat was probably the closest thing to eating shit. It was awful.

Was it chocolate?
It was not chocolate. It tasted like Play-Doh, sprinkled with cocoa or salted nuts.

Why didn't you just eat chocolate?
Because it needed to look like it. Maybe they could have done that, maybe they were just torturing me.

You are a person who likes taking big risks obviously. You come from a big family and just took off from Minnesota and came here and thought "OK, I am going to try this." That is a daring person would you agree?
Yeah, I think that is true. I mean, calculated risks.

You could still be waiting tables!
I never did the waiting tables, that looked like too much work. I was a host! I showed them to the tables! (laughs) I just feel really blessed. I grew up playing sports and I was never a great practice player.

What sports?
Basketball, football. And when it was games time, you just don't mess around because at games time you do your best. That is the time when it counts and with comedy, because I had no acting experience at all when we did American Pie, I just thought "Well, the camera is rolling, go for it 100%! Don't walk away because you are not going to get another chance. Do everything you can. Do all the homework at home and think about every way that you can play this scene. Then at least you can walk away saying at least I did everythingĒ. At that time I felt that I did as best as I could and then it is up to the people that are in control. Especially with scenes like eating the shit and the dance sequences. I can't dance, I have never eaten shit before, so making it believable and learning how to dance - I think you have to do your best, take a risk and hopefully you are not the over the top asshole! It worked out OK.

Do you have a nickname?
Guess not, when I think about it! I don't have that many friends! (Laughs) Everyone calls me Seann.

When fans come up to you what is the movie that is always mentioned to you?
American Pie for sure. Actually a lot of people in Europe quote Dude Whereís My Car? . "Dude where is my car?" All the time! It is like "I don't know!" "Shut up!" (Laughs)

Are you talking about doing a second one?
No! (laughs) They can screw themselves! (laughs) Apparently Ash and I already filmed it.

What countries did you go to in Europe, except Spain?
France, Holland, Germany and Belgium.

You never went to Copenhagen?
No, but we didn't have more time. There is a lot I have to see.

What was your favourite place in Europe?
We spent the most time in Spain going all around the country and it was great.

Partying in Marbella?
We went from Madrid to Valencia, Ibiza, Granada, Seville and up to Portugal.

Do you hang out with Ashton at all?
No, I am not in the hot stuff magazines!

Do you worry he will play one of his famous pranks on you?
No, I am not. He has already tried! I have to be smarter. I never leave my house so I don't know, unless he comes in and does something horrible with my house.

You guys pretty much took off at the same time?
Yeah, he is going to be around for a long time - everything is about timing. I just want American Pie Ė The Wedding to do well. I am so happy for him so, I never really think about it. Although I love reading the magazines and I think it is fun, I am just glad that I am not in them!

American Pie - The Wedding is available now on DVD from Universal, along with American Pie 1 and American Pie 2.

Thomas Ian Nicholas (Kevin Myers)/Nikki Ziering (Officer Krystal)

How did you feel about coming back for the third one after the two previous American Pie movies had been such great hits?
TN: I was excited because then we could have one of those little DVD three packs that have all of the three films and be a trilogy. So that was pretty cool. And I thought we definitely had to do this movie so that we can do that. That was all the motivation I needed!

Is there any more embarrassing stuff, other than what you guys did in the movie, that will only be on the DVD?
NZ: Nothing embarrassing but I think that it is fun to watch and to create (laughs). TN: Iím not sure what will go on there. I know that we shot some extra stuff for the DVD so Iím curious to see that cut. There are a lot of little bits here and there that had gone when we watched the film, so Iím hoping that they will be included in the deleted scenes.

How would you describe the importance of the DVD for a franchise like this?
TN: Itís a great film to add to a collection just in the sense that there are a lot of extra features. In the first one we had the rated and unrated DVD, and there is only a couple of minutes of difference, but I donít necessarily know of a film that did that before. So they are really taking a step into a new direction with the DVDís of this film. We shot an extra day and a half specifically for the DVD. I know that other films have done that, but weíre really trying to give the fans of this film something that they are expecting, and more.

We heard from the director that a lot of the bachelor party was cut out. Were you disappointed when you saw that in the movie?
NZ: I haven't seen the movie yet, I am seeing it tomorrow night, so I am not sure what has been cut out, but I know that a lot of it will be on the DVD. But I have heard a few of the parts have been cut out. Iím a little bit disappointed just because I thought they were so funny, the funniest moments. But also a bachelor party is huge before a wedding. But from what I understand the audience is loving it and I understand that they have to do certain things for the ratings. At least I am still in the movie! (Laughs)

TIN: No, no, no! She is speaking of the NPAA rating not the ratings of the audience! (Laughs) We are talking about our rating, mature audiences!

NZ: That is going to be in there too! (Laughs)

Did you see the movie?
TIN: I saw it for the first time during the DVD commentary that I did with Jason, Alyson and Eddie. It wasn't quite like watching the film. Have you ever been to a movie where your friends just talks throughout the film? It is not like watching the movie if we are all sitting there talking all the time, but in the parts where we would quieten down for a second as we didn't have anything to say, we would sit and laugh, and enjoy what we saw. So, I am looking forward to seeing it in its entirety and not talking.

What about the bachelor party, you seem to enjoy it?
TIN: Yeah, I had a good time! I thought it was pretty funny. There was a moment when the parents arrive with Jim, and Stifler and Eddie are in the window, and the three of us are back there, you and me and Amanda, and I am dancing in the chair! (Laughs) I thought it was pretty classic that you could actually see me dancing in the chair... I was having a good time. What else could you do when you are duct taped to a chair blindfolded... you've got to have fun!

NZ: We weren't sure how much you could see!

How did it actually feel to have to be in front of the whole team and stripping down?
NZ: Obviously you are nervous at first, but I just felt so comfortable. I was nervous the first day and then I was fine with it, I didn't even think about it. You just get used to it.

If Jason is going to show his body it is OK!
Exactly! They are going to see him sooner or later in Playboy! No, I have no problem with it. It makes sense for the character and it was a very comfortable environment and everybody was very professional. Jesse asked me if I felt comfortable and he let me know that I had to take the jacket off at that moment and I said "Whatever you think makes sense". It just happened to be at the moment when I first arrived, so I was pretty much naked for the rest of the scene! (Laughs) I realised after I had agreed to do it "Oh, wait a minute, so now I am not going to have my jacket on anymore!" But once everybody sees it the first time, then everybody just goes about their business...

TIN: No, not really. Maybe you thought that! (Laughs)

They look nice! We all liked them!
NZ: Thank you!

TIN: Yes, we did! I second that motion! (Laughs)

NZ: As long as they look nice then that is all that matters!

TIN: They look nice in person too! Amen!

And on screen they get bigger!
NZ: Well, yeah...

TIN: Can they get much bigger?!

NZ: Wow, I just realised, here they are on the big screen! That will be interesting to see.

I have heard that you actually said that you had a lot of doubts about getting your boobs done?
TIN: Oh, are we back to this thing again! Let me tell you about the stories! Nikki did her reality TV show and they took a 60 second conversation and made it the headlining bit and she became the spokesperson for whatever it was that she was talking about. That is how things get discombobulated though. She would rather not speak about it this time!

NZ: I never meant to speak out about it. It was just something that I happened to mention, forgetting for a moment that I was on a reality show. You are in the jungle for two weeks and you forget sometimes. For some reason it just launched so many articles about stars and their implants and it is nothing that I have ever denied or regretted doing. It is not like I don't like to talk about it, but I just feel like it has sort of become what I am known for these days. I didn't want that.

What made you want to be an actress?
NZ: I have kind of been one my whole life. I don't think that it was necessarily that I wanted to be an actress, but I love to entertain and it was a natural next step. I started doing mostly print catalogues and fashion and that kind of thing and then when I did Playboy it just lead me in that direction and I had fun with it. So, as long as I keep having fun I will keep doing it.

How do you feel about roles with nudity?
NZ: It is a common misconception just because I have done < I>Playboy that I had no problem doing nudity for anything and that is really not where I stand. I have never done anything else involving nudity except for Playboy and I have turned down several things because I didn't feel it was of high enough quality that I wanted to put out there. It doesn't mean that I have anything against people who do it, is just not for me.

What would you like to be?
NZ: A young Frank Sinatra! (Laughs) I stole that role just right from under you!

TIN: We screen tested against each other and I won out! The competition was rough!

You are multi-talented!
TIN: I try to keep myself busy. I had periods in my career where I wouldn't work for two years so I taught myself how to play the guitar, sing, write music and how to keep busy. Then pretty soon, once I had started making music, I was like "Oh, shoot, let me combine the idea of creating something with acting, and that is directing" So, I keep busy all the time and I can't get any sleep anymore! But it is all good.

Were you inspired by singing and putting music together?
TIN: Who inspired me? My late cousin Will was the biggest inspiration in my life for that. He was one of my best friends, he was sort of the reason how I came into any sort of faith and he also taught me how to sing and play guitar. He is someone who I think about pretty much every day of my life. So, he is my inspiration.

Can you sing something for us?
TIN: Sing something for you? It is hard to pick a particular moment from one of my tunes where I could do it, but I did get to sing some big band music as Frank Sinatra Jr. I was doing Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett covers in the movie, which I sang myself in the studio. I ended up lip synching to my own voice which was good, it matched up pretty well! It looks like I am doing it. But it is actually my voice. I was pretty excited to combine the two things and hopefully Iíll get to do that some more.

Did you all have fun making the movie?
TIN: You get to the set and you sit for 6, 7 hours sometimes, before you go and do your thing. Or if you are in Nikki's shoes, or Nikkiís boots, you get there three hours before the rest of the cast because it takes a long time to lace up those boots. They are thigh high! Some of the craziness that transpired was when the cameras were rolling and some of it is on screen, which is part of the fun that makes this movie what it is. The fun we have transposes onto the film which is entertaining.

NZ: There is really no need for extra comic relief when you are shooting a movie that is this funny. Everybody is tired of laughing! They had to go back and think of something sad for a while! (Laughs)

TIN: We didn't necessarily do that but....

How does it feel for you to be in a cast that has worked so closely together before? Did you feel that they were all comfortable with each other?
NZ: Absolutely, this was a cast that was working together for the third time and they are all so talented. The first one is what has really helped them to launch their careers and they have watched each other grow and have bonded, and it is really beautiful and nice to see. But it wasn't intimidating and they didnít make me feel like I was not a part of it. I fitted right in. I felt very welcome.

TIN: At least that is what we made you believe! (Laughs)

NZ: They are actors! And they are good! (Laughs) I bought it.

Have there ever been times when your parents have been embarrassed?
NZ: Well, my mother said that she would prefer it if I sent her a copy of the Playboy because she hated going to the liquor store to buy one. Made her feel like a lesbian! (Laughs)

Have you ever had a situation where parents have embarrassed you? Like when you first go home with your man?
NZ: Oh, when I meet their parents? Have I done anything embarrassing? Well, my ex husband is Jewish and I converted when we got married. I had really taken it seriously and I was cooking a holiday dinner (this wonít make sense to you guys if you are not Jewish.) Anyway I don't usually cook, I don't even know how to boil an egg! My mother-in- law walked me through the entire meal all day and I never asked her what to do with the Gefilte fish, so I was feeling all like Betty Crocker, I thought it wouldn't be that hard. Then she put it in the oven and I ended up burning it. When all the guests arrived I realised that you are not even supposed to cook the Gefilte fish, so it was this big hilarious story! There I was and I fell to my knees in the kitchen crying with my tray of burnt Gefilte fish. Everybody ate it anyway and my mother in law loved that story. It was just one of those little things that I always did to embarrass myself.

What is next for you now Thomas?
TIN: I am just finishing post-production on LA DJ, the film that I directed. And we are going to take that around to some film festivals. It looks like we are still waiting to see what our producers are cooking up for us. Once I get finished with that, I will finish up my solo album and try to meet some record execs of sorts and get that out there, so I can prove that I am not some wannabe actor turned musician. I care about my music and I want to put something out there that is good and can stand on its own.

What kind of music is it? Who are you comparing yourself to?
TIN: I don't want to say that I am comparing myself to him, but I know who I look up to and what I am modelling myself on and that is modern rock. I am a huge Springsteen fan. I'd like to meet with Springsteen and talk to him about doing a story of his days of Ashbury Park, when he first did Born To Run. He was about my age when he did the first three albums. He did them just a few years apart from each other.

Did you get any contacts through Jesse?
TIN: I haven't talked to Jesse about it because I just finished reading Springsteen's biography so I want to figure out what kind of story I want to tell and understand him a little bit more. As much as you can through a book.

Have you met him?
TIN: I haven't. I have only been to his concerts.

Have you approached him about it?
TIN: I haven't, no. This is all a brand new idea. Enough people tell you that you look like Springsteen and you like music and you go "Hmm, maybe I should make a Springsteen movie!"

What is your passion now?
TIN: It is split over all three avenues; music, directing and acting. I love to multi-task. If I could I'd balance three plates, two in my hands and one on my head!

But the directing experience was good?
TIN: Oh, yeah. It is challenging, but I am definitely always up for a challenge, so I am developing some other projects now, Iím going to take some meetings and keep that aspect going. It is just a question of what the next project will be, which one will come first.

So, it is good that this movie is making some money, you'll be needing some money to do that!
TIN: Exactly. You need to start somewhere. You need a little bit of cash to hold you until that next gig so I have got that going right now.

What is more challenging about directing as opposed to acting?
TIN: Being the one that everyone asks the questions to and being responsible. It is fun to be in control. We all as human beings like to be in control, it is part of our nature. But at the same time to always have to have the answer - even if you don't know, you have to pretend to know. And as an actor if you are unsure you can ask the director!

Who is in the cast in the movie that you have directed?
TIN: Myself and my brother who wrote it and a few world famous DJ's, the film is about DJís.

TIN: A couple of them are based in Chicago like DJ Colette and Karl Cox, I think he is based out in London, that is where he started. He plays a fairly substantial role in the film and we also had the late J Master J who is the king of Hip Hop, even though we are doing more house music, but a DJ nonetheless. We had a few beginning cast members which is great. To do an independent film where we have raised our own financing and we didn't have to answer to the studio "Can we bring this new person in?" It was just ďhe is a great actor, let's put him in the role!Ē And a couple of veterans here and there are doing little cameos.

What is it about?
TIN: It is about two brothers that have a dream of becoming famous club DJís and they go to Los Angeles to try to break into the club scene and they end up doing Bar Mitzvahs. It is a little bit more Jewish humour there for you.

What was the budget on it?
TIN: We are still in post-production so we don't have a completed budget, but I would say... we have investors, but the music licensee thing is a surprisingly costly avenue of films that I didn't realise in the beginning. My brother and I didn't know that it would be as much as it is. We are around a million dollars.

What kind of marriage do you see yourself in and when?
TIN: Hopefully a long lasting one. (Laughs)

NZ: A happy one.

TIN: Yeah, a challenging one too. From what I understand, looking at all the marriages that my family is in, it seems like the most healthy ones are the ones that are challenging in a healthy way. They are there to support one another but also there to better one another. Obviously love is important but that goes without saying I would imagine, when you are talking about marriage.

What kind of wedding? Would it be on the beach, on a ranch, in the desert or...?
TIN: From what I understand, women, and this is not a stereotype, tend to have these ideas of where it may take place. I am open to where it may be, I don't have a set idea.

Nikki do you think that you are going to get married again?
NZ: Absolutely. I hope so. I'll get divorced first! (Laughs)

Did you expect it to be this public?
NZ: Well, yeah, because my ex husband was experiencing a lot of fame at the time from his television series so I knew that it would be talked about. We were actually separated for six months before it was released publicly, amicably though. We parted in a mutual friendly way, but it is hard to go through that and read about it when the details get twisted. Everybody wants some sort of reason and it is just that two people who love each other were growing apart. That is not good enough, they want to hear that I am really a lesbian and that he is a heroin addict but the truth is it just didn't work out.

Did you keep the last name?
NZ: It is my married name yeah. Schieler is my maiden name, and I used that in 1997 when I did my first Playboy centrefold, but then I switched to Ziering and I have used that since.

Are you still Jewish?
NZ: Yeah, that is another question people ask me. I haven't converted to anything else! (laughs)

What religion were you born with?
NZ: I grew up with Christianity but not practising, so I actually had myself baptised when I was fifteen. I am a very spiritual person, but it is not like I am religious, so to me it doesn't matter what religion, it all leads to the same ways. But I don't go to temples now any more often then I used to go to church. Now I just get 8 presents for Hanukah and Christmas gifts! (Laughs) It works out in my favour!

Would you still convert to another religion?
NZ: I don't think so. I don't know, I would never say never, but I am always exploring new things. I really did accept the Jewish traditions though, and the religion is beautiful. If I marry another Jewish man I would love to raise little ones... (laughs)

American Pie - The Wedding is available now on DVD from Universal, along with American Pie 1 and American Pie 2.

Jesse Dylan (director)

Have you seen American Pie - The Wedding with an audience?
I did see it with an audience, it is really fun. They really seem to enjoy it. It was great to see it where it was not a test audience. It was great to see it when you don't have to make any adjustments or anything, when you have already got through that part of the process. It was really enjoyable.

Fortunately you didn't sit next to me because I was cracking up!
(Laughs) Yeah, I was too.

What did you think was the most important thing for you to bring to this movie? Having to pick up from 1 and 2?
It is a different movie in a lot of ways, but I really responded to the heart in the other two movies and it was important to me to make it a sweet movie, so that you have a warm feeling about these characters that you have known for a long time. Make sure it was funny, you knew it was going to be funny because the actors are really funny, but just make sure that it was still really warm and heartfelt. That is what I was trying to do.

Stiffmeister is a huge character...
That is an understatement! (laughs)

Was there a lot of improvisation on this character particularly, or just in general?
Seann William Scott had some ideas about what he wanted to do, there was a lot of him throughout the movie with all the actors. We covered the script exactly the way it was, and then we would just go into different areas with him and follow along the best we could with the camera. He is just a very talented man. I think in this movie you are able to see his character more then you have in the other movies, because by taking away some of the extra characters it gives you more opportunity to see more of everybody who is in the movie and I think that really helped Stifler's character.

Which parts were improvisation?
There are improvisations with Seann in almost every scene. The bit that comes to mind the clearest is when he is going (makes some noise with his mouth) - that is basically all the improvisation. We covered the scene in a totally normal way where it is just a normal scene and all that other stuff is just him going off and coming up with really crazy funny ideas. He is really an original thinker and I think his character is really funny.

Do you have a favourite scene?
I like that moment when Stifler is just (makes noise with his mouth). I think that is a funny moment. I love that moment because it is just an actor doing something really powerful to me. I love watching actors be funny. I love the scenes where it is just a person doing something funny and the timing is right and the cut is right.

Do you like comedies a lot?
I do like comedies a lot. I came into comedy in a backwards way. I didn't think I was going to be making comedies, but my first movie was a comedy and this was a comedy and I'd like to keep going with them. I enjoy doing them. I made both the movies in different ways and I really enjoy watching them with an audience. When you see a movie and people are laughing out loud it is an enjoyable thing.

You shot one day specifically for the DVD. Can you talk about what extras are going to be on it?
There is more of the bachelor party that has been shot, but I think that thereís tons and tons of material, we shot almost a million feet of film, so thereís tons of extra material to go on there. We are just getting into that now, but there will be tons of new stuff there.

Are there any deleted scenes that you know of?
There is a scene with Seann with a blow up dollÖ there is lots of stuff that is going to be on there!

Why did you cut the bachelor party?
When we first put the scene together it was 25 minutes long. I found that the audience grew tired after a while and I needed to trunk it and make it shorter so that the audience was still with you by the end of the sequence. So I just had to cut it down and make it as efficient as possible. I think what happens is there are places where things may be too short but overall, it is the right length, so the audience doesn't get bored with the sequence.

How important do you think the DVD is for a movie like this?
I don't know. That is kind of all outside of my role. I know it is important because I have had a lot of phone calls about doing the DVD, and from what I understand they play a very important role now. DVD extras play an important role in getting people to buy the DVD, so I know that it is important. The thing for me is just to keep the integrity of the movie. Sometimes I have seen unrated DVDs where the scenes get really long and they are not really better, it becomes boring. So it is trying to find a balance, keeping it efficient and still making it work.

As a director, when you make a movie like this, the eating shit part and Jim shaving his balls, is that the thinking that "Weíve got to be way more out there then films before us", or is it "Oh, I think it is funny"?
To be honest with you, I am a very slow learner, so when I read a scene I don't necessarily think that it is funny right away, so it is all about how you cover it. Because if you are lucky enough to see what is funny in the scene, you just have to remember it because when you shoot ten different takes, and ten different angles, you are going to forget. So what you have to do with a sequence like the shit eating scene, is you over shoot it. You have to be acutely aware of the process of making it. The shit eating scene was a very difficult scene to do, because there arenít references you can watch to know what the scene is going to be like. And also Seann warms up slowly, he is always better in his later takes, which is very unusual, because normally people get it right quickly. So I covered the other side of the scene first, the reactions to it, and let Seann get warmed up. What you try and do is over shoot the sequence, shoot it as being broad and then have it totally underplayed. Then you show it to an audience, and you listen to them. We showed the movie in San Diego. You have to watch the audience be brutally honest with yourself about how they respond to it, because it is not really about how I respond to it, is about how the audience either has a connection to it or they don't. If they don't have connection to it...

Do you go back and edit it?
Absolutely! A lot of the time you don't know exactly why they are not laughing. You have to decide "OK, they are not laughing, but it is not because of this line, it is because of some other thing." You have to make adjustments. Not every audience is going to see it the same, but that is what is going to allow you to bring it in to the right ball park. With comedy, my feeling is, every scene should be funny. Even when you are doing exposition, it should be funny or it should be cut. The audience understands things quite easily, for instance in this movie when Seann starts to play the nice guy, there are all these issues whether the audience will understand it right away, we don't have to have exposition telling you why he is playing the nice guy. We can cut it because the audience doesn't care about exposition, they just want to laugh. As long as it makes sense, the audience will be with you. With comedy you have to be brutally honest with yourself about whether they are laughing. So when you photograph scenes, you photograph them with two ways in and two ways out and you do a complete range of the performance so that you can find the comedic balance.

Is this going to be the last one?
Again, it is outside of my control. I would not really know how they would continue. I have heard things like American Baby, but I don't know. I think it would be hard. They are getting older and it is at the place where I don't know if there is much more that can be done with it really.

What is your next project?
My next project is to take a vacation for a while.

Going where?
I am thinking about going to Hawaii or maybe going to Italy, go to Tuscany for a couple of weeks and take it easy.

You come from a very creative family. And you chose, compared to your brother and your father, not music, but still to be creative. Did you always want to be a director?
Yeah, I like directing. I like movies. I have always liked movies and I worked in commercials for a very long time. I do like directing more than music. My dad has a very big shadow in music, and my brother has chosen to go in that direction but I think for me the shadow would be a little too long. It would be very hard to distinguish yourself in that shadow.

Your dad is now going into acting....?
Yeah, somehow I am not worried! (laughs)

Have you been on the set?
Sure, absolutely - it is a very interesting movie, it is a very different thing. Ultimately I think my dad does projects that interest him and it is a very good and interesting movie. But he is foremost a singer/songwriter and I think he will continue to be. I don't think he is going to go up for a lot of acting parts.

Do you play any instruments yourself?
Yeah, absolutely.

Yeah, everybody in my family plays.

Do you write songs?
Not really, not so much anymore. I like my children to play instruments and I love music. It is a great thing, but I have never felt that huge desire to be a professional musician. It is also a very hard life, you are away from your family for long periods of time. Having toured with my dad for many years, it is tough physically, it is punishing.

What is your favourite Bob Dylan song?
Forever Young. He wrote it for me so, you know.

It was written for you?
Well, you know... may you stay forever young, you know. Yeah, it was written for us kids.

Would you like to have your dad in your movie?
I don't really think of it that way. He is my dad and we talk every day, but it is not really that important. I have directed videos for him in the past and I felt like that was an important thing for me to do because with the exception for the video he directed for himself, I think I directed the best video for him, and it is really because it wasn't about me as a director. It was about getting different things out of the way and just showing his artistry as a performer. But no, I don't think that it would be necessary to put him in a movie I directed, I don't think like that.

It must have been amazing to direct him?
In the video? It was enjoyable and also very nerve wrecking. To be honest with you, I don't really need to work with my dad. It is more that he is my dad. He is a very normal dad, he is a great dad.

And grandfather.
Yeah, absolutely.

How did the film come about? Did he talk about it with you for years or....?
No, when he had a record out it was just one song that I wanted to do a video for and I just did it. It is called Most of the Time.

Is he going to see this movie?
I don't know. Probably. I don't know if it will be his cup of tea, but I am sure he will see it. He is proud of all his children so... I would be happy to show it to him.

American Pie - The Wedding is available now on DVD from Universal, along with American Pie 1 and American Pie 2.

LINK : http://www.dvd.net.au/goto.cgi?news.cgi?id=4241

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