PRESS: Warner Home Video forms exclusive partnership with Icon

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 16th July, 2002 - Warner Home Video has formed an exclusive partnership with Icon Film Distribution to distribute and market Icon films to Australia and New Zealand's DVD home entertainment industry.

Icon Productions was established in 1989 by Mel Gibson and his long-time business partner, Bruce Davey. Icon Film Distribution commenced operation in Australia at the beginning of the year.

The multi-year deal will give Warner Home Video DVD distribution rights for films distributed by Icon. The initial films to come to home entertainment in 2002 are: We Were Soldiers starring Mel Gibson and Robert Altman's murder mystery Gosford Park.

Additional titles to be distributed through Warner Home Video following their theatrical release include Bend It Like Beckham, John Polson's teen thriller Swimfan and Basic which will re-team John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson for the first time since Pulp Fiction.

Commenting, Warner Home Video's Managing Director Steve Nickerson said:

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring Icon's products to the home entertainment market in both Australia and New Zealand. Icon is focused on distributing quality commercial movies, and the first titles we will release are indicative of their commitment. The initial titles also demonstrate the wide range of products which will have appeal to a number of different consumer segments."

Mark Gooder, C.E.O for Icon Film Distribution in Australia and New Zealand was pleased to confirm the announcement:

"Warner Home Video is the perfect partner to position our product in stores and in homes throughout Australia and New Zealand. What's especially attractive for us is their expertise in the DVD market and their aggressive approach towards marketing. We couldn't be in better hands."


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