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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Easter eggs

  • Deleted Scenes
    - Insert Disc 2 and select the owl to go to Diagon Ally
    - Select the bricks one at a time to enter (if the order is wrong you will get in eventually anyway)
    - On the next screen highlight Gringots emblem
    - Push Down to highlight the key.
    - Press Enter.
    - Once inside the bank, highlight and select the background picture and then exit back to Diagon Ally
    - From Diagon Ally go into Olivanders wand shop and click on any three boxes until you have your wand.
    - Exit back to Diagon Ally and back to the Main Menu.
    - From the Main Menu, select the wand for classrooms
    - From the classrooms menu select potions
    - Select the Mortar and Pestol
    - Complete the potions class by answering the three questions with the following answers:
    - Question 1 = WORMWOOD and ASPHODEL
    - Question 2 = MONKS HOOD and AGRIPPA
    - Question 3 = SNAKE FANGS and hidden ingredient (press your players select button on the unmarked ingredient got to by pressing the right button once from DRIED BEETLES)
    - You will be taken to a screen with flying keys, the right key has a broken wing and it is the smallest key at the back, just to the right of the centre. Select this key. If you choose the wrong ones they will start to move.
    - On the next screen select the yellow round bottle which will take you to the mirror
    - From there select the pholosophers stone in the centre.
    - You should now have access to the deleted scenes there are two menu screens go to the second with the arrow at the bottom left hand corner.

    Submitted by: Nicholas Thiele

    Send us another easter egg if you know of one
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