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Independence Day - Special Edition
Easter eggs

  • An entire submenu
    1. Go to the Data Console.
    2. Move the cursor to highlight the Main Menu option
    3. Press the RIGHT arrow button to highlight the red LED on the computer.
    4. Press ENTER which should start up the computer and display a message on the monitor: Access: 7-4-Enter. You should see the space ship start to float.
    5. Return to the main menu
    6. Here you will need to enter the following sequence via your remote: 7 - 4 - ENTER.
    Once this is done succesfully, depending on how your DVD player takes the combination for entering the sequence, you should find yourself inside the space ship with an entirely new menu. In here there are 4 new features.
    • a Combat Review section where you can watch randomly picked explosions from the movie
    • 22 News Broadcasts as seen throughout the movie.

    Send us another easter egg if you know of one
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