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Toy Story - The Ultimate Toy Box
Easter eggs

  • DVD Credits
    On the Supplement disc, in Section 1, select 'History,' go all the way down to highlight 'Menu' and press the 'Left' arrow key.
    Submitted by: Vaso Babic

  • Story Reels
    On disc 3, select 'Toy Story 2,' then go to 'History,' and then to 'The Continuing World of Toy Story.' After the video, which you can skip with your remote control, you get a new menu called 'Links.' It features some story reels of Buzz's cartoon, Woody's nightmare, and other stuff.
    Submitted by: Vaso Babic

  • Outtake
    On the 3rd disc, the one that contains the supplements, SELECT 'Toy Story 2.' There, under the 'Story' section, highlight 'Jesse's Song.' On the next screen that appears, press the 'LEFT' arrow key on your remote control, and a question mark will appear. With the question mark highlighted, hit 'Enter' for a funny outtake with an introduction by directors John Lasseter Ash Brannon.
    Submitted by: Vaso Babic & Andrew Davis

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