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Spider-Man 2: Collectors Edition
Easter eggs

  • A rich Doc Ock
    On disc 2 enter the gallery section. Press up on your remote until Spidey's sense lights up and press enter. You will be rewarded with Alfred Molina performing if I were a rich man as Doc Ock.
    Submitted by: Greg Archer

  • Sam Raimi footage to the Japanese
    On disc 1, select the 'commentaries' section from the special features menu. Highlight the 'off' button in the 'Technical Commentary' section. From there, move across to the right and then up to light up a spider. Press enter to see the footage Sam Raimi shot of himself when he was promoting the first clips of Spider Man 2 to the Japanese.
    Submitted by: Steve Koukoulas

  • Special Guest Cameo
    On disc 2, go into the 'Making the Amazing' section and move the cursor up to highlight Doc Ocks tentacle. Click to see a beind the scene shot of someone performing one of Alfred Molinas scenes.
    Submitted by: Steve Koukoulas

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