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DVD eCards

Here are the current screen captures available at DVD Net. Listed under each movie is a short blurb describing the image. Once you have selected an image you like, send the screen capture as a DVD eCard to a friend on the net by clicking on the link at the top of the viewing page and then filling in the simple form. Enjoy

24 - Season Two
 1 A title that even a breathalyser can display.
 2 "Kim, I'm... behind you! Behind you!"
 3 Kate Warner (Sarah Wynter) executes her first Shocked Expression for the season.
 4 David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) and assistant Lynne Kresge (Michelle Forbes) do what they do best - look very, very worried.
 5 Seasoned 24 viewers will recognise the look on Kim Bauer's face. Uh-oh.

25th Hour
 1 Interrogation in the 21st century: the entire ROOM is the light bulb.
 2 "Just as well this is a widescreen film, or I'd be drinking alone..."
 3 Monty makes sure he's not accidentally turned up at a Blue Light Disco.
 4 Jacob, Naturelle and Frank prepare to farewell Monty.
 5 Mary (Anna Paquin) has a moment of rare clarity.

8 Women
 1 Sisters in arms.

A Bug's Life: CE dts
 1 To infinity and beyond!
 2 Fierce warrior bugs...
 3 Where's the food?!
 4 A Bug's Menu

A Man Apart
 1 Smokin'
 2 I am the 5th Wiggle - drug dealer!

 1 Behind you! Behind you!!!
 2 The mysterious Embry tries not to look like Brad Pitt. He fails.
 3 A confused Katie looks in vain for Embry.
 4 Katie's impersonation of a DVDnet reviewer at 4am.

Ace Ventura - When Nature Call...
 1 So that's where Jim Carrey comes from...
 3 "I believe I can fly..."

AFL - Heart of the Game: 40 Ye...
 1 Oi, where's the tinnie?!

AFL Richmond - Fighting Fury
 1 The great Captain Blood. R.I.P.

AFL West Coast Eagles - Wall t...
 1 A feature of the game - the high mark.
 2 A little five on five. Get it?

Alien 3: CE
 1 Unused sequel idea: Aliens Vs Freddy
 2 Unused sequel idea: Aliens Vs Jaws
 3 Unused sequel idea: Aliens Vs Planet of the Apes

Alien Resurrection: CE dts
 1 Possible franchise spin-offs: A Very Alien Christmas
 2 The Animated Kids' Series
 3 Sitcom: Austr-Aliens

Alien: CE dts
 2 Alien - Deleted Scenes
 3 Alien - Deleted Scenes
 4 Alien - Outtakes

All About the Benjamins (Renta... dts
 1 LOOK! Look at my forehead! It's HUGE! It looks like an arse!
 2 I dunno, I just thought this pic looked funny.

Ally McBeal - Season 1: Part 2
 1 Smile because you're happy.
 2 Avoiding the obvious
 3 Ally and "Little Chuckie."
 4 Ouch!
 5 Elaine & Georgia hit the floor.

Ally McBeal - Season 2: Part 2
 1 Billy & Ally
 2 Ally McAlien
 3 Yes, he is!
 4 "Now is not a good time you annoying little b**ch."
 5 "Don't look at me like I'm a nut."

American Beauty
 1 A different rose bush
 2 He 'rose' to the occasion...

American Pie - The Wedding
 1 This one time at Band Camp!
 2 American Cake?
 3 Dude, we all know who the best man is!
 4 The wedding.

Analyze That
 1 I can't believe I was in Raging Bull.
 2 My God, Mr. DeNiro! Your bellybutton is deformed! And you have boobs!

Andromeda 2.4
 1 Kids, this is what happens if you pick at your pimples.
 2 Leather pants are obviously still a fashionable item in the future. And still as stupid looking.

Angels in America
 1 The Angel America
 2 The Angel Antarctica
 3 The Angel Bethesda
 4 ... and then Al Pacino

Arjuna 1 - Rebirth
 1 The Easter Show: depressing.
 2 Motorbikin'.
 3 Teenage drinking: cool.

As Good As It Gets
 1 Jack and his shades.
 2 Helen Hunt preparing for a trip.
 3 The gang on their way.
 4 The lovable mutt - I.P.Freely.

Aussies Never Looked So Good
 1 And if you think the hair is big, you should see his bicycle helmet...
 2 "This little piggy went to market, uh-huh, owwwwwww!"
 3 Died Pretty suffer for their art. In a fish tank.
 4 "Russell Mulcahy, is that you out there?"
 5 Monique waits for her new 8-slice toaster to deliver its payload.

Austin Powers 2 - The Spy Who ...
 1 Corr, this coffee smells like it's a bit nutty...
 2 Talk to the hand cos the face don't want to hear it anymore.
 3 Mini Me.
 4 Fat Bastard - A classic Mike Myers character.
 5 The dynamic Duo - Powers and Shagwell.

Babylon 5 - Season 4
 1 Catch the morphing menu's at the wrong time for hilarious effects.
 2 Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
 3 Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!
 4 Security Cheif Garibaldi on the left, I'm not sure who the other guy is.
 5 Don't shoot Kenickie!

Bad Girls
 1 Not my cupcakes!!!
 2 Sure is cold out here.
 3 The Woman from Dusty Creek.
 4 A tribute to Blazing Saddles
 5 I'm no angel Charlie.
 6 We found enough money to double the budget.

Ballads Never Looked So Good
 1 Celine Dion pictured in safe mode...

 1 I..can..almost..see..my..brain..
 2 DUDE! Your tell your d*ck to turn it's headlights off!
 4 John suffered from frigid nipples on the cold set.

Basil, The Great Mouse Detecti...
 1 Hmmmm... cheesy.
 2 Ah the Queen from Alice In Wonderland gets a facelift.
 3 I can see my house from here!

Battle Of The Planets - Collec...
 1 The G-Force Team.
 2 Transmute!
 3 The mighty Phoenix arrives!
 4 Zoltar plots his evil take-over.
 5 Some of the wonderful Artwork.

Bean: The Movie
 1 A face only a mother could love.
 2 Please to meet you...
 3 Greetings from the UK

Before Sunrise
 1 Celine (Julie Delpy) on a life-changing train trip.
 2 Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine get to know each other on a Viennese tram.
 3 Vienna obviously doesn't go for dark, dank alleyways...
 4 Last-minute meditation.

 1 The opening titles - no expense spared.
 2 Freshly rescued, Claire unleashes her patented Nicole Kidman Look.
 3 "Above you! Above you!!"
 4 Under attack, the only thing to do is.... hide!
 5 Something red and spooky this way comes...
 6 A watery grave... but for whom?

Berserk 2 - Immortal Soldier
 1 Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Beyond Borders
 1 You ordered a banana sir?
 2 Welcome to Dust-r-us.
 3 My wips are fweezing.
 4 Hurry up and take the photo. It's cold.

Big Fish: CE
 1 Not the same Spectre as last time...
 2 I hope he's not allergic...
 3 Time stands still
 4 Big Fish leaps off the screen with absolute richness - a taste of what's to come.
 5 Pure Burton genius

Billy Connolly - Bites Yer Bum...
 1 Please God, help me remember the punchline."
 2 "Now was it E, A then D, or E, D then A? Damn!"

Birthday Boy
 1 Listen to the track.
 2 Fire in the hole!
 3 A discovery.

Blade - Trinity dts
 1 Blade struts his stuff
 2 Just dropping in
 3 Can I get some buttons here?
 4 Another one bites the dust
 5 What do you mean you didn't like Van Wilder?

Bless This House - Series 1 Pa...
 1 the good old ad caps

Blue Crush (2002)
 1 Going that way. Really fast.
 2 The sign says it all. Waves hurt.
 3 "...and I still write my name on my wave."
 4 Layne Beachley practices for Academy Awards night.
 5 Behind you! Behind you!!!!

Born Free
 1 Cute

Boys from the Blackstuff
 1 Look at what that guy over there is wearing!

 1 Pick the yuppy 4x4.
 2 Help me honey, this bonnet is getting heavy.
 3 Hmm, hard to tell, always in motion is the future.
 4 Freeway sure is busy this morning.
 5 Bunji rope? What do you mean Bunji rope?

Bridget Jones 2 - The Edge Of ...
 1 The front is day.
 2 Is there ever too much Hugh Grant? Nein!!!
 3 Twinkle twinkle little star, hope I wore a decent bra.
 4 Their first child was name Hugh Jass.
 5 Charlies best-be-forgotten Angels.
 6 The purple people eaters - it's subliminal.

Cabin Fever
 1 "Damn. The prom is tomorrow. I'll never fix my hair in time."
 2 "So. Is that your car all covered in blood and shit? yeah? Alright then. Cool."
 3 "Hi. I live in this review. Wanna smell my shoes?"
 4 Ever wondered how the 'Philips Head' screw driver got its name? Ask Philip.

Car Wash
 1 Why we should all forget the '70s ever existed...

Carry on Nurse
 1 Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, fnarr-fnarr, ooh-err crikey missus, etc.

Carry on Sergeant
 1 Britain's front line of defence. It's amazing they won the war, really.
 2 Training for the old "smash your nuts on the enemy's neck" trick.

Cast Away (Rental)
 1 Here's one we prepared earlier
 2 The traffic outside was unbearable.

Catch Me if You Can (Rental) dts
 1 It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it...
 2 Oh the humanity!

Cecil B. Demented
 1 Where's Antonio when you need him?
 2 More fun than a livestock mutilation!

Chaka Khan - Live at Roxy Thea...
 1 Is my hair too big?

Charlie's Angels - Full Thrott...
 1 Strutting their stuff, and they know that "You can't touch this!"
 2 Sharp, sexy and smashed.
 3 Taking full "advantage" of the widescreen frame...
 4 C'mon Joey, if you don't help the lady out, Chandler will.
 5 An African-American Bosley? Somehow it works...
 6 Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - they're gonna blow you away!

Child's Play 2
 1 "Don't f#@k with the Chuck."

City By the Sea
 1 Bright lights, big city, not exactly by the sea.
 2 Gina (Eliza Dushku) listens to Joey make his excuses.
 3 Nothing worse than waking up to find a Spyder on your bed.
 4 Vincent (De Niro) realises things just got much, much worse...

 1 Art these days... with its mind control powers!
 2 "Oh, my. That pink hair does wonders for your complexion!"
 3 - "You okey?" - "Oh, jolly. Just bit my lip is all."
 4 Double the Natalie Portman; double the fun!
 5 Jude Law sparks a striking resemblance to none other than our favourite chef, Jamie Oliver!

Club Dread - Uncut
 1 I can see right through both his ears.
 2 Hey, watch where you point that thing.
 3 Song over man, Song over.
 4 dinner and dessert.
 5 Prototypes for car dashboards.
 6 Things go pear shaped.

Consenting Adults
 1 Look Ma, no hands!
 2 Heeeeeeere's Johnny!

 1 Tyrannosaurus Chix.
 2 Chock full of features and smug grins.
 3 Filmed on Chinco DV cameras.
 4 Someone turn on the wipers.
 5 I'm speechless. I am without speech.
 6 Rooms with a view

Country Bears
 1 There's a bear in there...
 2 You wanna watch out for those car washes - foamy death traps for sure.
 3 What's scarier - the bear or the jumper?

Cracker - The Complete Collect...
 1 "I think you're on the wrong set, pal."
 2 "The only thing I'm guilty of is fashion crime - wearing this parka. Orright?"

Cradle 2 the Grave
 1 "Look! A guy in red t-shirt! Kill him!"
 2 Don't you hate when stupid bird-people fly into your windows?
 3 This guy is stuck to the chewing gum which is stuck to Jet Li's shoe.

CSI - Crime Scene Investigatio...
 1 Sin City!
 2 Gil Grissom
 3 Catherine Willows
 4 Nick & Grissom examine the crime scene
 5 An important part of any CSI episode, a corpse!
 6 CSI:Crime Scene Investigation Menu

 1 I'm stuck on you, yes I'm stuck like glue...

Daredevil - DC dts
 1 Mr Johnson, you get a burning sensation?
 2 Budgetman - Can't afford cape.
 3 George Lucas goes Green Mile Special Edition.
 4 Stare at finger, cross-eyed me gets.
 5 Jennifer Garner, alias Elektra.

Dawson's Creek - The Complete ...
 1 And yes, Joey can actually smile.
 2 The strapping young Pacey meats... uh meets the sexy new teacher.
 3 Newcomer Jen is directed to flip her goddamn hair.
 4 Why watch TV Dawson when we have a Drive-In movie screen on your forehead?
 5 Will they or won't they?

 1 Bloody Volvo drivers!

Destiny's Child - The Platinum...
 1 We look great in red...
 2 We look great in blue too...
 3 But even better live in widescreen.

Dinner Rush
 1 "Burger and fries? Here's your burger and fries! I'm a f*cking chef, not a drive-thru attendant!"
 2 Around the head is an example of the outline which appears during some movement.

Dinosaur: CE
 1 Ooh, I shouldn't have eaten that...
 2 Hey, I can see my house from here!
 3 Sorry, I couldn't hold it in...
 4 You mean I'm not a lemur?!
 5 A Dinosaur of a menu...

Doctor Who - Pyramids of Mars
 1 One of these things is not like the others.
 2 Look beind you!
 3 Insert your favourite 'I want my Mummy' joke here.

Doctor Who - The Seeds of Deat...
 1 "I do not look like Moe from the Three Stooges, alright?!"

Dodgeball - Uncut
 1 K.I.T.T. - Get me outta this movie.
 2 The 5 Ds.
 3 These guys aren't serious are they.
 4 It's gotta be the hair.
 5 Jason Bateman is Pepper Brooks
 6 The average joes of Average Joes

 1 Two fallen angels.
 2 Alan Rickman as Metatron.
 3 Jay & Silent Bob on the pot.

Donna Summer - Live at Manhatt...
 1 A couple of divas.

Donnie Darko - DC dts
 1 The Eye of Darko.
 2 These vivid green lawns cover for a dirty little secret.
 3 Self-help from Patrick Swayze. The world really is ending!
 4 Masked bunny coming soon to a cinema near you!
 5 The infamous letterbox of doom.
 6 "Sometimes there's so much beauty..." Ahh, wrong movie!

Down With Love
 1 Pretty in pink.
 2 The modern day Rock Hudson and Doris Day
 3 Tada!
 4 Yellow lines always seem to get in the way.

Dr Strangelove - 40th Annivers... dts
 1 Have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?
 2 Celebrity Poker just keeps getting bigger!
 3 Is there a Doctor in the house?
 4 Move it Pervert!
 5 On a wing and prayer.....

 1 If you ever see this much blood inthe toilet, cut down on the fibre, okay?
 2 Morgan Freeman was really embarrassed by his dandruff problem.
 3 Stephen King after he saw what they did to his novel

Duel - SE dts
 1 Behind you!
 2 Half time pit-stop.
 3 Behind you!!
 4 Behind you!!!
 5 Behind you!!!!
 6 Do not overtake turning vehicle.

Eagles - Hell Freezes Over dts
 1 What do you mean, you don't know A minor?

Easy Rider - CE
 1 Helmets are compulsory to cover bad hair styles.
 2 Cruisin' USA!
 3 The Dumb and Dumber prequel?

Eddie Izzard - Circle
 1 The man in heels.

Elektra dts
 1 Elektra neat
 2 Zod, kneel before, yes.
 3 Typhoid spreading
 4 Elektra at the Mortal Kombat fancy dress party.

Elephant Juice (Rental)
 1 "It's not fair, Dodie. If this wasn't a widescreen movie, we'd be together right now."

Empires - Islam: Empire of Fai...
 1 Everyone pitched in to help Ali find his contact lens.
 2 What all the best dressed camel drivers are wearing this year.
 3 "I don't know, Achmed. Why are camels called the 'ships of the desert'?"

Empires - The Greeks: Crucible...
 1 The fleet decided to do a runner under the cover of darkness.
 2 A lovely evening for a river cruise.

Engelbert Humperdinck - Live dts
 1 Forgotten the lyrics? Just write them on the inside of your hand.
 2 The world is but a stage. But where does the audience sit?
 3 The 'puffy shirt' from Seinfeld makes its concert debut.
 4 "More parents conceived their children while listening to Johnny Mathis? Yeah, I'd like to see that..."
 5 Welcome to my world. The man, the manor, the vintage cars.
 6 Solid gold. A testament to a brilliant career.

 1 In the future, blimps are not required to display P plates.
 2 Things got out of hand on The Block when they gave the gay guys machine guns to decorate.
 3 Swish, very swish. If only all murders happened in front of a conveniently placed car with its headlights on.

Eric Clapton & Friends - Live ... dts
 1 He means it, man...

Eric Clapton and Friends With ...
 1 The Master.
 2 The drummer can sing!

Eurotrip - Uncut
 1 You've got mail, #$^#^%@#!!!
 2 I like metal ice-cream, makes my tongue all tingly.
 3 Memories of International Karate on the C64.
 4 Ahoy hoy hoy, I can see right through your ears Vinnie.
 5 But, but, but, but I want to go swimming.
 6 David Hasslehoff saves the day, again.

Family Business
 1 Ah, the marvels of genetics...
 2 Honestly junior, do I still have to dress you?

Family Guy - Season Three
 1 Peter's younger, blacker brother.
 2 Stewie doing his Peter impersonation.
 3 Lois unleashing the dragon!
 4 "We meet again, Mr Bond!"

Fargo: SE
 1 Would you buy a ve-hic-le from this man?
 2 Freeze!
 3 I distinctly asked for no ketchup!
 4 Fargo - the Sinclair Spectrum computer game...
 5 Ice ice baby...

 1 See? Now I wouldn't have missed the bowl if the lights were on..
 3 I think this was a good bit, but it was a bit too dark to tell for sure.

Fiddler On The Roof
 1 Topol in the classic Fiddler on the Roof

Final Fantasy : CE
 1 Welcome, to Jurassic Park
 2 Aha, so this is Anthrax
 3 I see you!!!
 4 Ok, who's got the laser pointers?
 5 Behind you! Look behind you.
 6 Cool 3D mp3 visualisations

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
 1 Red light, on the dance floor, got me singing a beat.
 2 Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!
 3 He's miming, I can see it.

Freaky Friday (2003) (Rental)
 1 Freak out!
 2 Hey look mum, it's Michael Meyers!
 3 Not exactly the side of you mum that you want to see...
 4 This facial expression was a mandatory casting requirement.

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - Seas...
 1 Original auditions for Men In Pink.
 2 Oh no, Velcro-man.
 3 Sing sing with the bling bling.
 4 Wotutalkinbout girl.
 5 It's called an uPod.
 6 Freshen the air.

Frida: CE
 1 Kahlo's "The Broken Column" jumps to life...
 2 There's a bit of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas in everyone...
 3 Let Technicolour rule!
 4 Geoffrey Rush as controversial Trotsky
 5 The Kahlo look-a-like - no one else coulda done it!
 6 The doorway to Frida's life

Friends - The Complete Season ...
 1 Julia Roberts guest stars
 2 Jean Claude Van Damme errrr acting?

Friends Series 9 - Box Set
 1 How's my make up?
 2 Let me just put that name tag on for you.
 3 Bad hair day!

Futurama Season 2
 1 Bender and jazz buddy...
 2 Gender Bender!
 3 Santa Claus is gunn-ing you down!
 4 Leela and Al...
 5 MMMmmm... crab is on the menu!

Gallipoli - Anniversary Editio...
 1 Innocence captured.
 2 Trials of the lighthorsemen
 5 Chaaaaaaarge!!!!
 6 Innocence lost.

Garage Days (Rental)
 1 Meet the band.
 2 ...and Zippo fuel is brilliant as conditioner. Want a light?
 3 Ah, crap. I hate exploding necklaces.
 4 The birth of the short-lived art of pill-juggling.
 5 I've been here for weeks and still no movement.

 1 Dreaming of a better day.
 2 Uma Thurman ponders her existence.
 3 Pulled up for dna checking.
 4 Futuristic toll booths.
 5 Ethan Hawke plays Vincent, an invalid.

George of the Jungle 2
 1 Geez mate, how many times do we have to warn you?
 2 Klassy...

Getting There
 1 "Mary-Kate? Is that you? I can't see the road!"
 2 "You ALWAYS have to wear the same sunglasses as me... that's so NOT hype!"
 3 "Those aren't sunglasses. THESE are sunglasses."
 4 "Scotty, we've successfully conquered the planet. Beam me and my sunglasses up."
 5 "I'm not poor. I just have a pillowcase stuck on my head. And no sunglasses."

Giant: SE
 1 The impressive cast.
 2 A very young Dennis Hopper

Gladiator: CE dts
 1 An injured Maximus
 2 Gladiators, READY!
 3 The best helmet ever.
 4 Emperor Commodus

Gloria Estefan - Everlasting G...
 1 All class
 2 Boys will be boys.
 3 '80s hair AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

 1 region 4 menu screen.

Goodfellas - SE
 1 Young Henry Hill out lighting fires.
 2 Ray Liotta staring into a red oblivion.
 3 Joe Pesci thought this was a western?
 4 Robert De Niro hot off the set of The Godfather Pt II.
 5 Oh, gangsters can have a bit of fun too... can't they?
 6 Paulie chews his food very slowly.

Graham Kennedy - The King of T...
 1 Ossie Ostrich with more talented company than later in his career...

Gregory's Girl
 1 The lad's a wee bit smitten...
 2 I could be happy...

Guadalcanal Diary
 1 "Singing in the rain..."
 2 How cosy.
 3 "Yoo-hoo. We're here"

 1 Hammett at work. Note wall'o'blood behind him.
 2 Not a scene from an early Tori Amos video clip.

Happy Tree Friends - Volume 1 ...
 1 Animated Menus.
 2 Wacky and cute characters, say hi to Nutty kids.
 3 Family time with the cub.
 4 Happy Happy, Joy Joy..oops, wrong cartoon.
 5 Close your eyes kids!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner ...
 1 The notorious Sirius Black
 2 Harry befriends a Hippogriff
 3 A Dementor approaches
 4 Ron, Harry and Hermione go down to Hagrid's Hut
 5 Just one howl before dinner
 6 The sugary goodness of Honeydukes

Head of State
 1 The nerds rampage when ALDI giveaway a free dvd player with every litre of milk.
 2 Can you spot the man dressed as a woman? CLUE: He's on the left.

 1 Val Kilmer is in a sticky situation
 2 Robert De Niro discusses family with Val.
 3 Al Pacino is a cop who is feeling the heat.

Heaven & Earth (Oliver Stone)
 1 Having a great time. Wish you were here.
 2 Wonderful cinematography
 3 The repercussions of Viet Cong support
 4 The price of rebellion
 5 Now in America, a different world

Height of Passion
 1 Passion on a larger scale

Hip-Hop VIPs
 1 This is a shout out to Crazy John's New York cousin - respec'!

Home Fries
 1 D'ya want responsibility for your actions with that?

House of Wax
 1 I see you baby, shaking that frilly ass..
 2 Aiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!

Hulk: CE dts
 1 "Hi. My name's Bruce Banner and I'm a psycopath..."
 2 But I like's a pounding ya'll.
 3 You talkin to me?
 4 The paparatzi was Hulk's constant companion.
 5 "Puny human..."
 6 I know there's a transformer in here somewhere...

I, Robot: SE dts
 1 Spooner at the Scratch-n-Dent yards
 2 Spooner at the new Apple iRobot launch
 3 Sir, your car seems to be unroadworthy.
 4 Yup, she runs on gasoline.
 5 Bagging the good guy?
 6 Hey Kids, it's Audi Doody time.

Ice Age: Extreme Cool Edition
 1 Scrat!
 2 Peek A BOO!
 3 Green Means Go!
 4 Live Long and Prosper!
 5 Manny, Sid and Diego react to the selection of Ice Age's theme song. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.
 6 Extreme Cool View!

Igby Goes Down
 1 A bohemian likes you... Igby and Sookie get close.
 2 "Can I offer you a cinema-sized Oreo?"
 3 A thoughtful Sookie (Clare Danes)
 4 The ultra-stylish main menu.

IMAX - Super Speedway
 1 Mario speaks to a mechanic about some techinicalities
 2 Mario is being tailed by the opposition
 3 After all the troubles, it's good to win...

Independence Day - SE
 1 Time's Up!
 2 Renewable Energy Summit begins.
 3 The view from the Tesla is nice.
 4 Samsung, before it was copying Apple.
 5 They're here!!!

Insomnia (2002) (Rental)
 1 "Exactly how long since you got some sleep, Al?"

Intolerable Cruelty dts
 1 Yes, he brusha brusha brushas...
 2 The moment Miles' eyes popped...
 3 Portrait of an ass nailer.
 4 Lust in an elevator...

Jack & Sarah
 1 The penny drops...

Jerry Lee Lewis - and Friends
 1 Yes, they were dancing in the street.
 2 Some critics accused him of playing out of his arse.

Jerry Maguire: CE
 1 The main menu (animated fish optional)
 2 Renee Zellweger as Dorothy.
 3 "Our movie is thiiiiis wide!"
 4 "No! NO!!! Not the Dolby 'City' trailer again!!"

Joe's Apartment
 1 Welcome to New York!
 2 Careful, it's ruffled!
 3 Oh no, the cockroaches are revolting...
 4 A match made in...

Johnny English dts
 1 Ah, so that's where my career went...
 2 Suave, sophisticated, debonair, ugly as sin.
 3 Suave, sophisticated, debonair, ugly as sin.

Jumpin' Jack Flash
 1 Eww, there's that cat I ran over earlier on your head...
 2 Attack of the Paper Shredder
 3 What's worse - the glasses or the fact that she is playing with a Pokey doll?

Just Shoot Me - Seasons 1 & 2
 1 "I'd like to thank the Academy."
 2 The Blushing gang
 3 Smile Maya!
 4 Blush life
 5 Just shooting
 6 His Royal Finchness, the munchkin King

Keeping Up Appearances - The C...
 1 The Bouquet residence, the lady of the house speaking!
 2 Mind that pedestiran dear!

Kenny Rogers - Live By Request dts
 1 Oh my God!

Kill Bill - Vol. 1 dts
 1 So many anonymous henchmen, so little time...
 2 Welcome to the snow dome...
 3 Sigh. You just can't steal classy wheels these days...
 4 Lucy Liu's looking a little drawn...
 5 Ooh, it's Matron Conniving-Bitch. Sneak, sneak...

Knight Rider - Season 1
 1 Michael Knight - Moonwalker!
 2 Darryl Sommers impersonator?
 3 A Shady Character
 4 K.I.T.T. - Knight Industries Two Thousand
 5 K.I.T.T. + K.A.R.R. = C.H.I.C.K.E.N.

 1 Ventriloquism - the forgotten art.
 2 "On your bike, mate!"

Later... Louder
 1 This sure beats the hell out of slinging prefab burgers...
 2 Only two of them and all those royalties, but The White Stripes still look down...

Law & Order - Season 2
 1 Fantastic "Law & Order" four
 2 Law & Order menu

Lawrence of Arabia - CE
 1 Welcome to Madam Lawrence - House of Pain
 2 A cast of thousands
 3 Mine your step.
 4 Shell Optimax - Powerful stuff
 5 It came from the Desert
 6 Prince Feisal uses the Force

Less Than Zero
 1 Andrew McCarthy and Jami Gertz experiment with the Duran Duran Music Video Construction Kit.
 2 Julian (Robert Downey Jr) in panic mode.
 3 Blair (Jami Gertz) demonstrates how exciting cocaine can be.
 4 Being in LA, Julian insists on out-Blairing Blair.

Linda Green - The Complete Fir...
 1 You know I can count how many cracks there are in your ceiling!

Live Flesh
 1 Elena (Francesca Neri) in darker days.
 2 "Victor, this film is in Panavision. I can stand right over here."
 3 "Elena, I said I like your new hairstyle!"
 4 C'est évidemment une copie Française.

Look Who's Talking
 1 Where were they then?
 2 A sitcom? Who me?

Lost In Space
 1 Jupiter 2 prepares to dock with an unknown space station.
 2 Dr Smith meets Spider Smith
 3 Blawp, a CG creature found on a remote planet.
 4 Matt Le Blanc as Major Don West
 5 Dr Smith incurrs the wrath of the Robinson family.

Lucky Break dts
 1 Kiss me Hardy!
 2 Sir, apparantly the hills are alive with the sound of music!
 3 What you talking 'bout Willis!

Madonna - The Immaculate Colle...
 1 The Material Girl
 2 Madonna's life is a mystery
 3 Papa don't preach
 4 Cherish

Magnum PI - Season 1
 1 Magnum and his moustache
 2 Wax on, wax off
 3 Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades
 4 Is Magnum married Huggins?
 5 Island Paradise
 6 Magnum & Higgins

Malibu's Most Wanted
 1 "I got my d*ck stuck in the popcorn! THE SALT! AAAARGH! THE SALT!"
 2 "Say Barbra Streisand sucked in What's Up, Doc? or you one dead cracka!"
 3 "..and in other news, here's my impression of Michael Caine eating a lemon.."

Man On Fire
 1 I have cable. sit. enjoy.
 2 I got my sunnies at Target.
 3 Armageddon is coming and you're in its path.
 4 Who's your Denzel?!
 5 Big badda boom.

Manchild - Series One
 1 Morning Charlie!

Matchbox Twenty - Show: A Nigh...
 1 The impressive stage set
 2 Great use of lighting
 3 Pianos are not for standing on!

Miami Vice – The Collection
 1 "We need backup and some firm hold styling mousse! NOW!"
 2 "Put your hands where I can see them or the plush leather sofa and ornate mirror frame get it!"

Midnight Vendetta (Rental)
 1 Two minutes into the film, the tone is set.
 2 "But I was sure my agent said Wachowski..."
 3 "Would you like a drink... and to DIEEEEEEEE??"

Miss Congeniality: Deluxe Edit...
 1 Dirty Harriet!
 2 Donut vs celery
 3 Gracie Hart, Beauty Queen!
 4 The secret to bigger breasts? Chocolate donuts!
 5 Hokey Pokey, NY style!
 6 The "deluxe" menu

Monster - SE dts
 1 It's Wednesday Addams!
 2 Ohh.. that's certainly not Wednesday Addams.
 3 'Aileen's Reflections' at the crack of dawn.

Monty Python & the Holy Grail:...
 1 The Holy Main Menu in all its celestial glory.
 2 "Get on with it!!!"
 3 A flesh wound.
 4 "It's only a model."
 5 Arthur presents the Knights of Ni with their shrubbery. Note absence of split-level effect.
 6 The mediaeval equivalent of Michael Crawford is summarily shut up.

Morcheeba - From Brixton to Be...
 1 Setting the scene...
 2 Then it all comes into focus... sort of.
 3 Electrifying the night
 4 Gateway to this world

Mother & Son
 1 "Would you like to borrow my hat?"
 2 Family picnics were always something to look forward to.

Mr. Magoo
 1 Uh-oh, she's pointy! She may have an eye out... Still, it wouldn't make much difference...
 2 Aubergine, you've done it... erm, ageen...

 1 2? 4? 6? ohh, it's a mirror...
 2 Three's company, Four's a nightmare.
 3 Digital product placements?

Music in High Places - Angie S... dts
 1 R-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Music in High Places - Unwritt... dts
 1 None shall pass...

My Best Friends Wedding
 1 Julia Roberts in a flirtacious mood? eeek.
 2 Cameron Diaz, feeling left out.
 3 From the moment I wake up...
 4 Cinderella without her pumpkin..

My Blue Heaven
 1 Finger goes up... finger goes down...

Mystery, Alaska
 1 Frozen gonads - funny.
 2 Kiss me Ranger boy..

Nine Months
 1 "Oooh, aaah, that's how it always starts... then there's running, and and and screaming..."
 2 "Maybe this is the dinosaur that he was talking about?"
 3 "If it's not one thing, it's your mother."
 4 Just eight years overdue...
 5 "Ewww, get that hideous haircut away from me, Hugh"

Noddy & the New Taxi
 1 "Hi little girl, I'm an AFL player. Wanna come home and see my etchings?"
 2 "I said GET IN THE BOX! To the bottom of the harbour you go, you little sh.."

Nothing But Trouble
 1 (click chart to enlarge)

NYPD Blue - Season 1
 1 Eat me councellor!
 2 You been at the beach Andy?
 3 But I don't have any friends in New York!
 4 You can't stop the music!
 5 No I was not in Clockwork Orange!
 6 Yes I am from the fashion police and you are under arrest lady!

Obsessed (Rental)
 1 And she still writes her name on her shower...
 2 John Howard, judge. Or perhaps not.

Off the Hook: Off the Chain
 1 The star of the show.

Olive, the Other Reindeer
 1 Hey, I can't find nothing on the radio...
 2 We always knew Kevin Costner was evil...
 3 Set 'em up, bartender!
 4 Yes, I'd like to speak to Hugh Jass please...

Once Upon a Time in the Midlan...
 1 The gang appear on telly!
 2 It't the Tartan Army!

One Hundred Steps
 1 Guiseppe's grandchildren never forgave him for running over Fluffy.
 2 "Grazzi. See if you remember this one..."
 3 "Eight Across. Starts with 'P'. "Leader and spiritual guide?" - is not P. Diddy, okay?"

Only Fools and Horses - The Co...
 1 "I'm in the front seat!"
 2 Christmas Cheer, Peckham style.

Open Water
 1 Fun in the sun.
 2 About a Bouy & Girl.
 3 Feeding time.

 1 Battery powered ear cleaner
 2 Cowboy Gil T.

Pat Benatar - Live in New Have...
 1 Hit me with your best shot?

Paul McKenna's Stop Smoking Fo...
 1 Look deep into my eyes.
 2 Feeling very relaxed now.

Peeping Tom
 1 Like all good directors: passionate and deranged.
 2 Never take a first date to the movies.
 3 That's not what I meant by 'cut.'

Peter Allen - The Boy From Oz
 1 Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Phone Booth
 1 A study of cool New Yorkers (?)
 2 Anchovies? EWW!
 3 Smile, you're on Candid Sniper!
 4 No matter which way you look at it, Stu's screwed...
 5 I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Honestly, I'm so f...

Pinocchio (2002) dts
 1 What is that on your head?
 2 Pull my strings
 3 The Blue Rinse Fairy
 4 In the belly of the beast

Placebo - Soulmates Never Die:... dts
 1 Brian practices for the next Birdman Rally...

Play School - Nursery Rhymes
 1 Ohhhh....
 2 Move over Toby Macguire..
 3 Big Ted cracks a good 'un

Plots With a View (Rental)
 1 In loving memory of Betty Rhys Jones
 2 You can't bury this woman - I'll do my Doc Ock trick on you!
 3 Let me get this straight - you love me, but you want to kill me?

Porco Rosso
 1 "Oh, Jack! I'm flying!"
 2 "Yeah, how you doing?"
 3 Porco soaking up the rays.
 4 Say Cheese!
 5 Oh noes! It's stuck!
 6 Bee-autiful

Portrait of Murder
 1 Behind you! Behind you!

Premier League - Great Goals P...
 1 Champions of the previous season - Arsenal.
 2 Player of the year - Thierry Henry.

Prince - The Hits Collection
 1 A Cloud colored suit on a cloudy background
 2 Diamonds and Pearls and Symbols.
 3 Gotta love that hair style.

Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock's)
 1 Norman Bates - look into his mind.
 2 Norman Bates - the smirk that covers it all.
 3 The infamous shower scene

Pulp - Hits
 1 Now why doesn't my supermarket stock these?
 2 Paper Pulp.

Pulp Fiction - 10th Anniversar... dts
 1 The image that made Pulp Fiction.
 2 Travolta in his element.
 3 Tarantino: writer, director... actor?
 4 Bruce Willis goes back to his roots as a stealth ninja.
 5 Tarantino's signature 'trunk cam'.
 6 "Everybody be cool. This is a robbery!"

 1 The gang...
 2 Hmm, where to park?!

Queen Margot
 1 Margot (Isabelle Adjani) and Henri of Navarre (Daniel Auteuil)
 2 Margot notices she's the centre of attention again...
 3 The royal wedding.
 4 Tragedy as events come to a head...

R.E.M.: In View - The Best of ... dts
 1 "Hey Mike, check this out - there's someone on DVDnet reading about us again..."
 2 Losing My Religion
 3 A typical day in Michael Stipe's backyard? Nah, just an Imitation of Life.
 4 The bass rig does a star turn in What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
 5 Michael Stipe decides to try the silent treatment in Losing My Religion

RahXephon 1 - Threshold
 1 Big eyed beauty.
 2 What big, erm, ears you have.
 3 Trinity style.
 4 The babes have it.
 5 Wedgies: funny.

Raw Deal
 1 "HOLY CRAP! You got bigger boobs than me!"
 2 "Uhm ah luhmberjuck andt I'm okay..."
 3 "Har har, you have a small penis! Mine is hooge!"

Rennie's Landing
 1 "'One size fits all'. Are you sure?"
 2 "No, not John Howard. Care to guess again?"
 3 ZZ Top's new look failed to catch on.

Resident Evil dts
 1 Ever wondered what those cameras in lifts are for?
 2 Alice awakens...
 3 Ouch.
 4 A dog that, unfortunately, hasn't yet seen "The Matrix".

Revenge of the Nerds
 1 Cleanliness is next to nerdliness...
 2 Are these things on?
 3 PHWOAR! Check out the resolution!
 4 Dexter continues his search for the perfect snatch...
 5 Cool! It's the Village Devo Dolby Elvis Jackson People!

Rides - The Complete First Sea...
 1 Daisy gets her facelift.
 2 Stealth is some heavy metal.
 3 One sweet ride.

Robbie the Reindeer: CE
 1 Ah, that must be a girl reindeer on the left... she's wearing lippy.
 2 Crush! Kill! Destroy!
 3 Prancer bigs it up...
 4 Ooh, the keys to the sleigh...
 5 The fruits of pure antlered evil...

Roger Dodger
 1 Roger explains the art of seduction to his nephew Nick.
 2 WANTED: This creature, for crimes against legitimate DVD viewers.

Roswell - The Complete First S...
 1 Not all the freaks were alien.
 2 "If I use this finger, I can reach all those hard to get spots."
 3 "No! I will not appear on The Jerry Springer Show just because I live in a trailer."

Run Ronnie Run
 1 Haven't we already seen this in Deliverance?
 2 The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy tour bus after seeing the mullet...
 3 Home sweet home...
 4 Uh, there's a call for you!

Saludos Amigos
 1 Ain't love grand?
 2 A DVDnet community service announcement: Drinking gasoline is bad, m'kay?

Saving Private Ryan
 1 Caravan of courage.
 2 Storming the beach.
 3 The preparation begins.
 4 Total Chaos!
 5 Saving Bournes Identity
 6 It doesn't rain like this anymore.

Scary Movie 3 (Rental)
 1 Do these make my hair look too small?
 2 As Heather Mooney puts it, "Um, OK Toby, f*ck off!"
 3 *sob* I haven't learnt how to read yet...

Seinfeld - Complete Seasons 1 ...
 1 Stand up Philosopher.
 2 Put your hands up in the air...
 3 What's in the vault?
 4 Give me a head with hair.

Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bo...
 1 Who said old punks never dye?

Shakespeare In Love: CE
 1 Henslow begs for his life.
 2 William Shakespeare ponders for the right word.
 3 Queen Elizabeth applauds another comedy.
 4 Joseph Fiennes and Ben Affleck amuse each other.
 5 Gwyneth Paltrow with a touch of European hormones.

She's All That
 1 Geek.
 2 Chic.

Short Circuit
 1 E.T. phone Dick Smith
 2 The new Sony #5 dual LCD projector.
 3 Hi. Name's Mahoney, Police Academy.
 4 The new Mcdonalds Happy Meal toys get complex.
 5 damn Jawas. They're everywhere.
 6 I'll have the sparkplugs for starters with a crude oil dip.

Shrek 2
 1 Dreamworks presents Deep Impact 2
 2 Beverly Hills Donkey
 3 Absolutely Fabulous Teeth
 4 It just melts the heart.
 5 He's a Stallion baby.
 6 The King gets Medieval!

Signs: CE dts
 1 Oh no, Home Alone 4!
 2 "Jeez, Alfoil isn't on special everyday you know..."
 3 Do you see what I see?
 4 "I need to clear my conscience – especially after my antics in Series 7..."
 5 The new Hitchcock.
 6 Who are you calling a baby?

Silverchair - The Best of Volu...
 1 Ooooooooohhhhh
 2 Rocking out Melbourne Park.

Simple Plan - A Big Package Fo...
 1 The Simple Plan? To jump a lot.
 2 And again...
 3 ...and again...
 4 ...and again!

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Th... dts
 1 Siouxsie Sioux
 2 Budgie
 3 Steve Severin
 4 "See? We still have fans - they're right there!"
 5 Siouxsie versus Enthusiastic Lighting Guy

Sliders - Season 1 And 2
 1 Vern, all grown up
 2 Sliders!
 3 I found the gateway!
 4 Sliding menu
 5 I swear it's a real lightsaber!

So Fresh - The DVD 2003 Volume...
 1 Of course people by my records for my singing ability!
 2 Do I look bored?
 3 Agggghhhhh Nikki!

 1 Approaching Solaris
 2 Kelvin does the unthinkable...
 3 Rheya - or is it?
 4 Solaris wakes up...
 5 Lights on. Nobody home.
 6 Soderbergh's Helvetica revival begins.

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - The...
 1 Frank makes an arse of himself.
 2 Don't ask!

Spartacus: SE dts
 1 "Ah! I've dropped my keys."
 2 The smart money was on the dummy.
 3 Harry's days as a human Test Pattern were numbered.

Spider-Man 2: CE
 1 Can I help you little boy?
 2 Nice outfit.
 3 J. Jonah Jameson at his best.
 4 Doctor Octopus with his Rubiks Cube.
 5 Mary Jane having a chain reaction.
 6 A cameo by Mick Jagger?

Stability Ball Workout For Dum...
 1 After blowing this up, this reviewer has had more than enough of a workout...
 2 Who's still a dummy?
 3 Vaseline - gives that smooth smile every time!

Star Wars - Episode II - Attac...
 1 New Calvin Klein models.
 2 I feel like I'm falling...
 3 Sure is dusty...
 4 Losing a few hairs there Yodes...
 5 Where's Dorothy and Toto?
 6 Oh the detail!!!

Star Wars - Episode V - The Em...
 1 My name is Antonio Skywalker. You kill my father. Prepare to die.
 2 It's a family affair.
 3 The deal is soured.

Star Wars Trilogy Box Set
 1 Lucas directs
 2 A shot of the featurette screen
 3 Ford ponders his career.
 4 James Cameron the truck driver come director.

Stargate: UE dts
 1 Hair so sharp he had to register it as a deadly weapon.
 2 Mmmmmmm, giant donut.
 3 Someone needs to tell these guys, red eyes are scary, not blue.
 4 It's a vertical swimming pool, what's all the fuss about?
 5 This grab just looks cool.
 6 BOOM!

Stephen King's Kingdom Hospita...
 1 Kingdom Hospital
 2 Andrew McCarthy as Dr.Hook
 3 You've got those bug eyes
 4 The staff of Kingdom Hospital
 5 Beware of spooky little girls!
 6 Don't go anywhere near this hospital

Stitch! The Movie
 1 Stitch picks a winner...
 2 Actually, you look more like a bunny than a gerbil or hamster...
 3 The Blues Ohana.
 4 I'll have a borscht on rye thanks...

Striking Distance
 1 Lack of hair? Wear a hat.
 2 Obligatory babe's in a boat scene.
 3 Are you ticklish?

Super Size Me
 1 Mmmm, Crusty Burger.
 2 Could you dumb it down a little doc.
 3 All the 5 McFood groups here
 4 Fancy some sugar with your diet?
 5 Oh say can you feel, all the lard in your pot.

Superman - SE
 1 Red Bull gives you wings.
 2 A picture tells a thousand words.
 3 Not happy Jan
 4 uno momento por favor.
 5 The Dynamic Duo?
 6 Clark Kent - OPSM model.

Susan Powter - Burn Fat & Get ...
 1 Eep!

Sweet Home Alabama
 1 Are y'all sure this is right?
 2 Well, looky what w'ave 'ere.
 3 It smells lahk the deep South iearn here...
 4 Suave yet country bumpkin at the same time. How clever.

 1 It's rude to point
 2 Don't make fun of my ring tones...
 3 Sysadmin heaven
 4 That multi-million dollar t*t shot.
 5 Live on Rove.

Take Away
 1 Bzzt. Wrong!
 2 Ah, that's more like it. (Note Chiko Roll poster to the right...)
 3 Hmm, interesting eyebrows...
 4 It's good to see these multinationals are hiring the oldies nowadays...
 5 Trev Vs. Tony

Takedown (Rental)
 1 Oh come on Google, the words for Rubber Duckie must be out there somewhere!

 1 Fully Sick Mate!
 2 Jus'Hangin' wit' Jimmy!
 3 Taxi!
 4 Insert non-sexual innuendo here please.
 5 The Russian Arm

Teletubbies - Oooh!
 1 Oooh! Pretty menu.
 2 Uh-oh!

Ten Seasons - A Decade of Grea...
 1 The Iceman.

Terminator 2 - Judgement Day: ... dts
 1 Region 4: Original Release (Theatrical Version)
 2 Region 4: Ultimate Edition (Special Edition Version)
 3 Region 4: Me pretending to be a Terminator.
 4 I'm waaaaatching yooooooou, meatbag.
 5 Sorry, I thought there was a door here.
 6 This is how a Terminator takes a leak.

The 6th Day
 1 How do I check if I am a Clone?
 2 4th generation clone.

The Adventures of Priscilla Qu... dts
 1 Can you hear the drums?
 2 Gene Simmons, eat your heart out!
 3 Donning the desert prerequisites, shades.
 4 Warning, high heels ahead...
 5 Bus surfing...

The Battleships
 1 Technological marvel. A man-made harbringer of death stalks the high seas.
 2 Under construction. Putting the finishing touches to the superstructure of the world's first true battleship, H.M.S. Dreadnought.
 3 Quantum leap. H.M.S. Warrior, The precursor to the modern battleship and the blueprint for future warship design.
 5 The Battleships' striking main menu.

The Beach Boys - Live at Knebw... dts
 1 Derryn Hinch gets around...

The Best of the Paul Hogan Sho...
 1 King of the Yobbos!
 2 Even AFL banners manage to spell better than this...mostly!

The Blob
 1 Now with a juicy soft centre!
 2 I like aeroplane jelly!
 3 Mr Cool

The Boondock Saints
 1 "I see his problem. He's dead!"
 2 He really needs to get that shirt into soak.

The Cell
 1 Vince Vaughn in the mind of a killer
 2 Holy Capes batman
 3 The Rubik Adult Cube

The Clash - Essential Clash
 1 On second thoughts let's not go to the Casbah, it is a silly place...

The Code (Rental)
 1 Bracks decided to scrap speed cameras and just shoot offending motorists on the spot.
 2 In France, a white pony symbolises pure love. Or it could just be a white pony. I dunno.
 3 The first blade shaves close, the second blade even closer, and the third blade really f*cks you up.
 4 "I need a pot big enough for a decapitated head, a foot and a leg, and maybe a nice rose bush."

The Complete Mustang
 1 Round and round we go...
 2 Well, the moon and stars are cute...

The Craft
 1 A team of witches.
 2 College girls and light beer don't mix.
 3 Carpet static to the extreme.
 4 An impersonation of the clown from Spawn.
 5 Neve Campbell squinting?

The Dark Crystal: CE
 1 The gelfling Jen.
 2 A wise Mystic.
 3 The evil Skeksis.
 4 Girl gelflings can fly!
 5 Jen and Kira, so cute!

The Day the Earth Stood Still
 1 'I like what you've done with the place."
 2 The Mars Winter Collection.
 3 "Wasssuuup?"

The Devil's Own
 1 Harrison Ford, still looking good.
 2 Brad Pitt. Did you know he has a brother called Doug? Doug Pitt?

The Escape Artist
 1 "Oh yeah? I'll find where you keep your magic rabbit eventually, boyo!"

The Fan
 1 You're useless Wilson....
 2 Talk to the hand Sista!
 3 Don't make me get all Blade on you.

The Fast and the Furious (Supe... dts
 1 It's not easy being green...
 2 Go speed racer!
 3 Oh truck!
 4 Ok, so there's one massive, grunting Detroit-built V8 behemoth - and also the black car.

The Flintstones - Season 1
 1 Stone Age DVD!
 2 Flintstones menu.
 3 Fred & Barney relax.
 4 Wilma & Betty.
 5 Wilma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 6 Fred and his little friends.

The Footy Show: Greatest Hits ...
 1 Insert your own 'fairy' joke here.
 2 Once a clown, always a clown.
 3 Women find him irresistible.

The General
 1 Grace under pressure. Old Stone Face.
 2 Road to nowhere. The Southern locomotive Texas is derailed.
 3 All aboard.The General's riotous main menu.

The Girl on the Bridge
 1 Adele prepares for a spin on the Knife Wheel O'Death
 2 "See, the edge of the Panavision frame is over here..."
 3 Gabor tests his luck.

The Goodies - 8 Delicious Epis...
 1 A lemon sherbet trip...
 3 Utilising my keenly honed powers of reasoning and deduction, I have determined that it is, indeed, a radio...
 4 I'm a teapot!
 5 A barbershop trio?
 6 The baddies and the goodies - an example of what's been achieved via restoration.

The Hot Chick
 1 What Rob Schneider will be doing in 2 years.
 2 What Rob Schneider will be doing in 1 year.
 3 What Rob Schneider was doing when he thought up this film.

The Human League - The Very Be...
 1 MMMmmm, wise hairstyle choice, Phil...

The Kimberley - Land of the Wa...
 1 Never smile at a crocodile.
 2 Gorge-ous!!!

The Last Ride
 1 Not Fast, Not Furious!
 2 Come slide with me, let's slide, let's slide away.
 3 Mmmmm, GTO! drooooooool!

The League of Gentlemen - The ...
 1 We'll have no trouble here...
 2 Hilary Briss - purveyor of special stuff...
 3 Okey-dokey, pig-in-a-pokey!
 4 Well, at least it's not nude day...

The Life of David Gale
 1 Bitsey and her intern.
 2 I think we're being followed.
 3 Dead man sitting.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie
 1 Are your Macleans a-showing?
 2 Yes I realise this bed is that big... or maybe I'm just really small...
 3 Roamin' Volare.
 4 What, and I'm meant to find him attractive?

The Lord of the Rings: The Two...
 1 Eye wide open...
 2 Behind you!! Behind you!!!
 3 The battle at Helm's Deep reaches its climax.
 4 Probably not a contestant on MiddleEarthian Idol...
 5 "Look, Mr Frodo! Black bars!!"
 6 A dangerous place to catch the view...

The Lost Boys: SE
 1 24 hours seems a long time away.
 2 Beaver Las Vegas
 3 Special Fried Lice?
 4 She nailed this scene.
 5 Vampires in Tuskany.
 6 Electric 80s music went too far.

The Man Who Knew Too Little
 1 "Stop! Or the midget-dominatrix-Hitler-bondage-freak-oldbag gets it!"
 2 "What? What are you staring at? Is there something on my face? Is it a mole? Do I have a mole?"

The Mask
 1 Hmm, I wonder what this does?
 2 Smokin.....
 3 Cameron Diaz becomes a star.
 4 ILM in action...
 5 Beware of the dog.

The Matrix Reloaded
 1 Leather, guns, scars and likes to jump out of windows - my kind of girl!
 2 "Damn you're handsome!" "How about a threesome?"
 3 ...and this is why little Tommy couldn't buy bananas from Safeway yesterday. Poor Tommy. Screw the truck drivers.
 4 If this was made in 3D, I would have pooped my pants.
 5 557 channels and nothing on. No wonder he invented the Matrix.
 6 A hidden scene of Neo beating up 100 Agent Barney clones. (Just kidding, I made this up.)

The Mummy - Deluxe CE
 1 Don't kick sand in daddys face kids.
 2 Buh!
 3 If swallowed, please see your doctor.
 4 That teddy bear is mine...
 5 The Three Tenors in Egypt.

The Mummy Returns dts
 1 It came from the deep.
 2 Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?
 3 Typical reaction to Hollywood sequels.
 4 Ancient Egyptian aerobic stretching.
 5 Mummy? I thought you said it was fathers day.

The Naked Civil Servant
 1 I feel pretty.

The Nightmare Before Christmas...
 1 "What's this, what's this?" Ah the specs for this re-release of the re-release of The Nightmare Before Christmas
 2 Danny Elfman's lanky alter-ego
 3 So this is what Tim Burton's mind looks like...
 4 The starting point

The Official Review of the ICC...
 1 I told you bowling underarm would be a match winner...
 2 Off to a flying start...
 3 I've heard of bowling a maiden over but this is ridiculous
 4 Aren't you a little short for an aussie trooper.

The Osbournes - The Second Sea...
 1 Kelly at the MTV Awards.
 2 Jack gets a workout.
 3 The return of Dill.
 4 ...but I f@#king don't!

The Owl and the Pussycat
 1 "Quick! Pull my finger!"
 2 "Smile."

The Pianist
 1 Wladyslaw Szpilman (Adrien Brody) at the piano.
 2 The tragedy hits home.
 3 Fire in the sky.
 4 The Nazis fight back against the rebellion.
 5 Help from the Underground.
 6 The spoils of war.

The Prime Gig (Rental)
 1 OH YEAH?! Well mine are THIS BIG, buddy!
 2 C'mon Frank! You didn't mind this so much when we were 6..
 3 MUMMY! The bad man is going to say a BAD WORD!

The Prophecy 3 - The Ascent
 1 Walken liked to use an old fashioned horn in his car.
 2 Mariah Carey had finally lost the plot totally and turned herself into Christopher Walken.

The Punisher
 1 My family's dead and all I get is a lousy t-shirt?
 2 Travolta has certainly come a loong way since Grease!
 3 He's Punishing... bow-and-arrow style!

The Rage in Placid Lake (Renta...
 1 It may be an idea to get the Dettol ready...
 2 If you can't beat them?
 3 OK then, stick it in.

The Rise & Rise of Australian ...
 1 The menu
 2 Kiwis going to war!

The Rookie (2002)
 1 Right! Who let one rip while my mouth was open?!
 2 Seriously! That really, really stinks bad.
 3 Pwoar! What the Hell did you eat??
 4 Okay, that's it! I'm outta here, ya bunch of stinkin' freaks!

The Safety of Objects
 1 Jeez Pacey, is that all you've got?
 2 How Close will she go?
 3 A clone of Margaret Pomeranz?
 4 We all find safety in something

The Shawshank Redemption
 1 You're a newbie aren't ya.
 2 Whadya mean sitting like this isn't cool?
 3 ok ok, look to the left, then the right, then cross.
 4 I don't suppose a Yabba Dabba Do is gonna help?

The Shining (1997)
 1 "Heeere's Johnny!"
 2 "Heeere's Batman!"
 3 "Heeere's Satan!"

The Simpsons - Christmas With
 1 Ho-ho-Homer?
 2 That name again is Mr. Plow.
 3 Make the most of it...
 4 Wuh-woh!
 5 Caught with their chants down...

The Simpsons - Complete Season...
 1 Supoib!
 2 Ooh, salty!
 3 You've got yourself a narc!
 4 MMMmmm... Elvisy!
 5 Daddy! Boychik!
 6 He was so cru-el!

The Simpsons - Go to Hollywood
 1 Homer manages to avert his gaze from the muffin basket. Briefly…
 2 ‘Pass the buck’, three of the greatest words in the English language…
 3 Oy! What a shlump!
 4 Moe gets ready to party...

The Simpsons - Greatest Hits
 1 Stupid dog!
 2 It's not what you may think...
 3 "In the name of love..."
 4 Hitting the books...
 5 Bart! Bart! Bart! Bart! Bart!

The Simpsons - Too Hot For TV
 1 Ow, that's gotta hoit!
 2 See you in hell, dinner plate!
 3 A roll in the hay...
 4 Rex Harrison and Paul Anka rolled into one...

The Sixth Sense: CE dts
 1 "Gees, Mom. I see dead people but you can't even see a stop sign."
 2 "...but dead people can't see me."
 3 "I see people whose careers are dead too."

The Terminator: SE
 1 Your clothes, give them to me.
 2 Eye see you.
 3 "I said it's just a jump to the left and then a step to the right".
 4 Sarah Connor
 5 Bill Paxton & Brian Thompson - The Wonder Years.
 6 Special Edition main menu

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2... dts
 1 "Grrr!" cries Leatherface
 2 Strung up and all alone.
 3 Leatherface is surprisingly agile for a bulky man with a chainsaw!
 4 Our three teens looking for trouble!
 5 A very unwelcoming Sheriff.

The Tuxedo
 1 Don't you just love this face?
 2 Tommy Lee Jones makes a cameo appearance.
 3 Hello, my name is Jennifer, we're pleased to meet you.

The West Wing - Season 1 Episo...
 1 The PUSA.
 2 C.J.
 3 Leo.
 4 Josh.
 5 Toby.
 6 Sam and 'friend'...

The Wire - Complete Season 1
 1 The dangerous streets of Baltimore?!
 2 McNulty, D'Angelo and Bunk on the couch.
 3 Dominic West as Det. Jimmy McNulty
 4 The 'good guys'
 5 The 'bad guys'

The X-Files Movie - SE
 1 Nice sunset in Texas
 2 Do they or don't they?
 3 Run Mulder Run, See Scully Run.

 3 The very cool looking menu system.

They (Rental)
 1 "They're made of... Vegemite??"

 1 Let's hit the town!
 2 Deep in angst.
 3 "Chicken's are cool."
 4 A sprinkler party! With added speed...

Three Tenors in Concert 1994
 1 The 3 tenors thank the audience.
 2 Pavarotti drops a lung.

Thunderbirds (2004)
 1 Oh no, nipple cripple!
 2 They're not marionettes, they're real.
 3 Is that the Spice Girls bus in the background.
 4 The new Holden concept Toranonaro.
 5 Things that make you go boom!
 6 Thunderbirds 90210

Till Human Voices Wake Us dts
 1 Contact with the past...
 2 Ruby (Helena Bonham-Carter)
 3 Sam (Guy Pearce)
 4 View from a bridge

Timecop 2 - The Berlin Decisio...
 1 "My God, look at what the reader of this review is doing with his right hand! Ewwww...!"
 2 In a few moments, Cpt. James will test the world's first automated haircut chair. With horrific results.

Titan A.E.
 1 Escaping from an exploding planet Earth.
 2 He's got the whole world in his hands...

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everyt...
 1 Thelma, Louise and Patrick?
 2 Faaaaaaaabulous!!!

Total Recall
 1 Governor of Mars?
 2 Touch ID - Mars Edition
 3 Running with scissors is bad m'kay
 4 The missing wiggle
 5 Arnie gets stoned

 1 Happy workers.
 2 The mourning begins...
 3 The Last Temptation of Barbie.
 5 Destroy him my robotsthhhhh...
 6 Oh look, they're on the ceiling, too!

Transformers Armada - Volume 1
 1 The New Transformers: Flush Load

Transformers Armada - Volume 3
 1 The New Transfomers: Slowsteel

Transformers Armada - Volume 5
 1 The New Transformers: Happylad

Transformers Armada - Volume 7
 1 The New Transformers - B.A.Bot

Trapped (2002) (Rental)
 1 Charlize's agent leaves some advice on the window.
 2 "Your Bacon number is about to be ZERO!!!"

True Lies
 1 His and hers evil terrorists
 2 Avon calling...
 3 "Hey, because it's YOU!"
 4 Trademark James Cameron
 5 If Looks could kill

Two Weeks Notice
 1 Damn it can get cold in New York...
 2 It looks like a cosy little crib - we'll take it!
 3 Duck Magnum, duck!
 4 I'm a peanut!

Unbreakable (Rental)
 1 The breakable Elijah Price.
 2 Dunn and son. The dynamic duo?

Under the Tuscan Sun (Rental)
 1 Diane Lane glows as Frances Mayes
 2 "You're gay and away!"... No shit...
 3 Aaaah-choo!
 4 Bless you!
 5 Under the Tuscan Sun

Uptown Girls (Rental)
 1 After eating at a diner, constipation sets in...
 2 I said Kimmy - look at moiee!
 3 Oh my god - they're trying to steal my bubbles!

View From the Top (Rental)
 1 "What? You'll have to speak up..I'm wearing a bikini!"
 2 Sorry, I've got boob induced writers block on this one.
 3 "Sure honey, but I doubt Einstein took into account the relative velocity of theoretical neutrinos when he derived his final theory of relativity. Uh'huh."

Viva Las Nowhere (Rental)
 1 A good reason why Country and Western sucks...
 2 Hmm, a good reason why maybe Country and Western doesn't suck after all...

Waking Up in Reno
 1 Oh boy, if I had one of these, you'd all pay bigtime..
 2 "Yep, I did Ghost, and now I suck."
 3 "Jezzus Billy Bob! Did you eat a dead cow or something? What the hell's wrong with your butt?"

Warren Miller's Cold Fusion - ...
 1 Harvey's rights ski was inexplicably caught up in his wrist watch.
 2 What goes up, must come down.
 3 See?

Welcome to Sarajevo
 1 Welcome to Hell
 2 The news team in action.

What Lies Beneath (Rental)
 1 One eerie image.
 2 The Sixth Sense in a bathtub
 3 Mind if I join you?

Widespread Panic - Live From T... dts
 1 Umm, what exactly do you mean by "The bomb has been armed - if you stop drumming in the next 23 minutes then KABOOM?!"

 1 Young jedi tennis players.
 2 Hey look, it's Spider-man.
 3 Your typical view from Budget-seats-r-us.com
 4 Here's my Monica Seles impersonation.
 5 Aaaaaaaahhh! This surface feels like carpet.
 6 Let's play 'spot the digital ball'

X-Men 2: SE dts
 1 Brian was the breath holding champion for the third year running...
 2 Don't sulk, young man.
 3 Fly! Be Free!

xXx: The DC
 1 Surfs Up
 2 You read the bible Xander? Wait, wrong movie!
 3 Apocalypse Wow!
 4 Nothing between the ears

Yardbirds - Yardbirds
 1 Separated at birth?

You Can't Stop the Murders
 1 What's this button do?
 2 The thin blue line... dance.
 3 Where's Jan Hammer when you need him?
 4 Now, keep your head my son...

Youssou N'Dour - Live at Union...
 1 The impressive theatre
 2 Great singer, great band

2 Fast 2 Furious
 1 Someone stabbed me with a comb and my hair exploded!
 2 Of course this is standard clothing for late night drag racing!
 3 and they're off!
 4 Vin making a cameo? Sadly no.

24 Hour Party People
 1 Live transmission...
 2 24 Hour Poisoned Pigeons...
 3 The Happy Mondays Step On...
 4 Honestly, would you wear that to a Pistols gig?!
 5 Tony Wilson's world renowned Bez impersonation...

46664 - The Event
 1 Peter Gabriel with Yusuf Islam - aka Cat Stevens.
 2 Gabriel pays tribute to Biko.

A Bronx Tale
 1 The mob bought their suits at a Roger David "Buy 1 Get 2 Free Sale"
 2 "C'mere and gimme a kiss and I'll give ya a lovely cabbage."

A Cinderella Story
 1 Tween fairytale
 2 Talent challenged Hilary Duff
 3 Cotton Candylicious menu

A Night At The Roxbury
 1 Doug and Steve Butabi; In search of Zorro?
 2 You want a piece of this? How about this?

Absolutely Fabulous - Series 5
 1 Eddy Eddy Eddy!
 2 In with anger, out with love!
 3 Patsy darling, we found Serge.

 1 This time for sure...
 2 I'm seeing double - FOUR Nic Cages!
 3 All I want for Christmas...
 4 Birds do it, bees do it...
 5 Coochie-coochie-coo!

AFL Collingwood - Wall to Wall
 1 Into battle
 2 The late and great Darren Milane.
 3 Back to back Copeland Trophy winner Paul Licuria.
 5 Tha Magic Man - Peter Daicos.

AFL St. Kilda - Wall to Wall
 1 You'll believe a man can fly.
 2 When men were men, and shorts were very, very tight.

Alias - The Complete First Sea...
 1 Sydney Bristow, expert at blending undetectably into the background. Usually.
 2 A rarely-scene shot from the unreleased "Where's Sydney?" book.

Alien Quadrilogy dts
 1 Deleted outtake
 2 Original concept art
 3 Spin off sequel: Aliens Vs Planet of the Apes
 4 Spin off Special: A Very Alien Christmas

Alien vs. Predator dts
 1 This is certainly not Disney on Ice.
 2 Ice to see you.
 3 Oh, that's nice and warm!!!
 4 So many predators, so little time.
 5 Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away
 6 Graduation of snow mobile licensing at the RTA.

Aliens: CE
 1 Unused Concept Art for Newt...
 2 Unused Concept Art for the Aliens...
 3 Unused Concept Art for the Alien Queen...

Ally McBeal - Season 1: Part 1
 1 Shoot that poison arrow through my heart.
 2 The face bra
 3 Billy & Richard hard at work
 4 She’s electrifying!
 5 Waif, armed & dangerous.

Ally McBeal - Season 2: Part 1
 1 He's Baaaaack
 2 Sub-zero Ally
 3 Ally McBeal, the incredible shrinking woman
 4 I've fallen and I can't get up
 5 The ultimate My Little Pony
 6 Bobblehead Ally

Amazon Women on the Moon
 1 Don gets down...
 2 That guy on the left is a dick...

American Pie - CE
 1 Three boys, the Internet and a hot babe onscreen.
 2 Oz sings to Stifler - It's amazing what a woman can do to a guy.
 3 "Like warm apple pie" - Oz.
 4 Finch, not one to use public toilets, get's some laxative encouragement.
 5 You can always rely on magazines to learn about the birds and the bees.

Anacondas - The Hunt For The B...
 1 You sure this is sanitary?
 2 Anacondas - Revenge of the crocodile hunter.
 3 Are you sure you're wearing Lynx Africa.
 4 Help, bee bit my wip, all swowwen.
 5 Welcome to the jungle.
 6 Getting ready to boogie.

Anatomie 2
 1 The first cut is the deepest.
 2 Building the perfect beast.
 3 Heroin chic. Sid and Nancy.
 4 Dr. Josef Mengele's love child.
 5 I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me.
 6 Post mortem. Getting into the guts of the main menu.

Angel Heart
 1 Muggers start young in the deep south.
 2 "Are you staring at my nipples?"
 3 Harry decided to pass on the gumbo.

Anger Management
 1 Who does number two work for?
 2 Ooh! What a big, fuzzy teddy bear!
 3 Whaddya mean it was OUT?
 4 One mother of a curling wand...
 5 From New York mayor to just one of the crowd...

Arrested Development - Season ...
 1 The cast of the best show on TV.
 2 Jason Bateman
 3 Happy Family. NOT!
 4 Yoga is safer with a helmet!
 5 '80s headbands are sooo back. Sorta!
 6 Arrested Development Menu

Astro Boy Deluxe Collection Ti...
 1 Dr Elefun and Astros sister Uran
 2 Astro with Mum and Dad
 3 Why we recycle Coca Cola cans.
 4 Where would you be without your Bruton 33?
 5 Time for some fisticuffs.
 6 Everyone needs a shiny Atlas.

Austin Powers - SE
 1 Frozen for 30 years, Austin Powers will return.
 2 Well you shake it to the left...
 3 Allow myself to introduce ... myself.
 4 1 million dollars. whahahahahaha
 5 The Fembots make their presence felt.

Baby Juice Express
 1 and the odd one out is...
 2 Did you just fill that? You wanker!

Bad Eggs
 1 PHWOAR! Hornbag alert...
 2 MMMmmm... beige.
 3 The requisite fart joke...
 4 And I thought my flat had high ceilings...
 5 Shit. I'm stuck in a f*ckin' Homicide homage...
 6 Playing the Mick Chick again. Oh joy.

Bad Santa
 1 Quentin Tarantino presents, Bad Santa!
 2 Midget boxing!
 3 Santa on the edge of a crisis!
 4 Mad Mike from Pimp My Ride
 5 Lucky Jason Lee, of Mallrats, isn’t watching...

Ballistic - Ecks vs Sever
 1 Can someone please tell me what this thing is and why it's in this film?
 2 Well, you see doc, it kinda curves to the left, you know what I mean?

Basil Brush - Unleashed
 1 I feel so trapped!

Batman Begins - SE
 1 Does it come in black?

Battlestar Galactica (2003)
 1 "Take you to Darth Vader? I think you have the wrong Battlestar, pal."
 2 Carl had yet to learn the benefits of SPF15+.
 3 Another Cylon bites the (space) dust.

Beautiful Girls
 1 Truth in advertising: one of the beautiful girls (Uma Thurman)
 2 "When I grow up, I'm gonna be queen of a planet up there..."

Belle & Sebastian - Fans Only
 1 Ooh! It's like the '70s, '80s, '90s and noughties never happened!

Ben Harper & the Innocent Crim...
 1 Ben raids the Partridge Family's wardrobe...

Betsy's Wedding
 1 "Wow, that must be a bitch to clean."
 2 Here I am - you're sprinkled cupcake ready to go...
 3 I'm gonna regret this scene when it's released on DVD.

Beyond Imagination - Pyramid. ...
 1 So that's how they did it!
 2 "It looked bigger in the brochure."
 3 Smoke gets in your eyes - and shortly, everywhere else besides.

Big Wednesday
 1 "Everybody's gone surfin'..."

Billy Jack
 1 "Smell it! I said smell my foot! SMELL IT!"

Black Sabbath - Never Say Die
 1 The Prince of Darkness saw the light - and it was BAD!

 1 I wear my underpants on the INSIDE.
 2 Time to next gag, 57 seconds.
 3 Holy water Blankman, no pun intended!
 4 Number 5 is alive.

Blood: The Last Vampire
 1 He's going to miss his stop.
 2 I hope they sell fries.
 3 And they call this art?
 4 Visiting the Anime dentist.
 5 Them's blood in them eyes.

Boa vs Python
 1 Flamin 'eck!
 2 Is that a snake in your pants...oh nevermind
 3 One shot, one kill (me please)
 4 Shhh, I think I can hear my career going down the toilet

Bottom Live - 2003: Weapons Gr...
 1 Nope, still can't see it!
 2 The time travelling toilet - The Turdis!

Brainstorm (1983)
 1 The letterboxed opening credits look like this on a 16:9 display...
 2 How the film should have looked on a 16:9 display.
 3 The dreaded disclaimer.

Brian Wilson - On Tour dts
 1 No silly comments, just the man himself.
 2 But this is a shot of a fat guy in a Hawiian shirt and some hobo..

Brokedown Palace
 1 WOO! We're American! We're having fun! Woo! Look at my arms! WOO! WEEEEE!

Calendar Girls (Rental)
 1 Erm, nice buns...
 2 A run-in with Anthrax...

Carry on Cabby
 1 Oh dear!
 2 Cabs in formation.
 3 Moving in for the kill.

Carry on Screaming
 1 A mid-60s attempt to manufacture Russell Crowe goes horribly wrong...
 2 Police finally locate the dreaded Pop Starlet factory.

Casper: SE dts
 1 The heart and soul of Tim Burton... but he's nowhere in sight...
 2 Steven Spielberg's influence as Executive Producer in revamping E.T.'s classic 'hand' theme... except last time things were more... solid.
 3 Seeing is believing
 4 Casper and Kat chill out on a lighthouse... as you do?
 5 What? Casper is now on a Special Edition DVD? That sure is breaking news!

Catch Me if You Can dts
 1 It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it...
 2 In front of you! In front of you!
 3 Let's play doctors and nurses!
 4 Oh the humanity!
 5 A rare example of the lost '60s art of fondue kungfu...

 1 A storm that fizzled.
 2 Snappy Tom time.
 3 The canned tuna shipments arrive.
 4 Face mask = instant super hero.
 5 Sharon Stoned.
 6 Almost a full moon.

 1 It's a Day Spa. You're making me very angry.
 2 Hi, I'm here to pick up my Porsche.
 3 Not my SUV, please don't take my SUV.
 4 Anybody moves, I blow this guys head off.
 5 The vibrating feels funny against my nipples. Look, an Elephant.

Charlie's Angels
 1 Do you have one that is battery powered?
 2 Girls just want to have fun.
 3 The chicks like it HOT.
 4 James Bond has nothing on these weapons and disguises.
 6 I said, I've already got a drink and a boyfriend.

Chicago dts
 1 It's the Puppet Master!
 2 A totally different tone to her singing in Empire Records...
 3 Queen Latifah has a huge... talent.
 4 And, no, John C. Reilly is not The Thing.
 5 Catherine Zeta Jones realises that this really does hurt...
 6 The seed of sex, murder, and all that jazz.

Chris Rock - Bigger And Blacke...
 1 I'm go beat up the fool who tol' me dem lies.
 2 This ain't no McDonalds burger.
 3 I'm strutting here.

Close Encounters of the Third ... dts
 1 PRESS: In the interest of safety, the RTA has installed 1000watt light bulbs at all level crossings.
 2 Get down low and go, go, go.
 3 Kevin Costner discovers the Titanic in 'DesertWorld'
 4 The AFL board takes control of the cricket and issues more umpires.
 5 ID4: Episode 1 - The prequel.
 6 "I'm telling you, it's not a voodoo mountain at all".

 1 Lady Liberty: Lady of Leisure.
 2 I gotta Instagram this.
 3 Hey you down there, have you seen my poodle?
 4 Heading to the rave.

Coffee Crazy: SE
 1 Loopy Luigi Lupi and his latté art.
 2 The worlds worst coffee?

Cool Hand Luke
 1 What we've got here... is failure to communicate!

Corvette - America's First Spo...
 1 MMMmmm, shiny!

Courage Under Fire
 1 Lou Diamond Phillips has a secret
 2 Matt Damon has an even bigger secret
 3 Meg Ryan is in deep trouble
 4 Denzel Washington has to find out the hard truth.

 1 Like a tiger!
 2 The boys are back in town...
 3 The buns are better at Cracker Jacks...
 4 A Crackerjack menu...

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
 1 Traffic is bad, let's take the river road.
 2 skim rocks? Skim ourselves instead.
 3 This coffee tastes like mud! Serenity now!
 4 Damn those beans. Potent.
 5 Hoowee!!! Who's bean eating beans out on the lake.

Cyndi Lauper - 12 Deadly Cyns....
 1 AGH! Cartman in the buff!
 2 Punkish sneer? Check...

Dante's Peak: SE dts
 1 Dirty water, shaken not stirred, naturally
 2 Hmm, just as I suspected, a rock! That evil Dr. Erupto must be behind this!

Dawn of the Dead - DC (2004)
 1 Someone wasn't happy they missed breakfast.
 2 The school bus of the apocalypse.
 3 "Let's get down with the sickness."
 4 Serious end-of-days zombie action!
 5 A serious blood-bath.

Death to Smoochy
 1 Robin Williams dresses down for a change...
 2 'C' is for 'co...', oh.
 3 Catherine Keener lets Smoochy's critics know what she thinks of their opinions...
 4 Not purple, fuschia - really...
 5 Dickhead meets smackheads...

Deep Blue Sea
 1 Samuel L. Jackson
 2 Saffron Burrows as the mad scientist.
 3 Jaws, with a smarter brain.

Die Another Day: SE dts
 1 Sorry old chap, but I'm not going anywhere without Wilson...
 2 Ice to see you, swanna bonk?
 3 Torvill & Dean get with the Noughties...
 4 Pah, it's been done...
 5 The menu, shaken not stirred - of course.

 1 Come with me if you want to live.
 2 Realistic looking fur - finally.
 3 Do you come here often
 4 Hello there Mr Raptor

Disco Never Looked So Good
 1 Collette, now appearing behind a checkout near you.

Doctor Who - The Aztecs
 1 "Don't look now, but I think there's a dead chicken in your hair."

Doctor Who - The Talons of Wen...
 1 "Elementary my dear...Leela?"
 2 "I think I'll have the sweet and sour rodent and a large fried rice, thanks."
 3 "I don't know about you, but I'll be having words with my stylist."

Dog Soldiers
 1 "Oi, lads, anyone for sausages?"
 2 "Hi, I'm Frank, and behind me is Steve. We like horse-riding, rollerblading, dancing, and ripping peoples heads off. Call us now."

Doing Hard Time
 1 The Insta-Photo-Mater 5000.
 2 48 hours 24 style.
 3 Woah!! It's one of those behind-you mirrors.
 4 I smell a fugazi!
 5 I once caught a fish THIS BIG!!!
 6 Whatya mean fiddy cent gap?

Donnie Darko
 1 The experience begins...
 2 Donnie at the world's most depressing bus stop.
 3 The grass may be green, but the mood is dark...
 4 Drew Barrymore as teacher Karen Pomeroy.
 5 Donnie walks out of the strangest double bill in town.
 6 "I can see Mt Doom from here..."

Double Team
 1 Van Damme's head injuries were not a blessing to his acting.
 2 The future is so dull yet I still wear shades.
 3 Help, I'm stuck in the doorway.
 4 The crispness of dvd really shines...
 5 Mickey Rourke all beefed up.

Down With Love (Rental)
 1 Hitting the hip, cool, far-out, groovy and boss places...
 2 Now where would we be if not for yellow lines?

Dragons Lair (Interactive Vide...
 1 The haunted castle sits lonely on the hill.
 2 Dirk the Daring to the rescue.
 3 Fancy a game of marbles?
 4 Jedi Dirk and his lightsaber.

 1 Whip it! Whip it good!
 2 And we have lift off!
 3 Pretty simple to guess which stick goes where...

DVD Fireplace
 1 Just add marshmallows

Earth Vs The Flying Saucers
 1 Major Johnson let one rip after a spicy Indian curry with devastating results.
 2 This is Christine Spiteri reporting for Nightline.
 3 Colonel Adams loved to impersonate a chocolate Easter bunny with things got tense.
 4 The Army unveils its high tech table soccer training facility.

Ed Wood: SE
 1 Does my butt look big in this?
 2 Pull the string!
 3 Ed Wood - the menu...

Eddie Izzard - Dress to Kill
 1 Too much make up?

 1 "Why are you crying?"
 2 "I didn't know John had a dog!"
 3 "Ohh... take a picture of me!"
 4 ...background Beethoven...
 5 "Oh, no no. I don't do outdoor nudity."

Empires - Egypt's Golden Empir...
 1 Oh, yes, I know this one...they're the, umm...oh, damn.

Empires - Japan: Memoirs of a ...
 1 3 Brm, 2 Bath. Double garage. First to see will buy.
 2 Everyone pitched in to help find Yukio's contact lens

Empires - The Roman Empire
 1 "Hey Biggus, who's this Russell Crowe fellow then?"
 2 "I hate camping!"

Enter the Dragon
 1 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
 2 Do you hear what he said about your fro bro?
 3 Jackie Chan. The 2 second stooge.
 4 Wheel of Fortune Cookie!

Erasure - Hits! The Videos
 1 Set 'em up, bartender!
 2 A rare glimpse of Vince Clarke's audition for the lead in Shrek - the Musical.

Eric Clapton - Unplugged
 1 A wide shot of the stage.
 2 Eric Clapton, up close and digital.
 3 Ting on the triangle.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotle... dts
 1 Ice™ - bringing people together since creation.
 2 You're the doc Doc.
 3 Wearing lab coats ensures Lacuna workers aren't accidently covered in brains.
 4 Can't caption... so beautiful!
 5 Carrey preparing for his role in A Clockwork Orange: The Remake.
 6 "...Meet me in Montauk..."

 1 The Butt Files: The Cheeks are out there.
 2 Beware of the Dog.
 3 The Three Amigos.

Family Guy - Season One
 1 The gang's all here...
 2 Seriously, who could resist?
 3 Stewie does his block...
 4 Shaken, not stirred - naturally.
 5 Getting down with the Griffins...

Far From Heaven
 1 Adopting the stylistic look of the 1950s
 2 A stinker about to happen in the bathroom...
 3 You mean I'm pregnant?
 4 Far From Heaven

 1 Amy Flower liked to make a grand entrance to the DVDnet office each morning.
 2 This is me when I've finished writing a review.

Femme Fatale
 1 "Give me the other half of my headphones or I'll reformat your mouth in 16:9"
 2 Running away, done the ultra-stylish French way.
 3 "If only I could find a sex shop..."
 4 "Glurbbble blllb glug splubbl."
 5 Shadow boxing as entertainment.
 6 "Err, Laure - please tell me I didn't forget something when I got changed..."

Final Destination 2 dts
 1 Log, log, log - it's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
 2 Why 25" subwoofers in cars are a bad idea.
 3 Never entrust your car to Rammstein Transport Inc.
 4 A brave attempt to get up to page 1470 of the new Stephen King novel before bedtime.
 5 "Am I making myself CLEAR?? Oh, hang on, I am Clear."
 6 This in-car drinking fountain perhaps needs a little refinement.

Finding Nemo dts
 1 They call him Bruce...
 2 Ooh, pretty!
 3 Mine!
 4 I have soiled myself... how embarrassing.
 5 Righteous!
 6 Aah ooh wah hee ha ho ho ho!

Fleetwood Mac-Rumours
 1 I could have sworn this mic was up higher a minute ago.
 2 No comment.
 3 I made this guitar our of old floor boards.
 4 "Woman brain, small like chicken".

Freddy vs. Jason
 1 I'm like really scared ok!
 2 The chicks dig me!
 3 BOO!

Frida (Rental)
 1 Kahlo's "The Broken Column" jumps to life...
 2 There's a bit of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas in everyone...
 3 Let Technicolour rule!
 4 Geoffrey Rush as controversial Trotsky
 5 The Kahlo look-a-like - no one else coulda done it!
 6 The doorway to Frida's life

Friends - The Complete Season ...
 1 The famous title for the first time.
 2 The soggy six.

Friends - The Complete Season ...
 1 Mind your hand there Jen!
 2 Oops!

Full Frontal
 1 She's faking it - as if you can sleep on a plane!
 2 Uh, not that type of massage...
 3 Pippy Longstocking 25 years later...
 4 "I spit on your film!"

Futurama Season 3
 1 So THAT's what it was!
 2 Just another generic crustacean...
 3 Whoa, check out the cans!
 4 Two eyes? Whoa, what a freak!
 5 Wucka wucka wucka wucka...
 6 Dance puny humans, or I will destroy you!

Gangs of New York dts
 1 Bill the Butcher leads his gang into battle.
 2 Our first glimpse of Jenny, through a Scorsese-friendly shattered blue glass window.
 3 Amsterdam shows cinematographer Michael Ballhaus how subtle he is at the spying game.
 4 "Alright, who threw that tomato? I'll 'ave ya."
 5 "You see, Jenny? Open fireplaces are bad for the... I think I'll call it the Ozone Layer."

Garfield - The Movie
 1 i feel like pizza tonight, like pizza tonight.
 2 easy back there.
 3 the strut.
 4 These things will never sell.
 5 consequences of a cat-apult.

George & Mildred - Complete Se...
 1 "Your wig's on crooked."

Gettin' Square: CE
 1 Do yous likes me mullet?
 2 Great name for a boat!
 3 We'll call him Bob!

Ghostbusters - CE
 1 Do not talk in the Library
 2 The Stay Puft Marshmallow man
 3 Rick Moranis is the Key Master
 4 We came, we saw, we kicked dvd ass.

 1 It's called the wonder woman. Hands out far and spin.
 2 This is my boomstick.

Glam Rock - The DVD dts
 1 Bass chicks ROOL!
 2 It's Keith Partridge - SWOON!
 3 From crayons to perfume to...

Gods and Generals
 1 "The first rule of Fight Club is never speaketh about Fight Club."
 2 "Rough night? I use Libra Tampons. They have wings or something."
 3 "Hey! Someone invented a Porta-Loo!"

Goodbye Lenin!
 1 Alex shooting his pilot for the German edition of 'A Current Affair'.
 2 Half-statue of Vladimir Lenin floating past your window: $500,000
 3 The realisation that communism isn't all its cracked up to be: Priceless
 4 Sunset seems to always herald a time of reflection... Hmmm...

 1 Robert Downey Jr. doing his Al Pacino face.
 2 Penelope Cruz; Parked car chaser.
 3 Indiana Berry and the Raiders of the Lost Knife!

Gravion - Volume 1
 3 Hey, who died?
 4 Never let your hand towel touch water, good advice.
 5 More BOUS than you can poke a stick at.

Grinspoon - 23 Hours of Waitin...
 1 The very cool menu.
 2 Rockin' out the Enmore Theatre.

Gungrave - Vol. 1: Beyond The ... dts
 1 Taken down execution style...
 2 "People look up. Things fall down. And when it rains, it pours."
 3 That gun is telling me this guy means trouble.
 4 It's hard to think that five minutes ago they were both riddled with bullets, lying on a sidewalk...

Happy Gilmore
 1 Happy GIlmore polishes up his singing before the Wedding Singer
 2 Carl Weathers as a retired boxer/golfer.
 3 Jaws - Either has metal in his teeth or metal in his head.
 4 Shooter and Happy square off

Harry Potter and the Chamber o...
 1 Ooh, it's E.T.! Or is it Yoda? Umm, Gandhi?
 2 Eat your heart out George Jetson!
 3 A little light reading...
 4 Harry Potter and the Menu of Secrets

Harvard Man
 1 ...and I want a 'Flower Power' Barbie, and a little pink Beetle Bug for her to drive around in... and, and, and a pony, and...

Heart - Alive in Seattle dts
 1 Looking good.
 2 Who said Roseanne can't sing?

 1 Unspoken communication.
 2 Philippa (Cate Blanchett) evades capture.
 3 A moment of understanding.

Heavy Metal - CE
 1 Wipe off 5!
 2 Hey, whizz fizz!
 3 Umm!

Hellboy - The DC
 1 Hey! Hey! They're Playing our Song!
 2 Ready for a Fight: Kroenen the Clockwork Villain
 3 Beauty and the Beast
 4 Rasputin and his Nazi Gang Set their Trap.
 5 Professor Broom and Abe Sapien

History of Football - The Beau...
 1 Things go better with Coke!

Hook - CE
 1 Hook by name, Hook by reputation
 2 Julia Roberts plays tiny Tinkerbell

Hulk dts
 1 "Hi. My name's Bruce Banner and I'm a psycopath..."
 2 But I like's a pounding ya'll.
 3 You talkin to me?
 4 The paparatzi was Hulk's constant companion.
 5 "Puny human..."
 6 I know there's a transformer in here somewhere...

I Heart Huckabees
 1 Ah! My beautiful face!
 2 A tree-planting ceremony in the middle of a carpark will always turn heads...
 3 Don't worry, there's no sugar!!!
 4 "Being a model can be so... emotional!"
 5 Oh I'm a firefighter on a bicycle!

ICC World Cup Cricket 2003 - O...
 1 Gilchrist's levitation act is really coming along.
 2 "Hey, so glad you could make it."
 3 The team that swept all before them...and then some.

 1 "Does anyone know the way to the Scrubs set?"
 2 "Alas, poor Yorick! Oh, hang on, wrong script... Alas, poor Nokia..."
 3 "...and when I wiggle my fingers like this, you can only see it in the widescreen version..."
 4 Amanda Peet finally reaches THAT note in Nessun Dorma.
 5 "Ginny, if our relationship wasn't in Panavision I'd feel a lot closer to you right now."
 6 "Meeting adjourned."

Illuminations - The Tea Party ... dts
 1 "Jim Morrison? Never heard of him..."
 2 "Look, aren't we carrying this crucifixion business too far...?"
 3 A quiet moment of reflection.

Immortal Beloved
 1 Beethoven assumes Bust Pose #4
 2 One of Beethoven's admirers... but is she his Immortal Beloved?
 3 Beethoven tries out the first Piano Walkman.

 1 The whole 'big lips' thing in Hollywood had gone too far this time.
 2 "But I swear, it was THIS BIG last night!"

Inspiral Carpets - Live at Bri...
 1 This is how it feels to read bad puns...

It's a Very Merry Muppet Chris...
 1 Midori will do that to you...
 2 The little drummer boy...
 3 Looks like Beaker's done an Anthony Michael Hall...
 4 It's not easy being green...
 5 Lager, lager, lager!

Jawbreaker - CE
 1 Tell me more, tell me more, did he put up a fight.
 2 It's point to rude.
 3 My pants so don't go with this car.

Jerry Maguire
 1 Tom Cruise is a stressed Jerry Maguire
 2 Show me the money...
 3 It's bath time.
 4 Down and out, but not for long.
 5 Jerry finally realises the importance of family.

Joe Jackson - 25th Anniversary... dts
 1 Shhh! We're hunting wascally percussionists...

Johnny Cash - Presents a Conce...
 1 A captive audience.
 2 What will Linda Ronstadt do when Dorothy wants her dress back?

Judge Dredd
 1 I am the Luaaawwww
 2 Let me kill him Pah!!!
 3 We're going to war
 4 Rocky meets a comic book.

Just Married
 1 Presenting Europe's finest in compact cars - the new Potrzebie Axolotl!
 2 Ah, airplane lavatory Tetris...
 3 And it's back to Venice - and more f*cking gondolas!
 4 Standards have slipped a tad at the Venice Hilton.
 5 Umm, apparently this is a dog...

Justin Timberlake - Justified ...
 1 A pretty boy on video...

Kenny Everett - The Complete N...
 1 'Ullo plebs...

Kiki's Delivery Service
 1 The carefree days of a witch in training!
 2 "Oh that red bow looks simply devine!"
 3 Phil Hartman as a cat is always going to turn heads.
 4 "It's not that I don't like you, it's that those glasses are terrible on you!"
 5 Kiki's eyeing off the liquor.
 6 Watch out for that tree!...

Kinsey dts
 1 Tell me about your first experience with DVD
 2 How Long?
 3 How you doin'?

Knockaround Guys
 1 Vin looking buff as ever.
 2 Do I look guilty?

Laputa: Castle in the Sky
 1 A floating princess from the sky? What luck!?
 2 Smile! You're at Mr Smilies!
 3 The rooster of the future.
 4 Argh, always with the flying tentacles!
 5 Ohh... an underground star cave.

Law & Order - Criminal Intent ...
 1 The modern day Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson
 2 He's thinking..........
 3 Criminal menu

Law & Order - SVU - Season 1
 1 The obligatory team walking shot
 2 Benson & Stabler
 3 SVU menu

Lean On Me
 1 Listen to me when I'm shouting at you!

Lilo & Stitch
 1 Engage!
 2 Blue punch buggy!
 3 All that Stitching is making me atch!
 4 Aloha Lilo & Stitch...

Little Black Book
 1 Our film is just like Working Girl. You wish!
 2 Stacey & Barb open pandora's box
 3 Kibbie Kann Do!
 4 Little Black menu

Living Free
 1 Somebody push me!

Looney Tunes Back in Action
 1 Shh! Don't say the name...
 2 Exterminate or space demodulate?
 3 Hello my baby, hello my darlin'!
 4 Of course you know this means war...
 5 Out to Munch...

Lovely & Amazing
 1 Elizabeth (Emily Mortimer) and Michelle (Catherine Keener) try to make conversation at a Hollywood party.

Madonna - The Girlie Show
 1 A beautiful Sydney Sunset
 2 The menu screen
 3 S&M = Silk masks and microphones.
 4 A concert like no other.

 1 You!!! Be cool!
 2 Trust me, the soothers didn't work.
 3 ...and then you whistle. I call it the pip squeak.
 4 Isn't it adorable. A baby Saddam.
 5 Now that's a spicy meatball.

Maid in Manhattan
 1 Can you see the electricity?
 2 Do you see what I see?
 3 Beware of strange men in elevators...
 4 Mirror, mirror on the wall, are there any features at all?

Mambo Italiano
 1 You're what???????
 2 Doctor.... I keep seeing flowers everywhere.
 3 Oh my god mate, this shirt matches my sisters wallpaper.

Manchester United - Beyond the...
 1 Becks!
 2 Ryan Giggs
 3 Roy Keane

Mask Of Zorro
 1 Don Rafaelo Montero
 2 Don Diego De La Vega
 3 Alejandro Murrieta - Zorro
 4 Antonio with the sleek look.
 5 Elena - Catherine Zeta-Jones

Matthew Bournes Swan Lake
 1 The young prince.
 2 A night on the lake.
 3 The swans come out...
 4 The queen celebrates.

Midnight Express-Anniversary E...
 1 Billy alone in the sanitarium.
 2 Randy Quaid being stabbed in the arse as an act of revenge by a fellow prisoner.
 3 Billy Hayes being arrested after the discovery of hashish strapped to him belly.  The guards believe it may be explosives.

Mighty Joe Young
 1 Relax! Unwind! Go hunting.
 2 The thermometer is cold!!! it's frikkin freezing.
 3 You're right, waxing could get expensive.
 4 a South African beauty.
 5 A North American hooty.

Monk - Season 1
 1 No, I'm not the guy from Men In Black.
 2 No, I'm not the principal from Ferrie Beullers Day Off
 3 No, I'm not afraid of getting a tan.

Monsters, Inc. dts
 1 Do you sell contact lenses?
 2 Get this thing off me...
 3 Oh my, Toy Story 3 on DVD?!

Moonlight Mile
 1 Joe (Jake Gyllenhaal) pauses for thought.
 2 Bertie (Ellen Pompeo) lives up to the US Postal Service's rain, hail or shine policy.
 3 Dinner with Ben and Jojo.
 4 Jake Gyllenhaal and Dustin Hoffman put in an early challenge for the 2003 DVDnet stare-out contest.
 5 Bertie and Joe.

Mortal Kombat Annihilation
 1 It is a time of bad scripts and useless sequels.
 2 Shao Khan with a bad case of skinus-missingus.
 3 Smoke makes an apperance.
 4 Smile, you're on mortal camera.
 5 Motaro a Sagitarius?

Moulin Rouge - SE dts
 1 Lavish sets aplenty
 2 Let's set the scene
 3 Better the Fairy you know!
 4 Ok, now cough.
 5 The bad ass chicks of the Moulin Rouge
 6 The story begins!

Mudvayne - L(ive) D(osage) 50 ...
 1 Scary!

Muppet Treasure Island: SE
 1 She'll be apples...
 2 The rich halfwit son of a shipbuilder consults Mr. Bimbo...
 3 Waldorf and Statler reduced to figureheads...
 4 Captain Smollett: Raging volcano...
 5 Long John Silver and Polly the, erm, lobster...

Music in High Places - Goo Goo... dts
 1 So purrrty
 2 "I thought you were driving?!?"
 3 Music in High Places

Mutiny on the Bounty
 1 "Mr Christian! Why is this man wearing stripes with stripes?"
 2 The crew had resorted to using innovative forms of bait.
 3 Don't you just hate it when you spot someone else wearing the same outfit?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
 1 Your personal Greek statue.
 2 Ee-yun!!!
 3 You may now kiss the meringue...
 4 My Big Fat Greek Menu.

My Giant
 1 And the Oscar goes to...
 2 What's the big deal? My head is normally this high anyway.
 3 Wow! Now that's tall!

Neighbours - The Music
 1 Who'd have thought she'd become a sex symbol?

Nine Queens
 1 "Listen mate, who are you calling a queen?"
 2 "You'd look like me if you had to read my squashed subtitles this fast."
 3 "Sorry, but I have to return this suit to the Men In Black"
 4 "You posted what with that amount of postage?"

Norah Jones And The Handsome B...
 1 Norah Jones...
 2 and The Handsome Band.
 3 Lost in the moment.
 4 Dolly lends her big set of um...lungs for a tune.

Nothing to Lose
 1 "Now, tell us again how much you liked the movie..."

NYPD Blue - Season 2
 1 David Caruso departs the 15th squad for the last time.
 2 Jimmy Smits makes his debut.

Ocean's Twelve
 1 We're getting paid how much?
 2 *Sigh* They're called Boobs Andy!
 3 Better out than in I say!
 4 Any room for me in this flick?

 1 Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain.
 2 Why I do declare you have the shadow of a prop guy on your dress!

Once Upon A Time In China - Sp...
 1 The Sword of Death!
 2 Jet Li going for his Hunter S. Thompson look.
 3 Looks like they've employed Jesus as stunt co-ordinator.
 4 Those crazy Americans!

One Hour Photo (Rental)
 1 A bad day in photoland.

One Perfect Day
 1 One Perfect DVD Menu
 2 You spin me right round...
 3 "All you have to do is listen."
 4 C'mon, up the anti... make it a... *gulp*... TOUCHDOWN!
 5 Leeanna Walsman looks terrified as she realises that 'Tidy' actually stood for 'Tiny'...

Only Fools and Horses - The Co...
 1 "It'll ride up with wear."
 2 Another action-packed Saturday night!

Out of Reach
 1 Cough please
 2 Passing out of the only defence against this movie
 3 Shoot me...please
 4 Is it Art?
 5 Finally, I'm out of this movie
 6 The props department ran out of black jackets.

Party Mix
 1 Dazza is a spunk rat!
 2 Yes, it's that bloody song again...

Patch Adams - CE
 1 Patch comes to a patient as an angel
 2 Patch and his love interest
 3 The Spaghetti pool.

Paul Simon - Graceland
 1 Chevy Chase in his younger days.
 2 Paul Simon, once married to Carrie Fisher.
 3 I once caught a fish this big.
 4 Paul Simon fiddling with his mixer.

Pet Shop Boys - Pop Art
 1 West End Boys, or How To Be Inconspicuous At A Railway Station
 2 One of the pop art menus
 3 You'd be grumpy too if you were covered in 3D spikes...
 4 Sir Ian "Gandalf" McKellen in one of his great roles...

Petula Clark - This is My Song
 1 Hey, don't laugh - Christmas cracker dresses are coming back...

Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii: ...
 1 Who's Floyd? And why is he pink? Oh, pink pink.
 2 Whaoh, I got this..like..light thing growing outta my head! Good shit man!
 3 Floyd test the Pompeii sewage system together.

Pirates of the Caribbean - CE dts
 1 I didn't buy any blood oranges?!?
 2 Keira sees Johnny's pay cheque...
 3 Hmmm, is this Edina or Patsy?
 4 The downside of eating disorders...
 5 Disc 1 in its anamorphically enhanced goodness...

Planet of the Apes: 35th Anniv... dts
 1 "Who left the bloody taps on?"
 2 The oldest site gag in the book.
 3 "I have a note from my Mum."

Please Teacher! Volume 1 - Hot...
 1 Yes, I'm the awkward one.
 2 Yes. It's that kinda show...
 3 Sailors. They've got one in every port.
 4 The Japanese love their baths..

Point Break (Magna) dts
 1 "Look, half of my Tank Girl costume is here already..."
 2 The birth of The Matrix - version 1.0
 3 "Look, I'm so talented and can pull my "Speed" face on cue!"
 4 I'm gonna break this effing remote in a minute...

Porridge - Series Three
 1 "Balls!"
 2 Two nuts and a screw?

 1 "C'mere boy! I need a cue ball for mah pool table!"
 2 Powder suffered from severe static electricity when he wore gumboots.
 3 Jeff Goldblum is a goose.

Pretty Woman: SE
 1 "So what did happen with those gerbils?"
 2 SNAP!
 3 "This, ma'am, is called c-u-t-l-e-r-y"
 4 "I feel pretty... Oh so pretty"

Princess Mononoke
 1 Ashitaka: On a Mission from God
 2 The Land of Mist and Fog
 3 Elk and Tree Spirit, forever united.
 4 Tree Spirit from the East
 5 The Princess of Wolves is not happy...
 6 O radiant Deer God, grant me but one wish?

Psycho - CE
 1 Look into the mind of Norman Bates
 2 The House of Horrors
 3 William H. Macy embarks on his last investigation
 4 A cold and chilling murder
 5 Norman Bates keeps an eye on things.

Pulp Fiction
 1 What's in a suitcase?
 2 I will strike down upon thee...
 3 Mia Wallace at the Jack Rabbit slims

Punch-Drunk Love
 1 Lena (Emily Watson) and Barry (Adam Sandler) connect.
 2 Barry goes shopping.
 3 Barry and Lena narrowly avoid getting hit by a Blu-Ray laser prototype.
 4 Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
 5 This is what heaven looks like to frozen-meal-in-a-box fans.
 6 The opening credits - at the end of the film.

Quantum Leap - Season 1
 1 Leaping menu
 2 Guys, it's always important to protect yourself when time traveling.
 3 Sam & Al
 4 The time traveling lone ranger in his white bodysuit
 5 I'm in a real identity crisis here, Al!

R&B Never Looked So Good
 1 Everybody spin!

Rage - The Video Link
 1 Raging!

Raiders of the Lost Ark
 1 Jones. Indiana Jones.
 2 Oh no! It's the world's biggest Malteser!
 3 Why is it it so?
 4 Crack that whip...
 5 It's only a model...
 6 Ooh, it's a Pet Shop Boys video clip!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live a... dts
 1 We said it looks like you could could do with a good feed!

Requiem for a Dream
 1 hoochimama
 2 preparing for the Hulk.
 3 when the air conditioner fails, use the fridge.
 4 "This human fly thing is making my head spin"

Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse
 1 Mmmmmmm, Milla!!!
 2 Well! colour me tickled pink.
 3 Let's see if he can worm his way out of this one.
 4 The Toxic Avenger makes a cameo appearance.
 5 Leelo Dallas multi-scars.
 6 I am not a terrorist.

Richie Benaud's Greatest XI
 1 What do you mean no Jonesy!?!
 2 Even Jonesy can't believe it
 3 Even Jonesy can't believe it
 4 Jonesy waits outside the studio for the big announcement - it never came.
 5 Even Jonesy can't believe it!

Ring 0 - Birthday
 1 FLASHDANCE! Everyone wants to Flashdance! I can't stand it anymore!
 2 They simply couldn't stand the thought of another Ray Martin Special.

 1 Rocky gets a once in a lifetime offer
 2 The training begins
 3 Rocky goes the distance.

 1 Robert De Niro prepares for the ambush
 2 Jean Reno as cool as ever.

Rove '99
 1 The gang.
 2 Awwwww puppy breathe.

S1m0ne dts
 1 "Viktor, THIS is the corner of the frame when we work in Panavision, okay?"
 2 The computer-generated Simone gives "Blue Screen Of Death" a whole new meaning.
 3 I Am Pig wows the critics at the premiere.
 4 Coming this summer: "F0nz1e"

 1 Brush away the anger...
 2 Like a postcard come to life...
 3 A powerful and poised Pema
 4 The entrance to a new and different world

 1 Don't look at me I didn't do it
 2 Damn! How can I get this onto my Ipod?
 3 This is Big Brother...
 4 Smile for the little birdy
 5 Phantom of the opera this isn't!

 1 "Damn, that cardboard cutout of Mr Grey is creeping me out..."
 2 "And next, we'll do the ears..."
 3 "I'm Sophie Ellis-Bextor... err, I mean, I'm your secretary!"
 4 "This one time, when I had the Invisible Woman for a secretary..."
 5 Situation vacant.

Seven - SE dts
 1 Ultra Violet and Ultra Violent
 2 The killer strikes.
 3 Avon calling.
 4 Watching the detectives.
 5 I could have sworn I dropped it here.
 6 Three down, Four to go.

Sex With Strangers (Rental)
 1 Couple number one.
 2 Dressed for success.
 3 Prowling the chat rooms for more swingers.

Shaun Of The Dead
 1 Corrr, that's one juicy blister!
 2 Would you like flies with that?!
 3 Just a shovel full of sugar helps the zombies go down.
 4 Cos this is thriller, thriller night!!!
 5 Saucefest 2005.
 6 I see dead people!

Shooting the Past

 1 Free for free.
 2 Look at me, I'm a lemming!
 3 It's not easy being green.
 4 What a Farquaad!
 5 One of the many beautiful shots.

 1 He's been drinking!
 2 Shhh, we're filming a commercial for pants.
 3 The Oscar worthy Virginia Madsen
 4 The over-sexed charmer & the sad-sack worrier
 5 California Dreamin'

Silent Night, Deadly Night - 1...
 1 Santy Clause is coming to get you!
 2 Bad A*# Santa!
 3 For the love of God...Not the Snow Man too!
 4 What's Up Doc?
 5 Gimme Shelter!
 6 Get your hands up and keep your eyebrows down!

Simple Minds: Seen the Lights ...
 1 Hey guys, look! An Internet nerd's reading a review of our DVD!

Sinead O'Connor - Goodnight, T... dts
 1 Can this girl sing or what?
 2 Songstress and band.
 3 Not always serious.

Slap Her, She's French!
 1 A herd of silly moos...
 2 This must be the French chick then...

Snake Eyes
 1 The blonde guesses Nic's "happy size".
 2 This is not a boob shot, it is a clue. Trust me, in the END you'll figure it out, and you'll give me CREDIT.

Soap - Season Two
 1 Happy families!
 2 Which one's the dummy?

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - The...
 1 He's a pixie, not a fairy.
 2 " And this sofa could be yours, if The Price Is Right."

 1 Gimme paw!
 2 Oh dink! Things aren't looking good for our heroes (and heroines!)
 3 All the inspiration you need for the 40 Hour Famine...
 4 I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!
 5 Joan Rivers discovers a great way to avoid more plastic surgery...

 1 Have you seen this girl?
 2 I can see right through the barrel. Cool!
 3 Remember your e-tag and have a good weekend.
 4 Shallow Val.
 5 Strap yourself in for the ride.
 6 One more time, where's the rest of your office furniture?

Spirited Away: LE dts
 1 Friendly neighbourhood boiler man.
 2 When pool ponies spring a leak.
 3 She love's me, she loves me not...
 4 Yukata. Even the most bland seem exotic...
 5 Did someone order chicken soup?
 6 Horseradish. Now that's hot...

Star Wars - Episode I - The Ph...
 1 This is MY Gameboy, Mutha!
 2 Up Close and Personal.
 3 Maul!
 4 A stand off.
 5 Big Boss Nass Blessed.
 6 Where did we park our Speeder?

Star Wars - Episode IV - A New...
 1 Slugfest 2004.
 2 Whoops, wrong turn.
 3 Luke Starkiller and Biggs Darklighter
 4 The Olympic Closing Ceremony.

Star Wars - Episode VI - Retur...
 1 Rancor Arena.
 2 The all new 2004 Bitsamissing Death Star, with all wheel drive.
 3 My eyes, the goggles do nothing.

Star Wars: Clone Wars - Volume...
 1 These new ABBA outfits are fantastic.
 2 Dooku-ing it out.
 3 Anakin ignites his mosquito zapper.
 4 Mace - not just a pepper spray.
 5 The new member of Hi-5.
 6 The new Bits-a-missing droids.

Stars of Australian Rugby - He...
 1 Campo!
 2 Joe Roff scores another try.

Steve Poltz: Digital Video Dis...
 1 Having run out of live music establishments to convert into pokies venues, the developers started on the performers...

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
 1 "Hey Joe, do you think 'man-love' is wrong? Joe? Whaddya think Joe? Huh?"
 2 "10-4, 10-4, I think my incontinence pad has exploded. Send backup and a sponge!"

Suddenly 30 - CE
 1 Mine are bigger than yours. Heh!!!
 2 The Bandit is back, but he's not black.
 3 Thriller.
 4 Don't make me angry! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!
 5 Talk to the hand Nekked boy.
 6 Ahh, I just farted in New York.

Superjoint Ritual - Live in Da... dts

Superman 2
 1 An American Icon
 2 Super blood

Suspect Zero
 1 Breakfast of Champions!
 3 Neo? Is that you?

Swept Away: CE
 1 The first movie with a review built in.

Tadpole (Rental)
 1 And this is where your tail was...

Take the Money and Run
 1 They call him Mellow Cello.
 2 "It's fun to stay at the...hey, where's the rest of the group?"

Tape (Rental)
 1 Do you dare reveal the mask(ing) of the Tape?
 2 C'mon dude, I thought you were "up" for this?
 3 Devilishly beautiful
 4 It's the attack of the killer pixelation... (give it a larger look)

Tears of the Sun: CE
 1 What do you mean you see dead people?
 2 Maverick and Iceman are on their way!

 1 Sllllurp...! Jimmy gets steamy, New Orleans style.
 2 "Lilly... err... is there a leopard behind me, by any chance?"
 3 International Stare-Out Champion 2001, Burt Reynolds
 4 "Lilly, has someone been licking your head?"

Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
 1 Check Mate!
 2 Terminator disco lasers.
 3 Flaming head
 4 I bought it at a Second Hand store
 5 Don't mess with the radio

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Mac... dts
 4 Arnold BEFORE he puts on his make up.
 5 The T-X's snap-on vibrator blows a fuse..
 6 Marv just couldn't shake the feeling that his job killing humans wasn't really that satisfying..

The Adventures Of Elmo In Grou...
 1 Bert and Ernie - 2 of the classic characters
 2 Mandy Patinkin as the evil Huxley
 3 Part of the gang watching over a fainting Elmo.

The Aviator - 2-Disc Edition
 1 Another day at the office
 2 No seriously, that zit on your back is huge.
 3 At the premiere of ELLS.
 4 Thanks for the mammories!
 5 It's as if Van Helsing was just a bad dream...
 6 Just a quiet night at DVD.net HQ

The Beach Boys - Good Vibratio... dts
 1 As good as it gets.
 2 There weren't enough seats inside the plane.

The Best Bits of the Late Show...
 1 Yessir, Yessir, Yessir
 2 You too would be shit scared.
 3 Boonie! Legend! I don't beleevit!
 4 Like a tiger!!!
 5 Funtuzzic Durecta, I fink a geeenius
 6 Dufflecoat Supreme.

The Big Boss - Special CE

The Bodyguard - SE
 1 Not one word about the hair or I'll shoot!
 2 Not now Bobby!
 3 In the year 1992, Whitney Houston will Kill Kevin!
 4 Hello Mr Tongue!

The Bourne Identity (2002) dts
 1 Bourne again.
 2 Our Bourne impersonator does a passable Minnie Driver.
 3 Building, Bourne. Bourne, building. Now hug.
 4 Bourne To Run.

The Chronicles of Riddick
 1 No-one understands the pressure surrounding the 'saviour of the universe'!
 2 Vin Diesel 'letting his hair down', or so to speak...
 3 "Some are just born with tragedy on their blood."
 4 I have a strange feeling George Lucas had something to do with this film...
 5 Judi Dench just coming to let us know she's still alive.

The Club
 1 Gra Gra as Teddy, the club at the time's Eddie...
 2 Now get out there and stick it right up 'em!
 3 I'll have a pie 'n' sauce, a bag of donuts - oh, and a couple of sausage rolls would hit the spot...
 4 Jock partakes of a rollie...

The Commitments: SE
 1 Rubber duckie, you're the one...
 2 Testicles!
 3 Obviously his Mam never told him the one about if the wind changes...
 4 ...but he's OUR savage.
 5 The Commitmentettes...

The Corporation
 1 Hrmm... the Corporation responsible for SARS too?
 2 Billboards of the future.
 3 Messy.
 4 It's good to see the Corporation out there promoting multiculturalism.
 5 Nike have responded to security concerns with brute force.
 6 Tyres anyone?

The Crocodile Hunter - Collisi...
 1 Burp!
 2 MMMmmm... poo!
 3 The Crocodile Hunter - Menu Course.

The Day After Tomorrow: SE dts
 1 3 Reasons to dust more often...
 2 Some people don't adhere to water restrictions.
 3 The Liberty douche.
 4 Someone hail a cab?
 5 I tried to land but it's snow good.
 6 A deleted scene - The search for the plug hole.

The Delinquents
 1 Star crossed lovers?
 2 Kylie Minogue as Lola Lovell
 3 Charlie Schlatter as Brownie Hansen
 4 Kylie's left holding the baby
 5 Delinquents menu
 6 Kylie, circa 1989

The Dish
 1 Nervous boy meets the (other) dish
 2 You too can have foxtel at home...
 3 A pack of Galahs
 4 One magical view.

The Faculty
 1 Be carfeul - They bite.
 2 Robert Patrick as Coach Willis - Huge smile for an alien
 3 Harry Knowles - The Biggest Film Geek of them All.

The Fast and the Furious dts
 1 Kermit the Import
 2 Traction's a bitch aint it.

The Fifth Element - CE dts
 1 Mmmmmmmm, Milla!!!
 2 Larry, Curly and Moe.
 3 It's Zorg, not Zurg.
 4 Nicely designed menus.
 5 Alien vs Napisan.
 6 ET phone home. Twice!

The Fog
 1 Excuse me, we booked seats in the non smoking section.
 2 Never blow out all the church candles at once.
 3 10 years building a house on water and the lake dries up.
 4 70's fashion never looked so bad.
 5 This wasn't on last nights weather report.
 6 Flared pants and flares.

The Forgotten
 1 One of the few times she isn't running
 2 What did I forget?
 3 The new Mulder & Scully?

The Girl Next Door - Uncut Ver...
 1 I can't hold it man, the beans, the beans.
 2 I hate guessing birthday presents. Is it an xbox?
 3 Floor sure is gritty.
 4 No, I'm not that guy from 'Las Vegas'
 5 Yup, you got it babe, that's me!!!
 6 did he say 'are gay'?

The Glow (Rental)
 1 Eek! A RAT! KILL IT! Oh, sorry, it's just Portia de Rossi... KILL IT!

The Guru dts
 1 All hail the '60s haircut...
 2 You're the one that I want!
 3 Uh... who's who?
 4 Arrrgghh, my eyes, turn down the colour!

The Hours
 1 Is this the train to the Academy Awards?
 2 Isn't this the same facial expression from Far From Heaven?
 3 Oooh... grainy...
 4 "Always the years..."

The Iron Giant - SE
 1 Somebody needs a hug!
 2 Oh no! The giant's after me!
 3 Just a bit of size comparison.
 4 The giant "wigging out!"
 5 Obvious 'Dilbert' influences found in that tie.
 6 "To infinity and beyond!"

The Land Before Time 9 - Journ...
 1 They called him Flipper - or Mo
 2 We musn't panic!

The Last Samurai
 1 Chaaaaaaarrrrgggeeeeee
 2 Burkes Backyard in Japan.
 3 Red sky at night, shepherds delight.
 4 The man with the swords has something to say about that!

The League of Gentlemen - The ...
 1 Hello, Dave?
 2 Have we missed the keg?
 3 Herr Lipp makes his move...
 4 Les McQueen struts his own brand of special stuff...
 5 It's a nice day for a white wedding...

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
 1 Simba and Nala.
 3 Timon & Pumbaa return

The Locals
 1 oooh, lucious!!!
 2 I'll have the golf course ready in no time.
 3 You need a 15 minute powernap mate.
 4 Don't laugh at my shirt. It's a George Lucas original.
 5 The fight for the sauce bottle went on for hours.
 6 A bad commercial for the commodore.

The Lost Boys
 1 Kiefer Sutherland is hungry for success.
 2 A sharp pain in the head.
 3 The Corey twins in another teen flick.

The Man From Snowy River (1982... dts
 1 Stop horsing around, you!
 2 The Man gets cracking.

The Manhattan Project
 1 New from Lex Luthor Pharmaceuticals. Kryptonite in a bottle.
 2 Paul (Collett) boasts about the size and girth of his own secret weapon to an incredulous Jenny (Nixon).
 3 Not James Dean. Rebel without a clue.
 4 "Armageddon out of here. Oh... but you can shoot this esoteric little bastard."

The Master of Disguise
 1 Carvey disguised as cow shit - how appropriate.
 2 This is the exact moment you realise Carvey is washed up.
 3 "Give me back my dignity, you bastard!"

The Missing
 1 "Please, God. Let this film be a hit."
 2 "Lady, I do not ride side-saddle, okay?"
 3 The heavy track didn't suit the field.

The Mummy - UE dts
 1 Some people take Rock, Paper, Sissors too far.
 2 Did you hear that?
 3 Listerine - powerful stuff.
 4 Token joke character at your service!
 5 Are you with Ansett? Absolutely!
 6 She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes.

The Muppet Christmas Carol: SE
 1 Bah humbug!
 2 Three little pigs?
 3 Warning: Do not look at this picture, it may contain spoilers.
 4 A potential moral dilemma for any vegetarians out there...

The Negotiator
 1 Who can you trust?
 2 Danny mourns his friends death
 3 On a suicide mission
 4 DVD shows its great detail
 5 Danny Roman has been pushed too far.

The Notebook
 1 There’ll be dancing,dancing in the streets!
 2 .....and she just swans back into his life.
 3 Happier times?

The One (Superbit) dts
 1 Just..a..little..bit..closer..I saw this..on the..internet..
 2 This version of Law deserved to die.
 3 This mouse has the biggest balls I've ever seen. On a mouse, that is.

The Outer Limits - The Origina...
 1 "There is nothing wrong with your television set..." - unless you are watching Big Brother of course, then there is plenty wrong.
 3 "Who the hell are you calling bald, Baldy?"

The Passion of the Christ dts
 1 Whipping complete.
 2 Agasp at the crowd.
 3 Caiaphus - The High Priest.
 4 Resurrection!

The Piano Teacher
 1 The lesson begins...
 2 The face of jealousy
 3 Isabelle Huppert as Erika Kohut

The Prophecy
 1 I swear. I'm. Gonna get. You, and kill you. You f*ck!
 2 This is not from the film. It is a real shot of Walken setting someone on fire using his finger. He can really do it.

The Prophecy II
 1 Walken liked to stand in the director's street and just watch his family for inspiration.
 2 I'm gonna... KILL... you know, the GUY. Who made my coffee. The f*ck, I feel. So... sick.

The Quick And The Dead
 1 Gene Hackman as the Sherrif.
 2 Leonardo Di Caprio as the cocky sharp shooter
 3 Russell Crowe, not a happy priest.
 4 Gene Hackman towers above a marshall.
 5 Sharon Stone has a dark secret from her past.

The Ring
 1 Naomi Watts bleeds talent off the screen...
 2 "Look Ma, I'm on TV!"
 3 "What? Tank Girl is not on R4 DVD?!?"
 4 Exactly... Don't watch this alone

The Rise & Rise of Australian ...
 1 The menu.
 2 23, 38 hut hut hut!

The Rules of Attraction
 1 The perils of drinking alone.
 2 "Dawson who?"
 3 Sharon's lingerie parties were always well attended.

The Saint Set 1
 1 The Saint we all recognise...
 2 Hangtime for The Saint.
 3 The Saint fights like Xena...
 4 The Saint gets down with the Village People...
 5 His eyesight failing, The Saint chats up a mop.
 6 After years of reckless living, The Saint lets himself go a bit.

The Shield - The Complete Firs...
 1 Vic Mackie
 2 Captain Aceveda
 3 Some of the squad.
 4 Vic and Lemonhead talk to a suspect.

The Simpsons - Bart Wars
 1 Homer Simpson. Man in Black.
 2 A Clockwork Orange... dog.
 3 Let's do it again!
 4 The Bonestorm effect...

The Simpsons - Complete Season...
 1 Main menu screen for disc 1
 3 Princess Kashmir
 4 Animated chapter selections.
 5 Bart, still the undefeated champion.

The Simpsons - Dark Secrets
 1 So Marge, ever considered a career as an intern?
 2 His jiggling is almost hypnotic…
 3 Lisa and the silver tongue…
 4 MMMmmm... sweeeeet candy!

The Simpsons - Gone Wild
 1 Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo doo doo doo...
 2 Kick off!
 3 Now THIS is livin'!
 4 Love you mate! No, I love YOU mate!

The Simpsons - Risky Business
 1 Hoonin' with the Homie...
 2 Is it about my cube?
 3 The Fat Stuff...
 4 Eww. Just eww.

The Singing Detective (2003)
 1 "Go ahead, make my day."
 2 Singing menu
 3 Mel Gibson in Revenge of the Nerds
 4 The angelic Robyn Wright Penn
 5 A detective singing
 6 The noir Jake & the Fatman

The Sound of Music - SE
 1 Soft focus, slowly zoom in, let's sell the love story people.
 2 Thunderbirds are go.
 3 If only we could all have a view like this
 4 The travelling Von Trapps.
 5 Do ray me...

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2...
 1 Need a lift?
 2 Where did we leave the Scooby van?

The Truth About Charlie
 1 "Errr... Mr Demme? My make-up won't wash off..."
 2 "...like a tiiiiger."
 3 A typical viewer after 40 minutes of The Truth About Charlie.
 4 Everything's coming up Aznavour.
 5 There can be only one; Audrey Hepburn as Regina in Charade.

The Wailers - Live dts
 1 Jah rasta!
 2 What have you got on your head?

The Who - Live At Royal Albert... dts
 1 Blue Light Disco
 2 All those in favour, raise your hand.
 3 Man with blurred hands.
 4 G...A...B..B..B... fook it...

The Wraith
 1 The Dodge Interceptor in action...
 2 Blue Lights and Lego.

The X-Files Season 8 Box Set
 1 The amazing two headed FBI agent.
 2 Duchovny needed some quick cash.
 3 Scully and Doggett meet, water flies.
 4 What happened to that guys face?!
 5 I'm not crying, there's something in my eye.

There's Something About Mary
 1 Ted with the biggest, ugliest smile on his face.
 2 Ted turns to Pat Healy to help him find Mary
 3 Mary's housemate Magda - one too many visits to the solarium
 4 Mary and that hair gel.

They Might Be Giants - Giganti...
 1 I don't want the world; I just want your half...

Thomas & Friends - Twin Troubl...
 1 This early design for Thomas with Robert De Niro's face was rejected as being to scary.
 2 This is how a train goes to the toilet, boys and girls!

Three Way
 1 Lovers Leap was about to claim another (not so) happy couple.
 2 "Lend me your jacket, I'm freezin'."
 3 The warning signs were everywhere.

THX-1138 - DC
 1 THX likes to walk to work in style.
 2 Now is this where television is headed?
 3 "This can't be happening!"
 4 Drug Evasion? This must be where society is headed!
 5 Love Conquers All

Time After Time
 1 "...only used by a little old lady to get to church on Sundays. In 1842."
 2 Or as it's known on telly, ME AFTER TIM.

Timeline (Rental)
 1 The menu system is cool, especially in the non-default 'modern' look.
 2 The menu system in 1357, complete with filthy peasants and the black plague.
 3 Hereeeeee's Johnny!
 4 I wish they'd used this on the final print of the film.

 1 Titanic anchors for the night.
 2 Jack and Rose get to know each other
 3 "I once caught a fish this big"
 4 Jack first sets his eyes on Rose
 5 Down she goes.

 1 Warp Speed Mr Sulu!
 2 Target Audience, Targeted.
 3 Target Audience, Targeted, again!
 4 Moooooooo (play spot the random cow).
 5 Product placement, subtle as a hammer.

Toy Story - The Ultimate Toy B...
 1 Buzz to the rescue
 2 "Halt, Who goes there?"
 3 "Buzz Lightyear to Star Command"
 4 Woody gets picked on.
 5 The cold shoulder from a toy?
 6 Geri from Geri's Game.

 1 Choose the force, choose a freakin' big light saber...

Transformers Armada - Volume 2
 1 The New Transformers: Flash Dump

Transformers Armada - Volume 4
 1 The New Transformers: Pentboy

Transformers Armada - Volume 6
 1 The New Transformers: Oldschool

Transformers Armada - Volume 8
 1 The New Transformers - Microchip

 1 Trojans - gone to Helen back.
 2 I am Gladiator!
 3 Clash of the Titans.
 4 First prize at the Melbourne Cup.
 5 Sunset Boulevard.
 6 Brother, you're making me very angry.

 1 Arnie finds out he has a twin brother
 2 Whos got the bigger biceps?
 3 The Twins take to the street
 4 A family tree of twins.

Ultimate X - The Movie dts

Under The Radar
 1 How you doin?
 2 Neo if you're out there I need you now!
 3 Blacks out and brown's in?

Untamed Heart
 1 Caroline (Marisa Tomei) realises there's something special about Adam (Christian Slater)

Van Helsing: CE
 1 Van Helsing: Vampire Hunter.
 2 Frankenstein's Monster Seeks Revenge.
 3 Bad Puppy! No Biscuit!
 4 Dracula Relaxes with his Deadly Brides.
 5 Van Helsing: Vampire Hunter.

Visitors (Rental)
 1 Ah the joys of make-up chemicals
 2 Does she come standard with this vessel?
 3 I asked for baked clam, not a Lego Land spider!

Wadd - The Life and Times of J...
 1 "My, what big...nipples."
 2 So, do you come here often?"
 3 Unrecognisable with his clothes on.

 1 "Sir, your buttocks are superb, just like you claimed!"
 2 "He's right Sir! You have the backside of a 20 year old!"

Welcome to Collinwood (Rental)
 1 Welcoming!
 2 The usual suspects?

Whale Rider dts
 1 No waka's
 2 I'm just the strong, silent type.
 3 A whale of a time...
 4 Whale Rider

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: CE dts
 1 Hey, smoking really does stunt your growth!
 2 Hey! I'll follow whatever I damn well want!
 3 She's not bad, she's just drawn that way...
 4 Mickey and Bugs drop in...
 5 MWAH!
 6 Ooh, that's gotta hurt...

Willard (2003)
 1 Anthony Perkins lives...
 2 A portrait of a perfectly well-adjusted young fellow...
 3 EEK!
 4 Moisturiser could be a desirable option..
 5 A rat in the hand...

 1 "What a night!"
 2 Smoking in bed? Bad, bad bad.
 3 "I said, 'NO ANCHOVIES!'"

xXx (Superbit) dts
 1 Vin never base model jumped...
 2 The blue light disco was a great place to score.
 3 Do you ... tango?
 4 Come on Brosnan, let's see you do this!
 5 Rammstein - now that's extreme.

Y Tu Mama Tambien
 1 "It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A..."
 2 It was the breast of times...

Yes Minister - Series 3
 1 Jim Hacker, MP (Paul Eddington) stands behind the men behind the, err, man.

You've Got Mail
 1 Meg Ryan logs on
 2 Joe Fox rides on
 3 Mortal enemies and online lovers.

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