DVDnet End User Applications.


DVDnet news agent 1.4 (download here)
description: The DVDnet news agent is a small application that resides in the system tray of any Windows OS based machine. It will poll DVDnet at set intervals to see if any new items have been posted to the site and inform the user of the changes. Very simple, very cool.
history: 1.4 The Agent now loads up it's own session of IE and every subsequent call from the agent will use the same session rather than starting it's own.
1.3 added a little more functionality to the agent to help our readers who require http proxy authentication. Two new fields have been added to the connection configuration and it all seems to run just fine.
1.2 Fixed up speed of popup to be consistent across all platforms.
1.1 reports of agents crashing over night revealed a slight bug in the closing of a port. Problem fixed.
1.0 ready for non beta release.
0.9.8 cleaned up memory leaks and made message popup smoother
0.9.6 added new look pop message window with embedded font over the top.
0.9.5 added initial test pop-up window ala MSN messenger.
0.9.3 fixed app to retain notifications until user triggers the app to be used. Notification was disappearing on next interval check.
0.9.1 fixed dialog pop-up header - ready for end user testing
0.9.0 initial version completed to original spec.